Top 15 Best “Netflix & Chill” Movies to Watch on Date Night

Dating and courtship is evolving here and now, right before our very eyes. People are no longer vying for the traditional 3-day waiting period before texting back (whoever thought of this strategy is absolutely insane), going on lavish dates, or just normal courtship in general. Nowadays, just sitting at home with some Chinese takeout and a movie suffices as a “date”, and when you’re all alone with your significant other, in a private place such as one of your homes, things tend to heat up quickly.

What Is “Netflix & Chill”?

What Is “Netflix & Chill”?

The term “Netflix & Chill” was created under the premise that two people would get together at one another’s house, put on a movie and allow things to elevate to a more sensual level. You can’t do whatever you want at a movie theater, so why not hang out at home and get down and dirty with your partner while Netflix plays in the background?

There are also some other terms that coincide with “Netflix & Chill”, such as “Hulu & Hang” or “Amazon Prime & Wine” and they all basically mean the same thing: put a movie on in the background while you make your move! It’s pretty much code for “hey, let’s go to my house, turn on the TV and makeout and see where it goes.”

Now, you can’t just put on ANY movie when it comes to Netflix & Chilling, so we have composed a list of some of the most popular movies to include in your “chill session”!

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What Movie Genre Fits The Scene Best?

There are many different categories of movies available on Netflix, but the most popular genre of movie to have playing during your rendezvous would probably have to be romantic comedies. They’re lighthearted, funny, and you’ve probably seen them all at least once in your life, so you don’t really have to pay much attention to them; you can turn all your attention to your date!

You could also go with a regular comedy, a horror movie, or even a documentary if you REALLY don’t plan on paying attention. It really all depends on what the movie is itself, and how willing your date is to actually watch that movie. You should both agree on which movie would be best to put on, and read the attitude that he/she puts off– if they’re genuinely scrolling through, looking for an interesting movie, then chances are, you’ll likely be watching that film. If they’re just looking for something they’ve seen before and settle on a movie quickly, then you can bet you’ll probably be getting lucky!

Top 15 Netflix & Chill Movies To Add To Your List

There are two top reasons to choose what movie you’ll be playing during your Netflix & Chill session: to get the mood right, and to just have on in the background. If it’s a true “Netflix & Chill” date, then you’ll be better off picking some random flick to have some background noise; since it’ll probably be something you’ve both seen before, you can just pick up wherever the movie is once you’re done, that way you won’t have to interrupt the mood by going back to the main menu to choose something else.

Here are our top XX movies to choose from for your next “date”!

1. Magic Mike

Magic Mike movie

With one of the sexiest male casts in all of film history, this flick is sure to get your girl right in the mood for some true Netflix & chilling! Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Rodrigues, Joe Manganiello… Your girl will thoroughly enjoy seeing these guys dance around half naked for a few minutes before she finds herself all hot and bothered– then BOOM! You score!

2. Sausage Party

Sausage Party

This one isn’t for everyone– you’ll have to have a pretty open-minded sense of humor to actually be able to enjoy this movie. Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, and Jonah Hill are just a few who make up this star-studded cast, coming together to make one of the most raunchy, edgy, and truly unique films in history. A group of personified foods who reside in a grocery store learn the meaning of life– or lack thereof– and things just turn… weird. It’s on this list because it’s hilariously sexual and just plain fun to watch.

3. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones’ Diary

If you haven’t seen this one already, then your girlfriend probably has. Renee Zellweger stars as a 30something year old woman who decides to spice up her dating life by meeting some single guys. She vows to keep a diary, in which she tells the whole truth, while she begins her dating journey in order to keep completely honest with herself.

Chances are, if you are a guy and you suggest watching this movie to your girl, she will find you 10 times more attractive, and you will be way more likely to see some action during this romcom.

4. Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

Ryan Reynolds plays an aspiring politician who is going through a divorce, and while he tries to explain what’s going on in ways his 11-year old daughter will understand, he recants his entire past of dating three different women. However, in order to keep things vague and somewhat mysterious, he changes the names of all three women so his daughter has to guess which one he ends up marrying. He does his best to keep his stories kid-friendly, to spare his daughter the details of how her parents truly met. It’s a truly funny romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy, whether you’re actually watching or not!

5. Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People

Consider this a sort of romantic comedy, turned up a few notches. Two sex addicts meet years after they lost their virginity to one another, and they bond through their mutual belief in polyamourous ways of life. This romcom is sexier, funnier, and much more explicit than most movies within this category. If you love Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie, then you should make this your movie of the night!

