Adult Friend Finder Review: Here’s Our Take in 2024

Most adults would warn you never to open a website with the word ‘adult’ in the title at work. Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content is generally the first thing that will pop up in such searches. This may not only be embarrassing in the office but could actually cost you your job over sexual harassment. You don’t want to get fired for something so avoidable, especially since that can have an adverse effect on any future job prospects.

Instead of the term ‘adult’ you might see the word ‘friends’ in the title of the site. This is a clever way to search for the same type of content, or rather “friends with benefits.” Of course, Adult Friend Finder has both terms in its name, and probably shouldn’t be opened at work when there is a risk of someone looking over your shoulder.

In this respect, Adult Friend Finder is no different than hundreds of other spicy websites with the word ‘adult’ in them. Soon after opening the site, your screen will be filled with sexy pictures of women in various levels of undress. For those who are looking to meet a real person, this is the adult dating site you should download, but be forewarned that you shouldn’t open the page until you get home behind closed doors and away from the boss.

That’s because they really do make it clear from the start exactly what they are about, and it isn’t just simply finding an “adult friend.” When you open their page, you might even get a popup that says, “A member wants to send naked pictures to you.” You can choose whether or not to accept, of course, but you wouldn’t want that to pop up on your screen in front of a coworker. You will need a Gold Membership to view these.

In truth, Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular dating apps around. Its slogan is “Where People Meet,” and it boasts over 20 million members worldwide, many of whom have found their adult friend. But what exactly happens on the site, and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about the app, including why it’s such a big deal and how it works.

AdultFriendFinder Review: Does it work?

As WebMD says, “Sex is healthy AND is necessary”. So, if you aren’t having sex, there could be cause for concern. Remaining sexual can boost your immune system, boost your libido, improve bladder control in women, lower blood pressure, lower heart attack risks, and counts as exercise for your body.

Adult Friend Finder or AFF specializes in sexual encounters and does not try to hide that fact. Irrespective of your sexual orientation, sexual preference, or marital status, you can find someone on Adult Friend Finder. From the beginning of their journey, their key focus has been on their ability to create and build encounters. Adult Friend Finder by Adult Friend Finders Network has a strong history and has been connecting sexually active people since 1996.

Profiles on Adult Friend Finder

Signing up for the site is quite easy. All it requires is your email address and some basic information. You will need to select which category you fall into, whether a male, female, couple, or transgender. Then make your choice of how to sign in, either by email or by user name. You won’t need a credit card to find an adult friend unless you want the Gold Membership.

This is all the basic information, but of course, it helps to enhance your profile. Without a picture, for example, you will be ten times less likely to be contacted. Also, there are many ways of spicing up your presence on the web beyond just pictures. No worries, though. You can learn all of this as you go.

The profile consists of twelve sections detailing the different kinks and fantasies that a member is into. the more detailed you are, the more likely you will find your perfect match. A personality test and a purity test are both aimed at giving you and those who view your profile an insight into who you are on the inside.

Viewing the full profile is limited to Premium Membership. Fortunately, the profile timeline is available for free members. This means that if you are not a paid subscriber, you can still see the profiles, but cannot interact with an adult friend except in very limited ways. This can help you determine if the site is right for you.

The Design and Interface

The user interface of Adult Friend Finder screams of a no-nonsense hookup site. Unlike most adult hookup sites, there are no flashy advertisements or scummy external links to track you. The website has a simple navigable interface that needs no explanation.

All necessary actions such as browsing profiles, messaging accounts, and “live-action” hookups are just a few clicks away. The only complaint I would have is the lack of colors. At times the website feels drab with nothing but shades of black and red. But otherwise, it is a great site.

Content available

Adult Friend Finder prides itself on the amount of content produced by its members and shared on the website. One could almost call it a porn site in the guise of a dating website. Most of the users are willing and encouraged to post sexy pictures of themselves on the website, and many of them go above and beyond expectations.

Signing into the site definitely can be a shock to some as it is completely saturated with naked people. Although the most intense content is blurred for unpaid subscribers, there is still plenty to see. Also, contests, which are determined by the most likes, encourage the sharing of material. So those who wish to “win” the contests will often show more than you might expect.

