Text Chemistry Review for 2024: Pros, Cons, and Features

n modern dating of the 21st century, flirting through SMS is commonplace. Through this medium of texting and video calling, a lot of people succeed in forging profound connections and lasting partnerships.

This new pattern raises more concerns than it does solutions, though. There are so many possibilities for text communication to go wrong. Since non-verbal clues cannot be relied upon, what you write is readily misunderstood.

So, many people get nervous about it in the early stages of their relationships. According to the popular magazine psychologytoday, flirting is all about picking those subtle signals. We wish there was some sort of dating guide or an online dating program that would teach us, thousands of women how to go about this tricky business.

Today, we offer a solution for women anxious about texting in the form of Text Chemistry. This guide aims to teach you how to implement effective ways to make your potential partner commit to the relationship.

What Is Text Chemistry?

What Is Text Chemistry?

Based on her work as a relationship guide, Amy North created the program Text Chemistry. Practically speaking, this is an online manual showing women how to utilise text messages to captivate men’s attention. To cultivate a romantic relationship in this dating jungle, one needs to be patient and resilient. The physical and chemical properties of emotions that run within us are all an integral component to making or breaking a decent relationship.

The culmination of Amy North’s years of relationship counselling women is this Ebook Guide. She guarantees that if you follow her instructions, you’ll develop a psychological dependence on males.

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being even if it makes no sense. Let’s look at it ourselves now that so many individuals have reported success with it.

Who is Text Chemistry for?

Single women who wish to have better conversations with men would benefit immensely from Text Chemistry.

In light of that, I believe it is most appropriate for ladies who desire to:

  • Make sure your guy thinks highly of you and considers you to be “keeper.”
  • Turn things around with a partner who appears to be drifting away and losing interest in you.
  • Rekindle a relationship with an ex and make him pursue you once again.

Women in satisfying relationships, though, won’t benefit as much from Text Chemistry. The information you get from Amy North may be entertaining to use against him if things are already intriguing and lively, but it won’t be necessary.

How Text Chemistry Works

The online course Text Chemistry makes use of the concept of a “magic text.” Men become psychologically triggered by these texts, which makes them text back and carry on the discussion compulsively. You’ll discover well crafted text messages throughout the guide.

These messages are my reactions to the guys I’m first dating. They are also intended to serve as icebreakers to begin the connection. These, according to North, will get responses from the coldest, most remote guys.

For this training to be effective for you, there are a few critical requirements. Getting your preferred man’s undivided attention is the aim. You do this through psychological triggers, or what North refers to as “Attention Hooks.”

This Attention Hook grabs the man’s attention and has him thinking about you. Text Chemistry emphasizes the method’s scientific foundation and explains how you may use it to create attraction.

Psychological Foundations of the Program

Psychological Foundations of the text chemistry program

Text Chemistry’s assertions are supported by psychological research that Amy North conducted in the years leading up to the publication of the manual.

Her results center on the assumption that men and women experience similar psychological triggers on a general level. Her texts are meant to pique those triggers. You’ll hear back in a couple of minutes if you do this.

Additionally, Text Chemistry teaches you how to apply the material to any scenario that could occur in your relationship. North has you covered on everything from finding a new boyfriend to be obsessed with you to handling breakups.

With the help of the situation-appropriate messages, you may choose to influence the man’s decision-making, get him enthusiastic about communication, make him care about you, and ultimately leave him wanting more.

The training also covers the fundamentals of the study of attraction and love. It describes how people begin to experience these emotions and how interactions are fundamental to that process. In all honesty, it seems like the information we discovered would be accurate in even mainstream publications like BBC.

Program Preview

eos, and three bonus e-books. The extras by Amy come free of charge and include:

  • ‘Why Men Leave’
  • ‘Phone Game’
  • ‘Quality Men on Tinder’

Reading through the main book teaches you the basics of eliciting quick, constant responses from guys. The language is plain and straightforward – North doesn’t try to sound more scientific than necessary.

Let’s take a quick preview of the book’s contents per chapter.

