Top 9 Best Gamer Dating Sites and App Reviewed for 2023

Gamers are a relatively new species. As such, both casual and hardcore game lovers can be a challenge in relationships. It’s a stereotype with some truth in it that they can be loyal and sweet, but their habit is still a cautionary prospect.

If you’re a gamer, you’re likely aware of this. Worst-case scenario, you may even be self-conscious about stepping outside your niche and into the world of romance.

Dating can be a challenge, and finding a person who’s passionate to the same degree a far-away desire. It doesn’t have to be so.

Today, we bring you five of the best gamer dating sites and five apps that provide a supportive, open-minded environment for gamers to find love. You may even end up finding your (forgive the cliche) player two for life.

Best Gamer Dating Sites: Top 5 Picks

Check out our top picks below:

Let’s start with the more traditional form of online dating – dating sites. The first two are more mainstream, and the following three cater to your niche. Take a look and decide for yourself.

1. Review review

We wouldn’t be reliable reviewers if we didn’t start with this industry giant. has gathered more success stories than any other dating site out there and caters to all niches within the same umbrella.

You must have heard about their matching algorithm. What starts as a lengthy questionnaire turns into a base through which the site offers potential dates to you. The system is smart, too – they compare your stated preferences to your actions on the website to find the ideal possible dates.

The interface is straightforward from desktop to mobile, offering a streamlined user experience. All features, from browsing through potential partners to communicating to them, are top-notch.

When it comes to the reason we think it’s a great dating site for gamers, it’s the signup process. During it, you can add as much detail about yourself as you want, express your personality, and will deliver people interested in you.


  • 100% functional mobile app
  • In-depth matching algorithm
  • Extensive search options
  • Massive user base
  • A trusted, reliable name in the industry


  • Pricy membership
  • Waiting time before approval

2. Zoosk Review


Zoosk is the for younger users looking for a more modern, smoother dating experience. What started as a Facebook app in 2007 is today, a global dating site. They aim to integrate online dating with social networking, creating a fun, accepting environment.

The search and matching tools are super functional, based on Behavioral Matchmaking System. Your profile can contain as much or as little detail as you want, but more detailed profiles attract more attention. You can also write an automatic greeting which gets sent to anyone who shows attention.

One of the major selling points of this dating network is how they highlight personality, not only looks.

The profiles showcase people’s interests, details, and life stories with questions such as ‘Describe your ideal partner’ and ‘What’s your ideal date?’, and you can also add photos and link your other social media accounts.


  • A massive, distinctive user base
  • Covers 80 countries and available in 25 languages
  • Detailed verification process
  • Streamlined process with support all the way through
  • Blog with dating stories and tips


  • No keyword search
  • Activation fee on top of the membership price

3. LFG Dating Review


LFGDating showed up as a dating website in 2012 and attracted a lot of media attention as one of the pioneers in the niche. The platform is friendly and neat, with the developers creating what they wished to have had when they were younger.

After the registration, LFGDating will transfer you to your profile page, where you can add personal info and make yourself seem attractive to others.

There are some mandatory questions and a profile picture spot, but the rest is up to you. The site offers plenty of prompts but doesn’t require anything else. You’ll also fill out a part where you describe your likes and dislikes in a partner. The searching algorithm will use your answers to find potential matches.

Everything else on the site is standard – the communication, browsing, and liking or disliking profiles. The most significant advantage is that you know nobody will judge your hobby – they will like you for it. 


  • A like-minded gamer community
  • Advanced search tools
  • Smart, sleek interface
  • Explanatory titles and videos
  • Quite affordable membership


  • Mobile version only for iOs users
  • No communication without paying a membership cost
  • A limited number of Smart Picks

4. Review

Fans of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comics, and games fall under the umbrella term of ‘geeks.’ SoulGeek is a dating site for such people to express their interests and find people with whom they can share them. The site took the geek culture and incorporated it into every aspect of the user experience.

During the profile creation, members get to express the geekiest of their traits. SoulGeek runs auto-scans every week and matches users according to this info.

The profile fields are fun and informative, with pre-choice and open-ended questions to prompt your self-description. You can also add photos, videos, and blogs.

Besides your weekly matches, you may browse by individual interests or groups. Then you’re off to the standard communication functions – chat, liking, sending gifts, and much more.


