Why guys don’t call when they like you

This blog post is dedicated to the ladies who have been perplexed as to why their male friends haven’t returned their calls. 

Finding out that someone you like doesn’t feel the same way about you can be a difficult situation, but we’re here to assist you through the process. 

One of the most common reasons guys don’t call when they like you is that he’s just not that into you and prefers to spend his time with other women. 

Aside from shyness and fear of rejection, there are numerous other reasons for sleeping with someone early in a relationship, including guilt after sleeping with someone too soon. Let’s take a look at a few reasons guys may have to avoid you.

Reasons Why They Avoid Calling you

He may not want to appear desperate

If he has been taken for granted in the past, he may not want to appear desperate or dependent. It’s also possible that he’s uncomfortable with you and is concerned that you’ll get hurt if he calls you back. 

Another reason why guys don’t call you when they like you is that they are shy. You might be attracted to a man who is a little reserved in his approach. 

If you don’t feel comfortable discussing your feelings with him over the phone, he may be afraid of upsetting you and avoid discussing them with you. You’ll most likely have to work even harder than you have in the past to persuade him that he’s worth it. 

This may be a good sign that he’s comfortable with you if you’re dating a shy guy, but don’t get too attached to him because it could be a sign that you should look for someone else.

Many girls know this; however, there are still many who don’t. The best way to pick up on his feelings is by paying attention to how long the conversations last and if he initiates them or not! You can even play a little game with him and see how much time he spends texting. If it’s long, then you know that his interest in you has faded away already! 

What does it mean if a guy doesn’t call back right away

If a guy doesn’t call back right away, it could mean a couple of things: Maybe he’s not interested in you and avoids confrontation. This can be seen as rude, but maybe he feels like talking to you would make the situation more awkward than if they didn’t talk at all, or He might just be busy with something else. 

If this is someone showing signs that they’re into you before, then their lack of response probably isn’t due to them being disinterested because there was plenty of time for them to respond between when they were last available and now. 

In instances such as these, try contacting him again after waiting a few hours instead of immediately sending multiple texts/messages without a response. Then, see what happens and go from there! 

However, if you two have only been texting back and forth for a short period, then it’s probably best to just wait until they call or message you again. You don’t want them to wonder why you’re so keen on messaging when they haven’t even put much effort into doing the same thing! 

If possible, avoid sending “Did-you-get-my…” messages because that can come across as needy or desperate, which will not help your case if this person was interested but is now starting to feel overwhelmed by how persistent/clingy you are being.

How to get a guy’s attention and make him want you more

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to dating. Men love food and women who cook for them! Successfully attracting men with your cooking doesn’t always mean you have to go overboard on ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen. 

If you can master a few simple recipes, that will suit any guy just fine as long as he knows how much effort went into making those dishes from scratch. Another great way to get his attention is by cooking healthy meals. 

Men love watching what they eat, and it doesn’t hurt when you can make a salad or vegetable side dish that will taste amazing too! 

Your man may not be the same as other guys out there, but he probably has something in common with all of them – no one wants to date someone lazy! So you have to interest your guy’s interests if you wish to get him interested back. 

If you’re trying hard for this person, don’t let up until things are going well because otherwise, he might just slip away from under your nose. Guys typically need some time alone once in a while, so try giving him space occasionally without getting upset about it. He’ll come back to you in no time!

The best way to know if he likes you or just wants something from you

You can read his body language. If he is respectful, confident, and kind to you, then he likes you more than just wanting something from you. 

On the contrary, if he tries to get in your pants or talks down on women while attempting to hit on them, all he wants is sex with no strings attached, so don’t waste your time by falling for him because things will not work out between both of you. 

Many guys are unaware that they behave like this; hence if you see him do these things, then know that he is just after sex. 

Also, remember when trying to figure out whether a guy likes you or only wants something from you, pay attention to his behavior because most guys will try their best to hide what they genuinely wish to until it’s too late for them to backtrack. Having a conversation with him can also help you figure out whether he likes you or not. 

It’s important to note that if the person likes you, they will be happy about talking to them and want more of it.

However, suppose they don’t like you. In that case, their answers won’t vary much from one question to another because they just want something fast without going through an uncomfortable situation where things might get challenging for them, especially when being put under scrutiny by someone else.

Signs that he is interested in getting into a relationship with you

To determine whether a guy is interested in getting into a relationship with you, pay attention to his body language. If he moves closer and touches your arm or knee while talking, he likely wants more from the interaction than just casual flirting. 

If he asks for your number after meeting at a party but doesn’t say anything about seeing you again soon, there’s interest on his end. Signs that guys are interested in more than just hooking up: He makes eye contact when speaking to you. 

He holds out his hand for yours if you offer it during a conversation (which usually happens automatically). His feet point towards yours when talking across the table/in other close-quarter situations He leans in towards you when talking. 

He adds “just kidding” or light-hearted jabs to serious statements, which shows that he is trying to be amusing and has a sense of humor. He wants to impress you if he’s interested. If his jokes are mean-spirited, this could just mean that they’re cruel – not necessarily funny. 

Of course, there are other reasons why guys might act like jerks besides having an interest in someone else; it doesn’t always translate directly into flirting behavior! 

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad about the situation either way (if your gut tells you there’s something off) because the chances are high that whatever guy was making those comments wasn’t worth your time anyway.

Tips for dating someone who has been hurt before so that they can trust again

If you’re trying to date someone who has been hurt before, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you will need to be very patient and understanding since they’ve already had their heart broken once before. 

They might also have trust issues, so it’s important not to do anything that could make those worse, such as flirting with other people or telling lies about yourself. 

Ensure that the person knows how much you care about them and respect them because this is something they may miss from their previous relationship(s). For example, you might send them messages just to say that you’re thinking of them or ask if they want anything special for their birthday.

This will help them feel loved and cared about. Many people who have been hurt in the past might also suffer from anxiety and depression, so it’s essential to be understanding if something is wrong. If you don’t know what to do or act, just ask them about it because they will appreciate that more than anything else.

Some Open Questions

What are the signs that a man likes you?

A few common signs include: They ask your number or give you theirs. Paying too much attention to what you’re talking about and asking follow-up questions after each story. Touching/ rubbing the small of your back, touching your arm while they speak with you, trying to hold hands, bumping into things on purpose so that their bodies are closer together during physical contact. 

Why do men not want to admit they like women?

Acknowledging their feelings can make them vulnerable. They might feel like a “crazy stalker” if they call too soon. They might be waiting for a better time to call. Plus, men are more into the chase, and if a guy is chasing you, he feels like he has to be the one in control.

Do guys like it when girls call them all the time?

No, not at all. Guys don’t like when you call them too much because they might think it seems clingy and desperate. They want space to be able to do things by themselves. If a guy likes you, he will make plans with you again soon enough if he liked what happened the last time around or on your date together.


To avoid other men attempting to take his place in your life, when a man likes you, he will make every effort not to be obvious about his feelings for you. 

Everything should remain as it is, with him receiving all of your attention while you both enjoy making memories together. 

Continue to look for Mr. Right until you find him, and do not give up on men who do not call. Nobody knows where or when love will strike, but if it does, there’s no point in wasting time trying to figure out why someone hasn’t called yet – just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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