6 Signs He has strong feelings for you

In the case of a man who has strong feelings for you, he will make his feelings known. He will demonstrate to you in a variety of ways that he is interested in and willing to put effort into the relationship. 

A few examples of these signs are: staying connected on social media, calling when he says he will, making an effort to see you on a regular basis, requesting your input on decisions, and asking about your day. 

It is not uncommon for men who are genuinely invested in a woman to have no difficulty expressing themselves or their emotions. 

In the case of a man who truly cares about you, there should be no doubt about his level of interest in you or desire to pursue a romantic relationship with you. Let’s take a look at the most common signs he has strong feelings for you.

The most common signs he has strong feelings for you

He wants to know your personal life

To start, there are two types of guys out there. One, the guy who wants to be with you and will do anything for it, or the man who just needs a girl in his life but doesn’t want any sort of commitment. 

As much as we all want Mr. Right now, men aren’t so easy to read even if they’re telling us exactly what we need to know (and that’s why these tips below can help).

If he’s got strong feelings for you, he’s probably going to show it. Here are some signs that he has fallen hard: He talks about the future with you (or just in general). He says things like* “I miss this” or “When I’m old and grey…” 

When you’re talking about your lives together, his face lights up.  Your partner is truly happy when they imagine themselves spending their life with someone else; if not, then there might be something wrong.  

You hear wedding bells already! This one sounds super obvious but does often tend to slip our minds because we get caught up in the moment of being loved again by someone who was once gone from our lives for good reason. 

If he brings up the topic of marriage (or even just clarifies that he cares about you more than any other girl), then there’s a good chance his feelings for you run pretty deep. 

He puts in the effort to show up on your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers

If you’ve already told him you don’t want a relationship, and he still wants to be around you and send flowers, it could mean that he has feelings for you. If the guy is willing to go out of his way just so he can see or talk to you, there’s something strong going on between the two of you. 

And if your date shows up with some lovely-looking roses? The chances are high that he likes them more than friends! To him, your relationship may be worth the effort. Moreover, the gesture of bringing you flowers is a great way for him to show off his romantic side. 

Also, if he goes out of the way just so that he can make your day special? That’s something worth looking into! With all these things considered, the chances are high that this guy has strong feelings for you and wants more than anything to start a relationship with you. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in love, but it does say something about his feelings for you. If your date comes to pick you up at the door and takes care of all the little things? You could be looking at a future boyfriend! 

He might want to spend time with one person only: you. As said before, if he goes out of his way just so that he can make your day special? There’s strong chemistry between the two of you!

He’ll text you incessantly throughout the day

If he’s constantly texting you throughout the day, he probably has feelings for you. Just like women love to hear from their men, guys appreciate it when they receive messages that show your interest in them. 

If he’s always talking about his plans with you or bringing up how well both of you would get along if things were different (i.e., “We should move to London together next year!”), then there’s a good chance he wants something more serious than friendship. 

If this is the case, be careful not to freak him out—he may feel overwhelmed by these strong emotions and start pulling back. But, on the other hand, don’t push too much forward at once; let him ease into it. It’s important to not rush things, especially at the start of a relationship.

You don’t want to scare him off. The best way to do this is by making sure you tease each other and keep things lighthearted. You don’t have to act like strangers, even though it may seem like he’s pulling away; just make sure not to start planning your wedding quite yet! 

As long as you never flirt with anyone else in front of him or choose the time when he isn’t around hanging out with him, then there probably aren’t any problems between you all unless something happened that made him change his mind entirely about wanting a relationship.

When he sees something that makes him think of you, he’ll send it over as a text

Many men will send a picture as an email attachment or as a text. If he sends you something that reminds him of you, this is because it has meaning behind it and shows how much thought went into sending the photo to you. 

This could be anything from a picture of his dog wearing your sunglasses to a sunset on the beach where he proposed – if there’s any reason attached, then he likes you! While this may seem like a small gesture, it says so much. A man who sends you random things to show how he thinks of you isn’t afraid of commitment – he’s the opposite. 

He wants to let you know that his life doesn’t stop because yours does and that there is meaning behind everything between you. If he takes the time out to send little gestures, then this means nothing can break or tear your relationship apart! 

Plus, if anything happens with all these pictures? You’ll have something cute saved on your phone forever… which makes for great memories down the line! Plus, it’s a nice gesture to see that he cares enough about you and your relationship to send little reminders! 

A man who is head over heels for you will make sure there are constant reminders of how much he loves you in his life. 

He’ll always be thinking about ways to show this – from sending pictures as emails or texts to leaving cute notes around the house. These gestures may seem small, but they say a lot about what kind of thoughts go through his mind when it comes down to loving someone else.

If he doesn’t hear from you one day, then by the next day, he will have left at least three messages

If he misses talking to you, it is clear that he has strong feelings for you. He loves spending his time with you, and the thought of not hearing from you makes him sad! This shows how much he cares about what happens in your life and doesn’t want to miss out on anything. 

If this guy truly cares about all aspects of who you are, then hold onto him because this man could be very special indeed. But, do not forget: Even if someone says “I love you,” do not trust them too soon or easily! This is just a game sometimes. 

If you see these signs, he has strong feelings for you, and it is time to take your relationship up another level because this guy wants more than just friendship! He will treat you like the queen you are and be by your side through thick and thin. 

When someone loves us, we should love them back unconditionally! Not to mention, you will have so much fun together. 

He wants to know everything about what’s going on.

He wants to know everything about what’s going on in your life. He cares about you, and he wants to be involved in all the big events in your day-to-day activities. If things go well, eventually, you can expect him to ask for his updates on how things are coming along with school or work too! 

He may even want to help you with these issues. This is a sign that he’s invested in your well-being and future, so this should be something you take note of! He wants to know everything about what’s going on in your life. 

To add to this, when you are in love, your life will seem much more fun and exciting. You will never want to spend time doing anything other than spending quality time with the person you care about. Altogether, these are the signs that he has strong feelings for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can some people sense my feelings?

Most men prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. When a man shows his affection for you, it is very easy to notice his affection and interest in you. He will spend more time with you and make you feel special by spending more time together. If he has a change of heart, he’s in love with her and wants to be the center of attention.

How do I know if he has strong feelings for me over text?

If he has feelings for you over text, he might text you every day just to see how you’re doing and to check in on you. If you notice any of these signs when discussing your relationship status, it’s likely that there is something going on between the two of you that could develop into love in the near future!

What does It mean when a guy texts all the time?

A guy who wants to have a relationship with you will text frequently. This is because he enjoys your company and does not want the conversation to end. He may also be nervous about taking that next step, so texting helps him stay in touch without being too forward.


Having learned what it means when a guy texts frequently, you can move on to some of the other signs that a guy has strong feelings for you, such as eye contact and body language. 

Among these is how he treats you, the frequency with which he wishes to see you, and whether or not his friends approve of you. 

If your boyfriend’s closest confidants appear to like you as well, there is most likely something special about this relationship between the two of you. 

Some of his best friends may even start teasing him about something ridiculous they’ve learned about your dating life together!

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