BeenVerified Review in 2024: Catch Romance Scammers

I’ve been diving into the world of background checking services lately, and I’ve been pretty astonished. 

I’ve always been skeptical of these kinds of services that claim to have just about almost any information you’d ever want to know about someone, including yourself. 

Because of this, I’ve decided to search on BeenVerified and put it to the test. 

BeenVerified is a background searching service that takes almost all of the publicly available data and assembles it into a simple-to-follow report. 

During my time using BeenVerified, I found a few things that are very shocking. If you’re hesitant, don’t be; it works!

There are a few things that I think they could improve with, which I will mention a little later in this report; let’s dive in.

How To Use BeenVerified

Step 1 – Search & Sign Up

When you first visit BeenVerified, you will be prompted to sign up and search for the person in question. 

This process proved to be easy. However, you will need to wait through several periods, which include loading screens; certainly not required. 

Despite this, the other elements are incredibly straightforward. You’ll need the name, age, city, and state of the person you’re searching for. 

You do not need all of the fields, but the more you have, the better accuracy the results will have.

Step 2 – Locating & Viewing The Report

After you have completed the searching process, you’ll see several results pop up.

Each result is a different person. You’ll be able to see their age, middle name (if any), and relatives. 

This helps you narrow down your search to just one person. Once you think you’ve found the correct person, click on “view report,” which will take you to the background report. 

This process is very similar to other background search services, likely because of its intuitive design.

Step 3 – Understanding The Report

BeenVerified has taken strides to make its report as user-friendly as possible. 

After opening the report, you will see several subsections located to the left of the page. 

These include relatives, addresses, criminal records, finances, assets, and sex offenders. We love this design, as it makes the process very easy to understand. 

A few areas allow you to expand the section to expose a particular crime or lien further. Overall, the process is straightforward to understand, making it easy for most people.

BeenVerified Review – How it Works

Present Relatives

One of BeenVerified’s most notable features is that you can view the person’s relatives in question, whether yourself or someone else. 

Furthermore, it presents the relatives of that person, with the ability to view their report. 

This feature would be helpful by asking the person if they have relatives, and if they say yes, a quick background search can prove or disprove the claim. 

This is a beneficial element and can outright catch a lie. I found this feature to be incredibly accurate. 

Previous & Current Addresses

Secondly, BeenVerified gives you the ability to view the previous and current addresses of the person you are searching for. 

After opening the report, you scroll down until you get to the address section. Here, you can look at detailed information regarding addresses. 

The information will include the state, city, street address, and zip code, at a minimum. This feature also feeds into another feature, personal assets. 

Nevertheless, the address feature can confirm a claim of if someone has genuinely lived or lives somewhere where they claim. 

This feature wasn’t the most accurate, including every address, but proved to be mostly correct.

Criminal Records

A vital feature to include in a background search is the criminal records of the person. 

Verified exhibits each individual’s public criminal records and showcases it in a simple to understand sheet, on the same page near the bottom alongside the other features. 

It may include aspects such as tickets, criminal charges like robberies, or worse. Furthermore, it may show the city in which the charge was filed and more. 

The only negative here is that it may not include all criminal records, especially those expunged. 

This can help you avoid going out on a date with someone who has had a violent past.

Personal Assets 

This may be your favorite, as it showcases the assets of the person who you are searching for. 

To start, it presents assets such as houses, businesses, and vehicles. I found this feature to be very accurate.

In most cases, it showed the amount of the mortgage on homes and how much it was purchased for. 

Plus, it can help prove a claim of an individual claiming to own high-dollar assets such as large homes and more. 

This alone is a great way to catch a scammer, as the results tended to be very accurate, so if they’re lying, you’ll know.

Open Questions about BeenVerified

Is BeenVerified Legit?

As mentioned previously, I’ve always been skeptical about trying background searching services. 

You have to admit, some of the information they claim to have seems a little too good to be true. 

However, I was shell-shocked at the sheer amount of information provided to me by a few presses on my keyboard. 

BeenVerified truly shines in terms of living up to its claims; everything that they say they can do, they really can do!

Can Someone Know If I’ve Searched Them Up?

This is undoubtedly a notable concern and is why many people hesitate to use the service. Luckily, BeenVerified never contacts anyone with any information that they’ve been searched. 

This is excellent news, as if it’s used to do a background search on a date, friend, or relative, they’ll be clueless. 

They take pride in privacy, so this includes yourself as well. All of the information on BeenVerified, including its users, stays on the website.

Can I Use It On Myself?

Absolutely! For testing, the first person I took a look at was myself. 

Not only did I discover a few neat places I lived at as a child, but I also found several relatives that I had no clue existed. 

This feature is excellent for those searching to reconnect with lost relatives, as it may include their address, email, phone number, and more. The information isn’t always there, but when it is, it’s almost always accurate.

BeenVerified: A Success?

If you do a prompt study online, you’ll find many background searching services that claim to have every detail possible. The keyword “claim” almost always is too good to be true. 

However, this is not the case with BeenVerified. I have been shocked at the information I’ve discovered with this service, but I’m not the only one. 

According to consumer reports, several others are, too! 

Jermain, a BeenVerified user, shares that he has been searching for a long-lost friend for years until he decided to use BeenVerified. 

Rapidly after using the background service, he was able to reconnect with his friend in hours. 

Why Background Searches Are Important 

They Save You Time

I’m sure many of you have attempted some kind of relationship, only for it to turn into an absolute train wreck due to a financial mess. 

BeenVerified can help you avoid this, as the service allows you to look at individual financial records of just about almost anyone. 

Sure, you should never judge someone based on finances, but if your date is continuously having financial issues, that may be something that you want to avoid. 

Moreover, it can be a way to prove specific financial claims, such as if someone truly owns a home in the hills. 

The process is fast and effortless, including signing up and activating the search. We are going to go more in-depth with this, but in short, it can prove useful.

May Keep You Safe 

I’ve always been concerned for individuals going on their first date. Aside from the likely nervous emotions, there comes risk, whether we like it or not. 

There isn’t a good way to figure out if someone is who they say they are. You certainly do not want to go out on a date with someone being released from prison for violent crimes. 

This is where BeenVerified comes in and saves the day. The service can look at an overwhelming amount of criminal record charges. 

This could help prevent you from going out on a date with someone you should never step in the same building; while it’s not perfect, it does help.

Could Help Avoid Scammers

We’ve covered hundreds of scams, ranging from romance scams that aim to steal your money, your social security number, and even scams where the victim and scammers become married. 

Consider BeenVerified, it may help you stay safe and lessen or may even prevent the chances of this happening to you.

It’s not perfect, but if you know what to search for, you’ll have a great experience online than ever before.

Verdict: Is BeenVerified worth it?

I have been very impressed with BeenVerified, and I do not say that lightly. 

BeenVerified has proven its ability to pull public data and place it all into a streamlined report that is incredibly straightforward to understand. 

If we were to do this ourselves, we’d likely spend days to weeks finding all of the connections just to gain access to the data, not even including looking through it all. 

The price is inexpensive, the data are almost always accurate, and it’s easy. Overall, you just cannot demand a better experience!

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