Top 6 Best Free Trucker Dating Sites and Apps in 2024

A trucker refers to someone whose occupation is to drive trucks for long distances. However, since these individuals are on the road so often, it can be difficult for them to find a date in their daily lives. Therefore, there are plenty of trucker dating sites that can help drivers get out there and go on dates.

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Best Trucker Dating Sites (4 Choices)

Even though truckers are on the road often, they can still meet people easily thanks to dating sites. Here are some of the best dating apps for truckers.

1. Match Review

Match is not specifically geared toward truckers, but it has such a large user base that anyone should be able to find an ideal match. Truckers can use this app in their spare time to view a wide selection of singles.


  • It has a large user base that consists of over 30 million members.
  • It is frequently updated.
  • You can use specific search criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • It uses an algorithm to determine matches based on your preferences and behaviors.


  • It is not specifically geared toward truckers.
  • You need to pay a membership fee to access all features.


You are able to sign up and create a profile on this app for free, but if you want to actually use all the features and connect with people, then you will need to purchase a membership fee. The price for a Match membership ranges from about $20.99 to $26.99 a month, which depends on how many months you purchase at once.

The profiles on Match are more personalized than they would be on completely free apps. You can select a variety of interests and hobbies, as well as add photos and a personal essay to find the most accurate matches possible. This is where truckers get the opportunity to write about who they are and what they do to ensure that they find matches that are happy dating someone with this lifestyle. 

To find matches, you can either choose to search for them on you own or you can look through the daily matches that the site sends to you. To make your daily matches even more accurate, you can rate them to help the site better understand what you’re looking for.

Scam Management

Match is a dating site that is pretty good about being scam-free. First of all, the lengthy sign up process and membership fee usually steers scammers away. Plus, the site has a 24/7 support system if users feel like they need to contact them about any issues or concerns.

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2. Trucker Dating Review

Truck Dating is a free dating site that is designed specifically for truckers to meet other truckers. It is simple to sign up for and use, so truckers should have no problem finding someone on this site even with their busy schedules.


  • It is free to use.
  • It is easy to sign up for.
  • It is geared toward truckers specifically.


  • The sign-up process is not super personal.
  • There is not a lot of information available about it.


Trucker Dating is a site that allows truckers to connect online whether they’re looking for love or something more casual. The sign-up process consists of a few simple questions, then you can begin browsing through thousands of potential matches. Everything is free to access, so you can get started communicating with other members right away. It not only serves as a dating site, but it is also sort of like a social media platform for truckers.

Scam Management

There is no information about how well the site manages scammers, but since it is so easy to sign up for and access, you should be extremely careful on it. Anyone could make an account and pretend to be someone they’re not.

3. Meet a Trucker Review

Meet a Trucker is another dating site that is geared specifically toward truckers looking to find a match. It follows a similar sign up process to Trucker Dating, and it is easy for truckers to navigate in their spare time.


  • It is designed specifically for truckers.
  • It is free to sign up for.
  • It has an easy sign up process.


  • There is not a very large user base.
  • The profiles are not very personalized.
  • You will need a premium membership to access all features.


A standard membership on this site is completely free, which includes creating a profile, browsing other users, and sending ‘winks’ to users that you are interested in. This site is part of the Online Connections network, which means that by signing up for this site, your profile can be viewed on multiple different affiliated sites to help you find matches quicker.

Scam Management

This site also requires very little personal information to sign up, which makes it easy for scammers to join. Also, you can view some of the profiles without even being a member, which makes your profile not as secure on this site since really anyone could come across it. Be extra careful when meeting new people on this site.

4. Date Truckers Review

Date Truckers is another trucker-specific site that is free and easy to navigate

Date Truckers is another trucker-specific site that is free and easy to navigate. The homepage showcases all the new members so that you can see some options before creating your account.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is a community of only truckers.
  • It is quick to sign up for.


  • It doesn’t have a very large user base.
  • There is not a ton of information available on it.


By filling in a few basic information sections, you can begin browsing other single truckers in no time. You can view new profiles, see who’s online, and even browse the profiles by yourself. Once you find someone you’re interested in, you can easily message them to start a conversation. If a user doesn’t have a section of their profile filled out, then you can request that they do so to give you some extra information.

Scam Management

Since this site will show your new profile right on the homepage, it is a site that you definitely will need to be careful on. Anyone could see your profile and quickly sign up to message you. Therefore, be cautious with any interactions you have on this site.

Best Trucker Dating Apps

Since truckers are constantly on the go, it may be more convenient for them to use a dating app on their phone instead. That way, they can easily just pull out their phone and search for matches.

5. Zoosk Review

Zoosk is a popular dating app that is not just geared toward truckers

Zoosk is a popular dating app that is not just geared toward truckers, but toward a wide variety of users. This site is easy to use, making it suitable to truckers to use it either at home or during break in their shifts.


