TruthFinder Review for 2024: Can It Identify Scammers?

Lately, I’ve been using a few of the most popular online background checking services; and to my surprise, they work! 

If you had asked me over a year ago if they were worth it, I’d probably say it’s too good to be true. Yet, it’s worked out much better than I’d ever expected.

I’ve had the opportunity to share my experience in the past few weeks on these services, and so far, it’s been great. 

TruthFinder is a background checking service that pulls public data and compiles it into a simple to understand, streamlined report.

You have the opportunity to view data such as criminal records, finances, and more. To better understand TruthFinder, we’ve made an in-depth report for you to look at; let’s dive in.

How To Use TruthFinder

Search & Sign Up

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up, which is an easy and straightforward process. 

To start, simply create an account and go through the subscription process. This involves inputting your name, email, and password. 

After this, you’ll need to go through a few verification processes, which are quick and easy. Once you have an account opened, you’re ready to start your search. 

Which you’ll quickly find is prompt and straightforward.

Locating & Viewing The Report

The homepage of TruthFinder features the search function. 

Here, you can input the name, age, city, and state to help narrow down your search; the more data, the more accurate the results are. 

After TruthFinder has finished its investigation, you’ll likely see several results. Each will display the name, age, city, and other details like relatives and more. 

This helps you to narrow down your search quickly. To open the report, simply click “view report,” which will take you to the main page.

Understanding The Report

Once you’ve clicked view report in the search results, you’ll be brought to the homepage, displaying everything: from assets, criminal records, relatives, and much more. 

The info that is shared is genuinely astonishing. All of the data is displayed on an easy-to-understand, single page, with each section having its area. 

Some sections allow you to click a dropdown menu to expand the results, and others do not. However, all of the data is there and is very helpful.

TruthFinder Review: How it Works

Criminal Records

The first and likely the most helpful feature regarding keeping you safe is the criminal records feature. 

This allows you to look at various criminal charges such as robberies, theft, or other crimes. In some cases, it can also showcase tickets, depending on each case. 

Plus, you can view further details of each crime by clicking the dropdown menu. This will expose data such as the city, state, and specific charge it was. 

If you want to avoid dating a person with a violent past, this is an excellent first step to take to do just that. 

It’s not always going to be accurate, though, and at no fault of TruthFinder. 

Some states do not share all criminal records, and others are simply removed due to various reasons, such as records that have been expunged.

Sex Offenders

This is by far the most helpful feature of TruthFinder. It allows you to view each sex offender near a specific area, such as your address or whomever you’ve searched for. 

This feature commonly looks pretty accurate and lived up to other high-end background checking services. 

It also displays the offender’s photo, along with their address, name, age, and more. This can help avoid moving to a particular area, avoiding people, or for other reasons. 

Sure, other services offer this kind of feature, but many do not go into as much depth as TruthFinder does. If you’re searching for an excellent service to avoid sex offenders, this is it.


Most people familiar with online dating scams know that a prevalent trait is to claim to be some kind of business owner. 

TruthFinder can help you disprove or prove these kinds of claims. For example, if the person in question who you suspect may be a scammer states, they own a specific business. 

Yet, you find nothing on TruthFinder even remotely proving this; it may be worth looking further into. I found this feature to be mostly accurate. 

Smaller businesses such as lawn care did not show as often. Companies that involved specific licenses, such as bars, did show up but proceeded great most of the time.


If any, the most common claim by romance scammers is to claim that they’re rich. 

They may try to say that they’re a millionaire and need you to wire over a few hundred dollars to unlock the funds for him so he can send you even more. 

This is where TruthFinder comes to the rescue. With TruthFinder, you can instantly view the finances of the person in question. 

For starters, it shows purchases such as homes, cars, and more. However, the most helpful way to avoid scammers is by using them to disprove claims. 

If the scammers give you his name and cannot find anything regarding larger, more expensive purchases, it’s likely untrue. 

I can factually say that this has proved accurate on several individuals.


Assets are another essential thing to look into. 

