PeopleLooker Online People Search Tool Review 2024

With the rise in online dating and the number of people who meet strangers on the internet, the need for a great background-checking tool has grown exponentially. PeopleLooker Online People Search is a great tool to have at your fingertips when weighing the option of bringing an online date into your real life.

There are several reasons that online dating has become more and more common lately. Because it is convenient, effective, and simple, online dating is quickly replacing traditional means of meeting potential matches. People are simply too busy for finding their soulmates the old-fashioned way, and therefore dating sites have taken over the dating scene.

Online dating means using your phone or computer, and after just a few clicks you can eventually meet that someone you can date. While most earlier generations were taught not to talk to strangers, these apps and dating sites are literally putting strangers at your fingertips…and bringing them into your life, around your family and friends.

But with online dating also comes the risk of getting scammed. Scammers are also joining dating sites, not to find potential lovers, but to victimize people who are vulnerable. Their primary goal is to get your email address and to scam money out of you. There are also instances that they steal your identity for different purposes.

Fortunately, there are background check services and search people websites where you can investigate to ensure that the person that you’re meeting is who he or she says they are. One of the search people websites today that you can rely on is PeopleLooker. Get to know more about the site by reading the information provided just for you below.

PeopleLooker Review

PeopleLooker is a site where you can search for someone and get different information about them from unlimited reports. The site focuses on demographics, location information, and as well as criminal searches.

You can also find property data and satellite imaging, phone lookups, address lookup, property searches, an email search, access to background reports, and even business transaction where available. There is a wide range of search options and detailed reports available through the site.

One of the best things about PeopleLooker is that they provide fast and reliable search results. The accuracy, on the other hand, will depend on the available records online. You can feel confident about the results because they make sure to update all their data.

Even if there may not be any information on any given person today, it may appear soon. It is quite common for the data of the person that you have recently searched to get updated. If this happens, you will automatically be sent an updated report.

Billions of records from consumer reporting agencies and more are at your fingertips with PeopleLooker and similar background check companies. Customer service representatives are always happy to help you pay a one-time fee for single reports, or sign up for monthly subscriptions with numerous consumer reports for these online services.

Why Should You Choose PeopleLooker

Beautiful Design

One of the things, why you should choose PeopleLooker, is that upon entering the site, you will love its beautiful design. The site has its own unique characteristics that set it out from the rest of the search people websites today. Their website is well organized wherein you can easily find whatever it is that you’re looking for, from divorce records to address history, to financial history and more. Even people who are not tech-savvy can surely navigate through the site quickly.

Search Engine Is Powerful

Another great thing about PeopleLooker is that they have a powerful search engine. The site will never confuse you with too many choices to choose from. PeopleLooker makes sure that everything is straightforward and easy to understand. In fact, all you have to do is to key in the first name and the last name of the person that you’re trying to investigate and click on the search button. The search engine of PeopleLooker will start checking all the data and will give you all the relevant information.

Quick Results

PeopleLooker also provides you with nothing but quick answers. It can be frustrating to wait for the results, and this is the reason why some people just give up. But with PeopleLooker you shouldn’t worry about anything because the initial result will be given to you in a couple of minutes. Believe it or not, you can download the report in 5 minutes or even less.

How PeopleLooker Works

On their website, they made it clear that they only have the ability to get information on people who are in the US, so unless you are searching for an American, you won’t find much. When researching about a person, PeopleLooker will start going through a vast range of social media networking websites. Some of these include Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and even Facebook.

Ease Of Use Of PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is popular to a lot of people because of its user-friendly interface. The site is also available on mobile, which a lot of people love because they get to search through PeopleLooker without having to use their computers. If you are in an intense chat with a potential love match, and want to take a quick peep at that person’s ownership history, address history, employment screening, social media platforms, etc. it is right at your fingertips.

Upon logging in to the site, you will love how intuitive the interface is and how beautiful the design. The site’s goal is to have a welcoming theme and a fun personality for everything. In fact, their website has a mixture of mint green and white color palette, which are both easy on the eyes. Also, when it comes to searching, it will only take you a couple of minutes to get the result.

You don’t have to worry about anything because at PeopleLooker, they only have one way for you to search but rest assured that they will give you multiple results. The results may be detailed, but they made sure that the page may not look overwhelming at all.

Features Of PeopleLooker

Here are some of the best features that PeopleLooker has available on their site.

Finding People By Name

One of the main purposes of using PeopleLooker is that you can find people using their names. This is one feature that a lot of people love because social media profiles and public records of that person can be found here.

