BeenVerified vs Instant Checkmate vs. Truthfinder: Which Is Best?

To get to know someone better, your best bet is to take advantage of a background checking service without actually having to meet them. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical; at least that’s how I was just a few months ago. They’re also incredibly helpful at avoiding romance scammers.

Despite that, I was given the opportunity to have a hands-on review of the best background checking services available; BeenVerified, Instant Checkmate, and Truthfinder

Prior to the trio of reviews, I came in with an open mind, and I was blown away.

Hastily after each sign-up, each service promptly showcased several detailed stats of myself, some services being more accurate than others. 

Today, we’re going over each of them and designating one of them as the winner. Let’s dive into the reviews and conclude the best background checking service available. 

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BeenVerified Review

BeenVerified has been around for some time and has continuously improved its system to bring us more accurate results. My favorite part about BeenVerified is the ease of use. 

Searching is effortless to do, requiring only just a few steps before you can view the full report. 

However, I found BeenVerified to lack the information found in abundance with Instant Checkmate and Truthfinder. 

Statistics such as criminal records were far and few between across multiple searches. Despite that, it proved helpful in other elements, such as relatives, addresses, and assets. 

If you’re solely searching for criminal records, it may not be the best option. However, it’s cheap and straightforward to use. Plus, they offer a trial to allow you to try out the service. 

It’s excellent for general searches, but it may not be the best for those looking to get an in-depth look, at least when compared to Instant Checkmate and Truthfinder. 

I will say that what information it did show was accurate. So if you’re looking for precise statistics, BeenVerified is a good choice.

What Did BeenVerified Excel in?

Throughout my time using BeenVerified, I found that it excelled in finances more than any other feature.

The finance section helps discover someone’s spending habits, estimating net worth, and more. 

It’s also great at looking at cash purchases, such as cars.


  •  Streamlined Report
  •  Easy To Understand
  •  Precise Information


  •  No Trial
  •  Less Information
  •  Loading Times

Instant Checkmate Review

Instant Checkmate was the first background service I was able to use. Rapidly after signing up, I knew I had found a game-changer. 

Instant Checkmate was and is still my favorite, although this should not spoil the winner. The service provided just about every detail of anyone I searched, providing top-of-the-line accuracy. 

It also features a sex offender section, which can be helpful. The layout is very streamlined like the others but is also very easy to use. 

Once you’ve opened the report, you can view stats such as criminal records, relatives, location, emails, and so much more. 

In fact, I was kind of shocked, and for a few moments, my jaw had literally, not figuratively, dropped. The data that this service provides is genuinely outstanding. 

If you’re looking for a legal, quick way to learn about someone in-depth, this is the way to do it. 

Once you pay for the plan, you have unlimited searches, though it is a fact for all three background checking services.

What Did Instant Checkmate Excel in?

Instant Checkmate did very well with both criminal record checks and performed just as well with assets. 

Criminal record checks may be the most helpful feature when determining if dating a certain someone is safe or not. 

Plus, the asset feature is good at proving or disproving bold claims made by online crushes. 


  •  Trial Offered
  •  Precise Data
  •  Incredible Volume


  •  Loading Times
  •  Plans Pricey
  •  Emails Inaccurate 

Truthfinder Review

Truthfinder has also been around for a while. I had a good experience with this service. 

The ability to search easily is strong with this one, although there are a few irritating loading screens that do not need to be there. 

Despite that, after you gain access to the service and see the results, I’m hopeful that you’ll be just as impressed as I was. I found it to be incredibly accurate. 

It was able to pull information that the other two did not, or at least more of it in a particular area. 

For example, the businesses section had info in it when applicable, unlike the other two, which were kind of hit and miss. 

Plus, Truthfinder had a little more info in regards to assets. However, this service has less overall data than the other two did. 

In some cases, it would leave out my prior addresses, or at least a few of them. While the others often had this information.

Overall, Truthfinder is a worthy investment and provides excellent results. Yet, it’s certainly not the best. The info was easy to understand and accurate enough for most needs.

What Did Truthfinder Excel in?

Truthfinder also excelled well regarding criminal records. I found it to be nearly as accurate as instant checkmate, with few hiccups. 

It did not always provide as much data as the others, but it was incredibly accurate when it did. 

It was additionally great at displaying relatives and any available info about them, such s address, email, and more.


  •  Accurate Data
  •  Trial Offered
  •  Simple Layout


  •  Less Information
  •  Costly Plans
  •  Loading Times

BeenVerified vs Instant Checkmate vs Truthfinder

Here are out ratings from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the not good.

Been Verified10/106/107/106/1027/40
Instant Checkmate10/108/107/109/1034/40

Major Differences Discussed

All three background checking services covered here are exceptional, but they each come with their unique pros and cons, as noted above. So it comes down to what you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking to run a background check on someone you haven’t met, Instant Checkmate has proven its ability to be accurate and showcase those hard-to-find details. 

Truthfinder is likewise nearly as good but does not pull as much information but proves just as accurate most times. Lastly, BeenVerified is suitable for general use. 

So, if you want a few details of someone but aren’t concerned with learning every single detail, BeenVerified works excellent. 

If you plan on using these services to help avoid romance scammers, then Instant Checkmate and Truthfinder may work best. 

BeenVerified is better suited for finding lost relatives or looking for elements such as assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Is Best For Me?

This can be answered by looking at what you’re going to use the service for. If you want more information regarding relatives, BeenVerified or Instant Checkmate may be best. 

For those looking to discover criminal records in greater detail, Instant Checkmate or Truthfinder may be best. 

Instant Checkmate performed the best to solely look at data such as liens, assets, and other hard-to-find information. 

What Information Do I Need To Start A Search?

To initiate a search on any of the services, you can provide as much data as possible; there is no requirement. 

However, the more information you provide, the more accurate the searches are. Information such as a name. 

The age, city, and state fields are optional but help narrow down the search, as a first and last name could pull hundreds of results.   

Do Any of Them Alert The Person I Search For?

This is a big reason why many never take advantage of these services. Luckily, none of them alert the person being searched for that they are being searched for.

The three companies understand privacy and never share any information unless legally required by law.

This is also true for you, so if you have been searched for in the past, present, or future, you will not be alerted.

Winner? – Instant Checkmate

Overall, our winner is Instant Checkmate. All three proved to be very helpful, but two fell short compared to the winner: BeenVerified and Truthfinder. 

The two were either inaccurate or did not provide as much information as Instant Checkmate. 

BeenVerified and Truthfinder did provide a lot of information, and when it was incorrect, it was a city or email and wasn’t very common. 

Honestly, they’re all great. Yet, if you want the best result, Instant Checkmate is your best bet. 

Plus, they are currently providing a five-day trial for just $1, offering unlimited searches. Lastly, if you are skeptical of trying one of them, don’t be. 

They do provide pretty outstanding facts about anyone, literally. 

These services benefit you from picking out online dating scammers, as the features are virtually made for it. 

Search everything about the person you are dating. Includes profile search, social media search, and more.

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Includes full profile search, social media check, and more.

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Includes full public records search

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