The most obvious way to know if the person is a romance scammer is by simply not finding a name that matches the phone given, but it’s not always that easy. 

After opening the report, take a look at the asset section. If the person claims to have a large home in a specific location, it’s likely to show up in TruthFinder under assets. 

If you do not see the asset there, though, it may be a flat-out lie to try and deceive you into thinking the scammer is wealthy. 

This feature also proves incredibly accurate, even more so than most other background checking services I have used in the past. 

FAQs about TruthFinder

Is TruthFinder Safe?

Over the years, as new background checking services grow, skepticism grows with it. If you’re skeptical, me and you, at one point, were alike, so it’s understandable to be. 

However, TruthFinder is nothing less than a safe and legit website. They’re legal, reputable, and receive great reviews daily. If you’re skeptical, give it a try. 

I’ve known not one person to have a problem with these types of services, including myself.

Will TruthFinder Notify The Person?

A very prominent reason why people avoid using services such as TruthFinder is that they think it may notify the person that they’re being searched by so and so. 

This is untrue, as TruthFinder will never inform anyone unless legally required as with anything. 

TruthFinder will never notify anyone under any circumstances for any kind of search in accordance with their terms of condition.

How Does TruthFinder Gather Data?

There are several ways that TruthFinder gathers its data. The primary method is by pulling public records such as court records, address books, social profiles, and more. 

However, data that is not public will not show on TruthFinder as this is not viewable by the company itself. TruthFinder is the middleman. 

It saves you time, likely weeks, from searching for the data yourself, avoiding calls, emails, and more.

TruthFinder: A Success?

If you’re curious about whether TruthFinder is a success with the masses or not, here is your answer; yes! 

In fact, according to Theresa on Consumer Reports, she claims that she used it to ensure her daughter’s safety after meeting someone on a gaming site. 

This is an excellent example of the use of TruthFinder. There are several more positive reviews, claiming many extraordinary impacts. 

Why Background Checks Are Important 

Avoids Time Wasting

You should never judge someone based entirely on their finances alone. Yet, it’s still a worthwhile aspect of a relationship to look into. 

In most cases, the other half will likely not have any significant financial concerns that couldn’t be worked out.

However, some people continue to have broken finances without even trying to solve them. This can directly impact a relationship and is a leading cause of divorce. 

TruthFinder can help you avoid this by allowing you to look directly at their public finance records, which exposes much more than you’d think. 

It may very well help you avoid financial ruins by dating someone with a mediocre financial record of bankruptcies and foreclosures, to name a few.

Maintains Safety

It can be nerve-wracking going out on a date with someone for the first time and with good reason. During the first date, you do not know who you’re meeting up with. 

Sure, it may be the person in the pictures, but that’s only at the surface level. The person could be dangerous. 

The last thing you want to go on a date with an individual on the run from authorities due to a violent crime.

Luckily, TruthFinder can help you avoid this by allowing you to see their criminal background by simply inputting their name, state, and age, although all aren’t needed. 

This gives you a perfect chance to avoid dating someone with a violent or abusive past.

Helps Avoid Scammers

We have covered several kinds of scams, and if there is one thing we appreciate about TruthFinder, it can help individuals avoid scammers. 

The most notable way is to use it to prove or disprove claims. If your online love has claimed to be a doctor, TruthFInder will display the license on the results page. 

If they claim to have a large house in Miami Beach, that will show as well. Plus, it can prove any claims of a family member, as this feature proves to be decently accurate. 

If they claim to have a sister, but no results of a sister show up on truth finder, it’s a fraud. 

Verdict: Is TruthFinder worth it?

There are several kinds of background checking services, with most claiming to know just about everything. If you’re skeptical, don’t be. 

While we can’t prove every backing checking service provides a good experience, our opinion of TruthFinder is overwhelmingly positive. 

It can help you avoid scammers, potential threats during dates and even help you find lost relatives. The potentials are endless. 

Plus, the price is inexpensive, and with all of the data you get, the pierce is undoubtedly worth it, in our opinion. 

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