With PeopleLooker, searching for public records and even uncovering information is easy. PeopleLooker browses through the different databases so they can gather the information that is comprehensive. Some of the information that is included is the following:

  • Current and past addresses
  • Phone number
  • Criminal records
  • Property records
  • Relatives
  • Professional information
  • Court records
  • Social media accounts

You can use the Find People By Name if you want to find out some information about them. Of course, you can also use this feature if you’re going to reconnect with friends and relatives.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Another feature that PeopleLooker has is that you can do a reverse phone number lookup. For instance, if the person that you’re chatting with sends you a contact number, you can check that on PeopleLooker. Also, you can search for numbers that have called you so you would know who they are and such.

Some of the information that you can unveil using the reverse phone number lookup is:

  • Complete name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal history
  • Photos

One of the best things about reverse phone number lookup is that you can find out more about the person who owns that number. You may even uncover some public records that will help you know the true colors of the person. And of course, if the number comes from telemarketers, then you can just block them if you please.

Reverse Email Lookup

PeopleLooker also has a reverse email lookup feature, where you can check email addresses that were given to you. You can also use this feature if you have received an email from an unknown sender. This will help you find out if the email comes from a person or is a scam. Some of the information that you can unveil are:

  • Complete name
  • Phone numbers associated with the email
  • Photos
  • Social media profiles
  • Education
  • Job history

Using the reverse email lookup will help you to discover the owner and other information about that person. Also, using this feature will help you better identify email scams attempting to extort money from you. Some will even pretend to be someone who knows you and could steal your personal information. So always check the email address especially if it’s someone you just met or someone unfamiliar.

Customized Search

PeopleLooker also offers a customized search. If you are unsure about what you are actually looking for. A customized search will let give you the following information below:

  • Complete name and aliases
  • Current contact number and any known numbers
  • Relatives
  • Sex offender information
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic violations
  • Public photos
  • Social media network information

There is other information that you can get via a customized search, but this will come with the necessary fees. The following is the information that you can get:

  • Licenses
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Divorce and marriage records
  • Court judgments

PeopleLooker Fees

One of the best things about PeopleLooker is that they have a pretty straightforward fee. You can subscribe for a month, or you may opt for a three-month subscription to get a discount.

  • One month of membership cost $18.28/per month
  • Three months of membership cost $14.62/month
  • With the three-month membership, you can do an unlimited search.

Does PeopleLooker Have Apps?

Fortunately, PeopleLooker has apps that you can download on your respective smartphones and will work on both the Android APP and Apple’s iOS. This means that no matter where you are, you can immediately conduct a quick investigation on someone. You no longer have to wait till you get onto your computer just to log in to your PeopleLooker account.

There are also additional features that are not available on their desktop version. So if you want to enjoy these additional features then using the mobile app by downloading it would definitely be best.

Customer Service On PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker also has a customer service that is not only helpful but is also very friendly. They offer live customer support wherein you can contact them seven days every week using a toll-free number. You may be able to contact them from 8 in the morning and 10 in the evening EST during weekdays. While during weekends, you can contact them from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening EST.

Now that you have read everything that you need to know about what PeopleLooker is all about, it would be best to know how you can protect yourself. As mentioned above, dating scammers are here to scam money out of you. There are also some who are scamming information out of you so they can use it to other illegal activities.

So I’m here to give you some warning signs that you’re being scammed on this online dating site that you’ve been using. Below are some warning signs to help you out in case you’re being scammed.

Warning Signs That You’re Talking To A Scammer

Here are some things to look for that can caution you that you may be chatting with a scammer.

His Profile Is Somewhat Vague

When you check on his profile, you will notice how vague all of the information are. It doesn’t even state as to what kind of partner he is looking for. This will make it easier for these scammers just to choose whoever they want to victimize because they don’t have a specific requirement.

Once they start communicating with you, they will immediately compliment your looks. They will make you feel really beautiful and as if you are the most beautiful person that they have seen. It would always be best to compliment on your goals and accomplishments instead of your physical appearance.

Fake Profile Photos

Another thing that you need to check when doing online dating is to check the photos on his profile. The best thing that you can do to prove this is to ask him to send you pictures of him via snail mail. If he sent you the same images that are in his profile photo, then the chances of him being a scammer are high. If he really is the person in the picture, then he could have sent you another set of photos.

Also, you can also use a reverse image search so you can check if his photos will appear somewhere online. If it did appear, check the information and if the information is different from the person is saying, then that’s a clear sign that is a fake and a scammer.