  • It has about 40 million users, so there is a wide selection to choose from.
  • It’s easy to use and create a profile on.
  • It’s simple to customize your profile and change preferences as needed.


  • It is not completely free because you have to purchase a membership to use all features.
  • It is not designed specifically for truckers.


At no cost, you can sign up, set up a profile, and start browsing potential matches on this app. However, anything beyond that will likely require a membership, including messaging those that you are interested in. The standard membership fee costs between $12.49 and $29.95 a month, depending on how many months you purchase in advance.

With a membership, there are a few easy ways that you can search for other members. The main way to search is by using the carousel feature, which allows you to look through other members and select yes or no to each one, which works similar to the swiping feature of other common dating apps. You can also search for other members on your own, so you can use specific criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Scam Management

On Zoosk, there is a photo-verification system that can show you which users have been verified and which ones haven’t. In order to complete this verification process, members need to record a selfie video of themselves so that the app can verify that they are the same as the person in their photos. Once a user is verified, a verification badge will show up on their profile to confirm that they really are who they say they are.

Best Truck Driver Hookup Sites

Not everyone is looking for sometimes serious, so maybe a hookup site is a better option for certain truckers. Being on the road often can make it easier for them to look for something more casual first, which is why hookups might be more interesting than long-term dating to them.

6. Adult Friend Finder Review: Best Trucker Hookup App

Adult Friend Finder for truckers

For truckers that just want to get out there without having any serious commitments, Adult Friend Finder is the way to go. It is one of the most popular sites for hookups, so it is only for truckers that aren’t interested in a serious relationship.


  • There is a large user base of millions of members worldwide.
  • It is free to use the basic functions.
  • The profiles are fairly detailed.


  • It won’t only be truckers.
  • There are some features that you might have to pay for.
  • It is not a good option for anyone looking for a relationship.


Adult Friend Finder was originally launched back in 1996, but it still remains a popular site today. The sign-up process is simple and only takes a few seconds, but if you actually want to meet someone on this site, you are better off adding more to your profile, such as photos and personal questions. Once you’ve registered, a wide selection of members will pop up for you, but you can change your preferences as needed to find the person that you’re most interested in.

Scam Management

This site does have a verification system in place, but to sign up, users don’t even have to include a photo or much information at all. If a profile is verified, there will be a badge that is shown to other users to help them from getting scammed. Even so, there are still lots of scammers that will try to use this site and lots of members that won’t get verified, so look out.

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Truck Driver Dating Needs

Truck Driver Dating Needs

A trucker has a different schedule and lifestyle from many other common jobs. They spend a lot of their time driving around to transport items, so their schedule is often a bit odd. However, they can still want a relationship just as much as anyone else.

What are They Looking for?

Not every trucker looks for the same thing in a relationship. Ideally, they just want someone that can respect and understand what they do. Sometimes they might be drawn to other truck drivers, but for the most part, as long as they find a partner that can handle a little distance in a relationship, then they should be content.

What’s Their Schedule Like?

It depends on the company they work for, but there are certain restrictions for truck driver schedules. They can work up to 70 hours a week. Currently, they are not allowed to drive more than 11 hours a day, and they are required to take a 30-minute break at some point within the first 8 hours. These rules have been modified over time to ensure that truckers do not get too tired on the job, but they still could be gone on long periods of time.

Tips for Dating Truckers

If you are dating a trucker, you should take advantage of the time they are home. Spend as much time with them as you can and communicate with them as often as possible while they are away. The better you communicate with each other, the easier it will be to be away from them. You just need to trust them and respect that this is their job and it is likely very important to them.

FAQs About Trucker Dating Sites and Apps

What are Trucker Dating Sites and Apps?

Platforms designed to connect people in the trucking industry for dating or companionship.

How do they work?

Users create profiles, search for potential matches, and communicate through messaging features.

Are they only for truckers?

No, they’re for anyone interested in dating or connecting with truckers.

Is it safe?

Safety varies, so users should exercise caution and use reputable platforms.

Are these sites free?

Some offer basic features for free, but premium options often require a subscription.

Can non-truckers join?

Yes, many sites welcome non-truckers interested in dating truckers.

Are they location-specific?

Some platforms focus on specific regions, while others have a broader user base.

Can you find long-term relationships?

Yes, some users do find long-lasting connections through these platforms.

How can I maximize success?

Be honest in your profile, use good photos, and communicate openly with potential matches.

Are there success stories?

Yes, many people have found meaningful relationships through trucker dating sites and apps.


Every truck driver is looking for different things in terms of love and relationships. Whether they want to use the best trucker dating sites, a quick and easy site, or even a hookup site, there is something for everyone. So, while truckers are on the road often, they are still able to search for a match online if they would like.

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