There are live webcams of some of the members who choose to show off. Also, there are plenty of chat rooms available where people are engaging in sexually stimulating conversations and share stories about their own sexuality. If you aren’t used to such, it can be a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll be chatting it up in no time!

Another avenue is the blog posts that some people have. These posts share intimate details of the lives of their authors. Also, the site has a magazine that anyone can contribute to. Some of the more gifted content producers write erotic stories. You can build a decent following by taking advantage of these features, or just spend time reading the offerings of other members.


Connecting with other members is possible as a free user but very limited; however, with Premium, there are many ways to contact others and find an adult friend. The most basic forms that unpaid subscribers can use are liking and commenting on pictures and videos.

Of course, for paid members, there are ways to communicate through blogs and webcams. Other than these, there is a traditional messaging system. In addition, one can send winks to initiate contacts, and one can use the video function to have an adult chat with interesting people and potential matches.

Other Features

To keep the website interesting, there are a few other important functions to try out. There is the Hotlist, which allows you to save the names of people who you find interesting. This is pretty convenient and anyone can use it.

Another interesting addition to the Adult Friend Finder, is the Sex Academy. This service is designed to educate users about how to perform better in sexual encounters. It is a separate paid activity. It is basically Sex Ed for adults. While not everyone needs such, it is very beneficial for those who do.

Gifts and tips are part of the way that they encourage content production on the site. Through these, you can send a virtual present to someone who you particularly like, or receive gifts from other members for content that you create, such as videos, images, and written steamy stories. Of course, the tip is actual money that is sent to whomever you choose.

The last mention is the search function. While it allows you to go down to check out their sizes, it doesn’t provide much more than that. It’s more attuned to finding physical features than kinks or personality. This can be a drawback for some, who are more interested in finding a compatible partner based on interests.

Adult Friend Finder: What’s Good, What Isn’t


  • They have a high rate of membership.
  • They feature a great deal of content.
  • There are options for people who don’t like to pay.
  • They have an easy registration process with email verification.
  • They also have an active user base with millions of users looking for multiple sexual partners.


  • To be fully immersed in the experience you will pay a lot of additional expenses.
  • They do not have an AdultFriendFinder app, and without an AdultFriendFinder app, you will always have to sign in from the website, even from your mobile device.
  • Their search is not very detailed for those who are looking for attributes in like-minded people, other than body type or physical appearance.

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

Adult Friend Finder treats its free members with quite a bit of respect, unlike some rumors of Ashley Madison. The points system allows the unpaid user to gain some of the benefits that a premium account gives. It can be time-consuming, however, and they probably make more money out of the videos and photos posted than you gain from the point.

With a credit card, a paid member gains access to contacting people directly as well as being able to view the full profile of members. Paid membership gives you access to other things as well, such as a more advanced search engine, while also allowing the personalization of various aspects of your profile and experience.

This website significantly drops the prices for those willing to pay for longer. Their starting price for one month is $30, for three, $20 per month, and for a year, $15 per month, which is comparable to Ashley Madison.

Being a premium member also ensures that people are more likely to message you first or even respond. It lends more credibility and confirms you aren’t a bot or an inactive user. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those.

Common questions regarding Adult Friend Finder:

Is it possible to find a serious relationship on this website?

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular online dating platforms around. But some think that it’s not just for adults looking for love — it’s also used by kids. And now, people under 18 are able to use the site too.

The app allows teens and young adults to sign up without needing parental consent. Once signed up, they can browse profiles and send messages to anyone they want, even though they’re still technically underage. this can be worrisome.

There are a few restrictions. You can’t chat with someone unless you’ve both agreed to meet up in person, and you won’t be able to see what others write until you message them. Adults using the site should be very cautious to make sure that they are not being explicit with kids under the age of 18, since doing so can land you in prison.

But despite those limitations, many teens and young adults say that it’s been a great way to make friends and find dates. Since a credit or debit card is required for Gold Membership plans with video content and nude photos, it is a bit harder for a paid member to be a kid, but members should still be careful.

How to match with someone on Adult Friend Finder?

The app lets you choose the types of people that you’re looking for — whether it’s someone to go out dancing with, someone to hang out with over drinks, or even someone to date. There’s no guarantee that anyone will show up, but it’s free to try.