Communicating Away From The Site

Typically, one of the traits of these scammers is that they tend to request to communicate outside of the site. This is one of their known behaviors so be wary of this kind of request. The reason behind it is that they will want you out of the site because online dating sites have security features that might catch them.

These scammers will ask you to download certain messaging apps so they can communicate with you outside the site. Avoid giving in to their request because once you download the app and start communicating, they will also begin to scam you.

Template Messages

Another behavior that a dating scammer has is that they usually have template messages that are ready to send to you. These messages are a little long and somewhat have nothing to do with whatever is written in your profile. If you read their messages carefully, you will know that nothing is making sense. It’s as if they are not reading the messages that you’re sending them.

The best thing that you can do is to copy a sentence or two and paste it to a search engine. You will be surprised how every word is copied. The reason behind this is that these are from scammers’ templates that they usually send to their prospective victims.

Avoiding Any Questions

Scammers also don’t like being asked, and they don’t want any kind of questions because they will always lie with their answers. The chances of them getting caught are high because they might say the wrong things if you ask them again. On the other hand, they will love to ask questions about you. But the question will feel like they came from an email or a questionnaire.

Too Romantic

In order for these scammers to scam something from you, they will need to play with your emotions. For instance, they will start to become too romantic. They are professing their love for you and dedication to the relationship that both of you will have in the future. While this is fine in person especially if you have been dating for a month, reading these romantic proposals can be scary.

So you need to watch out for those too-romantic messages that he’s been sending you. It’s as if the world is ending and he needs to find someone that he can love and be with. Unfortunately, this is a clear sign of a scam and not a sign of someone who is head over heels for you.

Poor English

Another clear sign that he is a scammer is that his English is poor. You can just check all the sentences that he’s been sending you. There will be some discrepancies in them that will tell you that English is not their first language. Usually, these scammers come from Nigeria or other countries whose language is definitely not English.

Avoids Video Calls and Meet Ups

If the person that you have just met online keeps on avoiding calls and meetups, then he might not really be the person that he says he is. They will come up with hundreds and even thousands of excuses as to why they can video chat with you. As for meeting up, they can just say that it’s impossible to meet up because of the distance. They will come up of a way to ask for financial assistance so that they can meet up with you.

Questions About Your Finances

These scammers will try to talk about your job, and they will pretend on how interested they are with the kind of job that you have. After that, they will start asking you about how much you are making per month. The reason behind this is that the scammer will need to know if you are worth scamming or not. If this person keeps asking about how much you earn and such, then that person is definitely a scammer.

Asking For Financial Assistance

As mentioned above, these scammers will come up with ways how they can ask for financial assistance. They can ask for money so that they can get a visa or a plane ticket to meet you. Some scammers will even pretend that the cost of the visa is high because it comes from the black market. There is no such thing so always make sure to avoid giving him any amount of money.

Or they will also ask for money because they got sick or a family member got sick. He will even pretend that he wants to give a gift to his family member, but he lacks a certain amount. This scammer will ask you if he can borrow and even promises to pay you back after a week or so.

Also, some scammers will ask for money because they have something for you that they have sent. The customs are asking for fees and that they need to be paid off so the package for you can be released. You should never believe in them because there are no packages and customs to pay for.

Guilt Trip You

Now, you can always ask him out if he is indeed a scammer. That’s a normal question, especially since there are a lot of scammers online nowadays. He will get mad and will try to guilt trip you wherein he will make you feel guilty about asking him that kind of question. He will then create a situation that will make you feel bad about what you did so you can send him money. If this happens, avoid sending him money and cut all sorts of communication with him.

Listen To Your Instincts

Lastly, listen to what your instincts are telling you because most likely, it is your instincts telling you to avoid that person. If you don’t feel at ease and you don’t get yourself to believe this person that is talking to you, then there must really be something wrong. Remember that this person is not the person who will be interested in you. So get rid of this person or end up getting scammed.

What Do People Have To Say About PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is an economical way to learn more about people. I use it because I want to get to know the person that I am meeting for the first time. I want to have fun yet be safe on my dates. – Carol, 32

PeopleLooker is one of the most significant sites ever! Ever since I joined online dating sites, I always make sure to run their names on PeopleLooker. This will help make sure that I am not going to get scammed or such. – Melissa, 29

Online dating is one of the most powerful sites that can help you find someone to be friends with and eventually date. With the high demand that it has now, it’s no wonder that people are getting hooked on it. Just make sure to follow the tips above and to use PeopleLooker so you can avoid these people who are here to scam you.

chelsea king - chief editor of romancescams
Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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