AdultFriendFinder Review for 2022: Features, Pros, Cons

Never open up a website with the word ‘adult’ in the title at work. NSFW content is generally the first thing that is going to pop up, and you don’t want to get fired for something like this. You might see friends in the title of the name, but these are friends with benefits.

adult friend finder review

AdultFriendFinder is no different than those hundreds of other spicy sites with the word adult in them. The first thing you are hit with is the sexy pictures of women.

They really do let you know what they are about. When you open it, it may say, “A member wants to send naked pictures to you.” This is an accurate summary of the whole thing.

AdultFriendFinder Review

The website specializes in sexual encounters and does not try to hide it. From beginning to end, they have been focused on the ability to get encounters. AdultFriendFinder by AdultFriendFinders Network has a strong history since 1996 in connecting sexually active people.


Sign up is quite easy. All it requires is selecting what category you fall into, whether male, female, couple, or TG, and then filling in the basic information. After that, it allows you to choose how you will be signing in, either by email or by user name.

This is all the basic information, but without a picture, you will be 10 times less likely to be contacted. Also, there are many ways of spicing up your presence on the web beyond just pictures.

The profile consists of twelve sections detailing the different kinks and fantasy the member is into. There is a personality test and a purity test that is aimed at giving you and your viewers an insight into who you are on the inside.

Viewing the full profile is limited to Premium Membership. Fortunately, the profile timeline is available for free members.

Content available

This site prides itself on the amount of content produced by its members and shared on the website. One could almost call it a porn site in the guise of a dating website. Most of the users are willing and encouraged to post sexy pictures of themselves on the website.

Signing into the site definitely can be a shock to some as it is completely saturated with naked people. Although the most intense content is blurred for unpaid subscribers, there is still plenty to see. Also, contests, which are determined by the most likes, encourage the sharing of material.

There are live webcams of some of the members who choose to show off. Also, there are plenty of chat rooms available where people are engaging in sexually stimulating conversations and sharing stories about their own sexuality.

Another avenue is the blog posts which some people have. Also, the site has a magazine that anyone can contribute to. Some of the more gifted content producers write erotic stories.


Connecting with other members is possible as a free user but very limited; however, with Premium, there are many ways to contact others. The most basic forms that unpaid subscribers can use are liking and commenting on pictures and videos.

Of course, there are ways to communicate through blogs and webcams. Other than these, there is a traditional messaging system. In addition, one can send winks to initiate contacts, and you can use the video function to chat with interesting people.

Other Features

To keep the website interesting, there are some other important functions to try out. There is the Hotlist, which allows you to save the names of people who you find interesting. This is pretty useful as anyone can use it.

Another interesting addition to the AdultFriendFinder, is the Sex Academy. This service is designed to educate the users about how to perform better in sexual encounters. It is a separate paid activity.

Gifts and tips are part of the way that they encourage content production. Through these, you can send a virtual present to someone who you particularly like. Of course, the tip is actual money that is sent to whomever you choose.

The last mention is the search function. While it allows you to go down to check out their sizes, it doesn’t provide much more than that. It’s more attuned to finding physical features than kinks or personality.

Pros and Cons of AdultFriendFinder


  • High rate of membership
  • Great deal of content
  • Good for people who don’t pay


  • A lot of additional expenses
  • No app
  • Not very detailed search

adult friend finder Paid vs. Free Membership Options

AdultFriendFinder treats its free members with quite a bit of respect. The points system allows the unpaid user to gain some of the benefits that a premium account gives. However, it can be time-consuming, and they probably make more money out of the videos and photos posted than you gain from the point.

A paid member gains access to contacting people directly as well as being able to view the full profile of members. It gives you access to other things like a more advanced search engine while also allowing the personalization of various aspects of your personal things.

This website significantly drops the prices for those willing to pay for longer. Their starting price for one month is $30, for three, $20 per month, and for a year, $15 per month.

Being a premium member also ensures that people are more likely to message you first or even respond. It lends more credibility and confirms you aren’t a bot or an inactive user.


AdultFriendFinder has fairly good value even if you don’t want to pay for membership. With a strong number of people using it, especially in the US, it would be possible to meet with people even without a premium membership.

There is also a huge amount of content available, making it worth the while. Especially if you pay for the full year, the price of the subscription is not that bad. The one thing that does put a damper is having to pay separately for gifts, tips, and the Sex Academy. Overall, this website is pretty safe and good. If you are looking for a sexual encounter with no strings, this website is perfect for you.

Written by Bryan Rucker

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