Chapter 1

Titled ‘do men ignore your messages?’, this chapter provides a guide on how to use the effective technique. It introduces the point of the book, promising you’ll never again feel rejected and ignored.

Chapter 2

E-Glow text is the second chapter, teaching you how to hardwire the brain of your guy to love you through messages. You’ll find example messages to get him to never stop thinking about you again.

Chapter 3

This one is about getting back together with your ex, specifically what you can do. He regrets splitting up and is moved to fight for reconciliation by the teachings offered here.

Chapter 4

If you’re in a relationship that needs some spicing up, this chapter is for you. You’ll learn how to make the man excited about seeing you. North also includes many practical pieces of advice for rekindling love.

Chapter 5

Make the guy passionate about you using this chapter and fill his thoughts with the image of you.

Chapter 6

This handy guide sheet is available if you ever struggle to understand the replies you receive. You’ll be able to decipher the meaning behind the man’s words and discover effective coping mechanisms for potentially upsetting circumstances.

Chapter 7

If you’re ready to settle down, skip ahead to section 7 – getting him to propose. By including these subliminal messages into your texts, you’ll get your partner to crave marriage and lifelong commitment. He’ll buy a ring in no time.

Chapter 8

This flirty section teaches you how to cause a burst of excitement with every bit of the text. The man will be counting the days until he sees you again.

Chapter 9

You may utilize images as well thanks to multimedia messaging interfaces. The focus of this chapter is on amusing, cute photographs that elicit good, wholesome feelings rather than naked shots.

Chapter 10

Titled ‘bang his head’, this section provides you with a range of messages the guy won’t forget. He’ll want to see you as soon as possible.

Chapter 11

Texting is one thing – phone talks are much more of a challenge. Luckily, North also included a section instructing you on the best techniques to use when having a phone call.

Chapter 12

Finally, the last chapter tells you how to do precisely what the book promises – make the man focus on only you.

So, this guide covers the basics of most situations you may end up in during your relationship. It promises a happy, committed connection with a strong foundation.

Pros and Cons of this Ebook

Having taken a look at the contents of Text Chemistry, let’s now discuss the positive and negative aspects of the guide.


If you’re someone like me who gets nervous while flirting, trust me its completely normal. There are definite benefits to using this program. If nothing else, they will increase your confidence when it comes to texting. The most prominent pros include the following.

Increases Chances of Finding Love

As the guide is straight to the point and easy to follow, with modules and videos organized and direct in delivering messages, you will end up learning a lot. Plus, it covers most of the typical dating situations, offering you model solutions.

Gets You Rid of Insecurities

The aim of this tutorial will also assist you with any insecurities you may be experiencing while speaking to a new man if you are having self-esteem problems. You’ll discover how to talk to a guy in a way that gets his attention.

Consequently, you won’t have to be concerned about coming across as needy and clinging. Additionally, since the technique guarantees to increase your partner’s interest in you, jealousy issues vanish into thin air.

There’s a Money-Back Guarantee

Amy North allows you to see whether her program works before making any financial commitments. The best part – you can email the company, and they will refund you without asking any questions.

You Get Extra Books

Even though you haven’t exactly asked for these additional e-books, it’s never bad to have more resources. The other guides are also quite straightforward and informative, and you can combine the knowledge from them all.


Of course, the program had to come with some drawbacks. No matter whether you find it ideal or unthinkable, these areas below are the cons of Text Chemistry.

It’s Not for Everyone

You won’t be able to use every module because it will rely on your personality. You might not like the suggestions or agree with Amy North… proceed to the following module in such scenario. You could, however, find that you disagree with everything she says.

It’s Toying

Particularly in the part on subliminal messages, some of the author’s approaches appear to be playing with readers’ emotions. Use the knowledge wisely by being thoughtful and deliberate. No amount of clever texting can change your partner’s perception that you toyed with them.

Our Verdict

While Text Chemistry is a high-quality, science-based guide, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Our best suggestion is to give it a shot and see whether the messages resonate with you. You can 100% end up learning more about men and relationships. Whether you end up using the tips, though, depends on your personality and partnership.

Other than this, I’d recommend you check out some quick tips on flirting here.

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