And unlike most dating apps, you don’t need to worry about being creepy. This isn’t a place where you send messages to people you’ve seen around town; instead, you get matched based on the criteria you provide. So if you want to meet someone to dance with, you can tell Adult Friend Finder who you’d prefer to be with, and they’ll make sure you end up next to each other.

Unlike traditional dating sites, you can put in search filters such as age range, marital status, etc., and browse for like-minded people anonymously without having to give away your name or photo. And while you might think it’s weird to see other people’s profile photos on your page, it actually makes sense: If you’re trying to find a potential partner, why wouldn’t you want to see what other people look like?

Who is this website ideally for?

This website is ideal for anyone looking to get find a sexual partner, although it is used for many other purposes as well. So if you’re someone looking for a casual hookup, online dating, or a friend with benefits, this is your best bet.

While it isn’t like traditional Online Dating Sites like, it is great for those looking for a bit more.

The AdultFriendFinder Community is better than most popular dating sites because membership on AdultFriendFinder gives you much more than those other online dating sites. An AdultFriendFinder subscription allows you to form friendships and bonds with millions of people who have genuine profiles.

The user experience with a chat function, video chat, and the sharing of thoughts and erotic content with a pool of people who are like-minded individuals can be quite freeing. While fake accounts, inactive accounts, and bots may exist, you rarely notice them while interacting with premium users.

Any reason to avoid Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites with millions of active users online today. And while there are plenty of legitimate reasons why someone might want to go on the site, others are looking for some extra kinkiness. Here are five things to know about AFF before signing up.

  • It’s Not Safe For Work. The adult industry isn’t exactly known for having the best reputation, and many people don’t realize just what goes into making porn. But even though we’ve come a long way since the days when pornography was shot on film and edited on VHS tapes, there are still a lot of unsavory aspects to the entire process. In fact, according to PornHub, 90% of the women who work in the adult entertainment industry say they had to do sexual acts against their will.
  • It’s Not Safe To Be A Cynic. If you think that everything on the internet is fake you might be surprised by AFF. You won’t find much of anything on that you’d find on Facebook or Twitter, for example. Everything on the site is real, and that includes the members themselves. When you sign up, you’ll see pictures and bios of actual people. There’s nothing fake about that.
  • It Can Get Creepy Quickly. When you start talking to strangers on the Internet, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. On the flip side, however, it’s also easy to feel like you have control over a situation that you didn’t really have control over in the real world. That’s part of the reason why you’ll see ads for “adult personals” on every single major social media site. These kinds of advertisements are usually targeted toward men seeking women and vice versa.
  • You May Be Talking To a Kid.Do not forget that teenagers are allowed on AFF now. Be sure to ask for an age, and be responsible enough not to say or do anything that would be illegal with a child.

So is it worth paying for?

Without spending any money, Adult Friend Finder does offer you a few handsome features: limited messaging and emailing, visiting, liking most profiles, and entering some chat rooms. However, you’ll soon realize that most of the juicy hidden content can only be unlocked with a premium subscription (called the Gold membership) or by earning points. Adult Friend Finder’s non-monetary currency points.

No matter what other websites tell you, if you’re a guy looking for a quick hookup, you’ll need to get the Gold membership. As a matter of fact, we even found a few ladies who proudly said that they won’t meet a match unless he’s a Gold member. I guess having that Gold tag lends a little more credibility to someone’s profile compared to tons of fake profiles out there.

It also helps to verify that you aren’t chatting with a child, hence it makes the entire experience feel a little safer. If someone is paying to be an active member of the site, it gives the signal that the person is an adult who is serious about hooking up in real life.

Verdict – AdultFriendFinder Review

Let’s be honest, unless you look like Brad Pitt or have the charm of James Bond, you may not find a hookup in the free version. Adult Friend Finder has fairly good value even if you don’t want to use your credit card and pay for a membership, however. With a strong number of people using it, especially in the US, it would be possible to meet with people even without a premium membership.

There is also a huge amount of content available on Adult Friend Finder, making it worth the while. Especially if you pay for the full year, the price of the subscription is not that bad. The one thing that does put a damper is having to pay separately for gifts, tips, and the Sex Academy. Overall, this website is pretty safe and good. If you are looking for a sexual encounter with no strings, the Adult Friend Finder website is perfect for you.

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