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Who we are, Romance scams

The mission of RomanceScams.org, an information and advocacy organization, is to create public awareness, provide accurate information and expertise to assist in the successful demise of online romance scams and help people learn, heal, and experience a safe on-line environment.

RomanceScams.org came into existence on June 6, 2005 with the hopes that we could help one or two people who might find us. Our beginning was with a Yahoo Group, set up as a place to talk about these scams. Since then over 51,000 people have sought and found assistance within the Yahoo Group. Over time we have gathered an extensive collection of information and resources for assistance of the victims of these scams.

Support, education and healing are what our group is all about. We support the victims of these crimes until they are ready to move forward from their experience. We spend a lot of time educating the victims so they do not fall victim of these sorts of scams again. We also work with the media in an effort to educate the general public about these scams.

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