  • Extensive profiles chock-full of fun info
  • Autoscan provides weekly matches
  • Many search and interaction options
  • Great value for the price


  • Outdated interface
  • No mobile app available

5. Review is one of those sites to connect shy gamers while also erasing the stigma around the hobby. It caters mostly to the younger population, who come there for a sense of community and romantic interests alike.

GamerDating preserves the integrity of the members’ profiles by introducing an intricate signup process. It includes five mandatory steps – a headshot, your favorite games, membership package, confirmation, and complete build of your profile.

The fields you need to fill out range from basic to very detailed and cover most aspects of a personality.

The site will provide you with six matches a day. If this is too slow for you, visit the ‘Find a Date’ search feature with customizable filters. Besides, all members get to visit the Gaming Center and the Advice section.


  • Legitimate, detailed profiles
  • Matches + search options
  • Extra informative and fun materials
  • Two free trial days upon registration


  • Scarce membership base
  • Lengthy, complex signup process
  • No communication for free members

Top 4 Best Gamer Dating Apps

It’s a busy life. Contrary to popular belief, even gamers don’t always have time to spend in front of their PCs. Although the sites above do offer mobile versions, we also wanted to mention apps that facilitate dating (gamer or otherwise).

6. Cuddli Review


Cuddli, developed in 2017, is a melting pot for everyone who considers themselves a ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ – from gamers to math lovers. The founders are ex-Microsoft pros whose aim is to create a safe, user-friendly platform for such individuals.

So, the app features a seamless signup process. There’s nothing special about it – you’ll get to fill out all fields you’d expect from any dating site and get swiping in minutes. Later, fill out your profile with words or pick to illustrate your interests with their wide range of available icons.

The app doesn’t go out-of-the-ordinary later, either, with expected chat and search options. There is an extraordinary detail, though, in the form of FourSquare functionality. Cuddli connects to this app to recommend spots for your first date.


  • Niche dating app
  • A smooth, quick signup process
  • FourSquare feature for facilitating real-life dates
  • Safe and free to use


  • Still a developing app
  • The iOS edition has bugs that need fixing

7. Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is not your average dating app. It’s efficient, laid-back, and incredibly well-designed. The general atmosphere it provides is more friendly than sexual (like an app equivalent to eHarmony).

The main point of the site is their approach – they match people based on their Facebook friends.

You get a limited number of matches a day, as well as time-restricted chat sessions. Both facilitate real-life meetups, but Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t all about quick dates. Its features and guides are there to hold your hand throughout the dating process.

Their newest addition is a premium service to prevent ghosting by giving users activity reports. Besides, the interface allows cross-profile testing and a Photo Lab, which helps you choose your most successful picture.


  • A large, young user base
  • Sleek interface
  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials
  • Point system increases the chances for success


  • Could lead to awkward encounters
  • For some people, Facebook is too personal

7. Hily Review


‘Hily’ stands for ‘Hey I like you,’ and during the past two years, it has gathered over 5 million users. Their approach to online dating focuses on safety, security, and ease of usage. According to the developers, their AI will create matches with 80% chance of success.

The signup is super concise if you fill out only the mandatory fields. However, you can add more info and flattering photos later on to gain more attention.

The matching procedure is Tinder-esque – you get a profile photo that you like or pass after you check out the profile. The more you swipe, the better Hily will become in showing you members you might like.

The Events section is packed with helpful ice breakers to kick things off. Plus, gifs and video calls are in-app chat features. Another way to find future mates is through Stories – Instagram-like short videos that members upload to get attention.

For gamers, it’s an excellent place as it’s geared towards a younger audience, and it offers a relaxed atmosphere. Take into account the fact it’s free to use, and you get a must-try.


  • No scammers, catfishers, or fake profiles
  • AI-powered compatibility system
  • Flagged inappropriate messages
  • Video calls available
  • Straightforward to use


  • Anyone can send a chat request
  • Men dominate the user base
  • No subscription cancellation available

8. Kippo Review


Earlier this year, Kippo, a gamer dating app, was launched for gamers of all persuasions. Made for gamers by gamers, the entire platform hinges around the gaming culture, from the app design to the matching algorithm.

The profile creation includes many questions about your tastes and preferences when it comes to video games, among other things. Then, the app seeks to match you with partners who share your interest.

That’s where the fun part starts. When you match with another profile, you have 24 hours to begin communicating, or the match is gone.