6. 40 Days and 40 Nights

40 Days and 40 Nights

In this uniquely funny film, Josh Harnett is convinced by his aspiring priest of a brother to give up any and all sexual contact– including masturbation– for the entirety of Lent (which is 40 days and nights, in case you haven’t guessed). His decision to temporarily abstain from sexual activity is challenged by a gorgeous woman, played by Shannyn Sossamon. You can imagine the twists and turns this movie will take!

7. P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You

You’ve likely at least heard about this movie, if you haven’t seen it 15 times. Hilary Swank plays a grieving wife struggling to move on from her husband’s (Gerard Butler) tragic death, caused by a brain tumor. While she feels stuck within her grief and sadness, she finds little messages that her late husband left for her to help her move on with her life, and hopefully end up happy in the end. Get your tissues ready– this one’s a tear jerker!

8. Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles

Maybe you’re looking to kick it a little old school for your “Netflix & Chill” date, so you vie for this sweet romcom, starring Molly Ringwald. As her family forgets her 16th birthday, angsty Sam finds herself chasing the popular, attractive guy in high school, while also turning a cold shoulder to a geeky guy who’s crazy about her. This 1980’s classic will spark a little romantic nerve within the both of you, while also providing plenty of cheesy 80’s entertainment!

9. Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies

Two coworkers named Luke and Kate at a brewery spend all day flirting with one another while they drink on the job. They seem to go perfectly well together, which is just great– except for the fact that they’re both in separate relationships. Luke is talking marriage with his very serious girlfriend, while Kate is a little more laid back in her relationship with her music producer boyfriend. When they all hang out together, it becomes pretty clear who truly belongs with who in this uniquely quirky romantic comedy.

10. About Time

About Time

About Time is not just some chick flick type of romantic comedy/drama, guys will certainly enjoy it as well! A young British man possesses the ability to travel through time, and decides to use it to his advantage in order to dictate his future, by setting himself up for success with the woman of his dreams. While there are many ups and downs, laughs and cries in this movie, you will thoroughly enjoy it from beginning to end!

11. Adventureland


Both the movie and the soundtrack are super retro and entertaining. Two young adults (Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg) work together at an amusement park called Adventureland in the summer of 1987, and end up having chemistry with one another. This smart, sweet and witty comedy is sure to give you a good kick-start to your potential makeout session.

12. Grease


Now you’re kicking it REAL old school! This upbeat, sexually charged musical is jam packed with all sorts of innuendos and hints toward high school hookups throughout the entire film, so consider yourself sure to score within the first 30 minutes! Not to mention, the cast is pretty stellar, too!

Other Movies to Check Out

Maybe your date is more of a thrill-seeker when it comes to films, so watching a horror movie is the way to go to win them over! Here are a couple that you can check out on Netflix that are guaranteed to provide some genuine fright, which will drive your date into your arms, and who knows what that will lead to?

13. The Ritual

The Ritual

You are sure to get the pants scared off of you in this one (pun intended); The Ritual is a cult-type horror film that fills you with all types of fear. A group of friends fulfills their late buddy’s dream to hike through Sweden, and when they decide to take a sort of shortcut through the woods, they are met with all sorts of strange happenings. You will quite literally be on the edge of your seat watching this nail-biter; the plot twists are endless, and so are the scares!

14. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Brittany Snow plays a young woman who is desperate for cash to help her sick little brother, so when she stumbles upon the opportunity to make some easy money by playing a popular game for a millionaire, she takes the chance. The only thing is, this game is totally lethal, and no one is safe. Your date will be curled up in your lap with her face covered in fear, and you can be there to comfort her!

15. 13 Cameras

13 Cameras

Last, but definitely not least, we have the horror film 13 Cameras. Two newlyweds expecting their first baby move into a rental home across the country, and have no clue that their pervy landlord has 13 cameras installed all throughout their house. As they experience normal marital issues upon moving in, Gerald, the landlord, becomes consumed in their lives, as though it were some sort of soap opera. They will soon realize that their arguments are nothing compared to the sadistic psychopath who is watching their every move.

Wrap Up

There you have it– the mother of all movie lists! While these movies may never even get watched past the first 15 minutes (depending on what your date’s intentions are, but we all know what “Netflix and Chill” means) they are all certainly worth watching one day or another. You have a couple of different genres to choose from, with romantic comedies being the main one– even though horror movies can sometimes be ideal to watch with a date, depending on which movie it is. No matter which movie you end up choosing, knowing that you are going to have a night of Netflix & Chilling is one of the most exciting things, especially if this is a new relationship and you haven’t quite gone past second base yet. Either way, curl up, relax, enjoy whatever parts of the movie you happen to catch, and have a great time!

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