Kippo also allows members to team up and play a game together. As they say, a couple that plays together stays together.

The design is fantastic, highly customizable, and with a carefree attitude that brought something to the table which many other social network platforms failed to do.


  • Detailed profiles focused on gaming
  • Facilitates communication
  • Joint playing option
  • Beautiful design
  • Match algorithm with a high success rate


  • Fresh on the market – no reputation yet
  • Not enough focus on other personality aspects

5 Major Factors Gamer Singles Should Look for in Dating Sites

Due to the digital nature of modern gaming, you’ve made yourself familiar with the concept of connecting with your fellow players from all corners of the globe. The dating sites and apps above offer the same opportunity.

Let’s take a look at some factors you need to consider when you’re entering this world, especially if you’re iffy about the idea. Here’s what you want to think about before you sign up on any.


This one is obvious, but let’s reiterate. The first rule of online dating is to be yourself. Now, you may be proud of your passion or ashamed of it, but overdoing either extreme won’t lead to anything good.

Only by being yourself, you become open to the possibility of a great relationship. So, don’t be afraid to make the first move and talk about your interests openly. After all, you’re looking for somebody that shares them (or is at least interested).

The Environment

Dating websites come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right platform for your needs is the first and most crucial step in online dating success.

In general, those catering to a specific niche treat relationships seriously, but only if you act the same way. Mainstream sites offer a lot of customizability, depending on the platform you choose.

You don’t need to go for a niche, as long as you’re open to a mainstream dating site, too. The point here is, choose an environment that feels right. If you’re comfortable with your decision, you’ll be more pleased with its results, too.


There’s a lot of stigmas attached to gamer dating. Some find it the holy grail of relationships, while others think it’s not worth their time. As with the first point we mentioned, neither extreme is desirable.

As a gamer, you should keep an open mind and not seek ONLY for a gamer or non-gamer. Both alternatives have joys and sorrows, and the main thing is that you like a person – not just their hobbies.

That leads us to our next two points.

Potential Non-Gamer Partners

If you end up with a non-gamer, it’s vital that you communicate your passion to them. Be sure to explain the value you see in it, and that they understand it.

You could also try to include them – only if they’re open to it, though. Either way, your future partner needs to respect your choices. You need to do the same and not overdo it – know when to put down the controller.

Potential Gamer Partners

In the same way, you want your mate to be respectful to your hobby; you need to act the way towards theirs. Any gamer will tell you that there are sub-niches, and not everyone is into the same thing.

If both of you are gamers, respect each other’s choices. Another thing to keep in mind is to be rational about the time you spend playing as opposed to doing other activities.

Your relationship shouldn’t turn into a never-ending game session – developing a connection hinges on more than that.

Common Questions about dating sites for Gamer

How do I find other gamers on dating sites?

Most dating sites for gamers have search filters that allow you to find other users who share similar gaming interests. You can also include your favorite games and platforms in your profile to attract potential matches who have similar interests.

Is it safe to use dating sites for gamers?

As with any online platform, it’s important to exercise caution and protect your personal information when using dating sites for gamers. It’s important to read the site’s terms and conditions, use strong passwords, and never share personal information such as financial information or your home address.

What should I include in my dating site profile as a gamer?

When creating your dating site profile as a gamer, it’s important to showcase your personality and interests. Be sure to include your favorite games and platforms, as well as other hobbies and interests you have outside of gaming. This can help attract potential matches who share similar interests and values.

How can I start a conversation with someone on a dating site for gamers?

One way to start a conversation with someone on a dating site for gamers is to ask them about their favorite games or platforms. You can also try commenting on a shared interest or hobby that you both have. It’s important to be respectful and engaging in your conversations, and to avoid making assumptions or being overly aggressive.

What are the benefits of using gamer dating sites and apps?

You can find people who share your passion for gaming. It’s easier to connect with individuals who understand your gaming lifestyle.
Many platforms offer matchmaking features based on gaming interests.

Our Verdict

These sites we mentioned cater to people enjoying games and other forms and fantasy. By creating an environment where people are comfortable with flaunting their hobbies, relationships become much more accessible.

All the sites we mentioned are encouraging and warm environments. So, we can’t tell you which one to go for – it’s entirely up to you and your preferences. The only thing we will say is to stay respectful and open to possibilities. Being judgmental annuls the very point of the sites and all they represent.

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