9 Places to Find Hookups Near Me Tonight

One night stands have always been popular, but over the years, the best ways to find hook-ups have evolved into very different methods. There are so many different apps and methods that people claim work, but in reality you are probably just wasting your time.

That is why we have decided to create a top nine list of the best ways to find hook-ups in your area, without the hassle of having to research! One-night stands are very thrilling, and you can really screw it up or lengthen the amount of time it takes you to find one.

What can you do to quicken this process and raise your chances of finding a hook-up? While there are many methods out there, we think our guide which includes everything from apps, bars, clubs, and even Yoga classes will help you along this hot and thrilling process!

Best Hookup Apps Near You

Check our our top picks below:

Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder review

It should be no surprise that we have added Adult Friend Finder. Pulling in over 25 million users, finding the perfect hook-up will be a much less tedious process than most other ways. By far the most popular app for solely finding hook-ups, Adult Friend Finder is no stranger to the hook-up scene. 

Adult Friend Finder is specifically made for finding hookups, so if you are looking for anything long-term, then you should probably find another dating app. When you first open the app, you will be required to sign up, which is quick and easy as it only requires an email and username. 

Once you get past that part, though, you will be flooded with an endless amount of options, aka, fun! You will notice hundreds of possible matches immediately pop up for you to browse. Plus, you will have the option of filling out a form in order to express your true intentions.


  • Thousands seeking hook-ups
  • The free option is actually decent
  • Similar to IRL porn


  • Premium users get first dibs
  • Poor UI
  • Allegedly more men than women

Grindr Review


Grindr is the hottest gay dating app around, and with good reason! We have reports of people using Grindr to not only find long lasting relationships, but hook-ups as well. When you first open up Grindr, you will be greeted with a sign up page. 

After signing up, you should complete the short form so others know what you are into. A great feature within the Grindr app is the ability to see the location distance of others, which makes finding hook-ups a very easy process. Plus, it has many great free features, such as messaging. 

The app is also very easy to use, and has an extremely simplified yet effective layout, allowing for quick browsing. In fact, you are very likely to receive 10 messages from real guys within the first five minutes. Give it a try!


  • Many available options
  • Premium not needed
  • Location based


  • Dated UI
  • Discreet feature isn’t free
  • Ads

Tinder Review

Tinder review

Tinder is undoubtedly a good option to consider, and while not a hook-up app by design, it absolutely has enough users looking for a night of sexy fun. When you first open the app, you will be required to sign up and create a profile. 

Once you have completed that, though, you will have the option of browsing through matches; and with Tinder being the godfather of dating apps, there are tens of millions at your disposal. Make sure you are looking for the right ones, however. 

Remember not to try to hook up with someone specifically stating that they would like long-term; look for those using explicit photos that almost break Tinder guidelines. Don’t be shy either. Make your intentions clear, so that others know to hit on you too.


  • The free feature isn’t actually bad
  • Plenty of users
  • Nice interface


  • High competition
  • Limited swipes using the basic plan
  • Explicit photos not allowed

Best Hookups Spot Near Me


Bars are an obvious choice when it comes to finding hook-ups. Ask anyone and I bet that more than you think have at some point hooked up with some sexy blonde at a bar. Start by looking for bars in your area; make sure the bar is popular among single women.

Don’t choose a bar that is mostly filled with older people or even a laid back bar. Choose a bar that has some spice in it, make sure there is a bit of music playing or even a live band.

Music helps set the mood, allowing you to further your conversation in hopes that it leads to you both heading home together. Once you arrive, offer to buy her a drink or ask her to dance. This will allow you both to be close, which may lead to an easy one night stand and fun!


While this should go without saying to most people, clubs are probably still the best way to physically find a hook-up. Clubs already set the mood nicely with strippers or even seductive waitresses, so this is definitely an option to consider. 

Haven’t you ever heard of “Girls night out?”  Yeah, they’re likely heading to the club to find some fun. Make sure you dress nicely with a low-cut shirt, maybe even apply a bit of cologne.

You could start by buying her a drink and doing a bit of sweet talk. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find someone willing to go home with you. Don’t hesitate, women love confidence! No worries, though; have a drink to loosen up if you’re shy.


Parties are an absolute hotspot for hookups. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that this is the main purpose of a party these days, especially parties with many college attendees. 

You could ask around to your friends or even look around on social media for local parties that are happening soon, which would almost guarantee a hook-up — if you play your cards right.

Dress sensual, have a few drinks to loosen up if you’d like. You could even bring a friend with you, so you aren’t just standing around by yourself until you pick up that sexy brunette.


This may be a surprise, but hotels are actually an excellent place to find hookups. Especially true if you travel a lot, which a high number of people do.

You may not simply be able to walk into any hotel without paying for obvious reasons, but many hotels have small restaurants that are available to the public. Take advantage of this!

According to others who have reported this, most have found their hook-ups around the pool area, or by simply chatting with others in the hallway or breakfast area. If you see her sitting there by herself alone, offer to buy a drink or ask her out for dinner.


Best types of places to find older people to hookup with? 

Dive Bars

When in search of a sexy cougar, a great choice to start looking is at Dive Bars. Typically older women prefer these, as they are a bit more laid back than the usual bar; so this would be a good option to consider. Since these are usually lower-end bars, there will be lots of old grumpy men sitting around, which gives you the advantage of being younger and likely more attractive.

Online Apps

Online apps are a great way to find people to hook-up with; and this doesn’t stop with older women. Though the other apps listed above could work, it may be best to use a specialized app like Cougar Life. Cougar life allows you to browse exclusively through thousands of sexy cougars looking for the same thing you are — a hook-up

Adult Friend Finder is another great option, as older people like to use it as well. Tinder isn’t as good as an option, because it is mainly used by younger generations, mainly the 35 and under crowd. A great thing about this is that you won’t need to spend time going to different locations. This is because you can simply search for them in the comfort of your own home!

Yoga Classes

It may be a surprise, but Yoga classes are actually a great way to look for older hookups. Oftentimes, older women like to join smaller hobbies in hopes of putting back a bit of spice into their life. Not to mention the fact that you will both physically be very close, and since this is their main goal, then you are already at a head start! This also holds true for both the gay and lesbian community!

Best types of places to find younger people to hook-up with?


The younger generation especially love the Club scene; and we don’t blame them. Clubs are very popular among those looking to hook-up — and we can definitely see why. Clubs immediately set the sensual mood needed and they typically have dance music playing with strippers in the background. Many women also tend to go out with their friends to clubs, aka “ladies night out” as it’s called, so it will likely be easy to find a younger quick hook-up at a local club.


It should be no surprise that parties are by far a great way to begin your search of that sexy brunette. You could begin by asking around locally to see if there are any parties going on soon. This could be looking on social media, asking friends or even asking strangers when you’re out and about in town. Once you’ve secured that party invite, then you’ll likely have a hook-up in no time after arrival.


Concerts are a place to push aside all of your troubles and let loose. Concerts are an extremely popular activity within the younger community. Since they often go alone, this makes it likely you may find someone to dance with and even take home, if you play your cards right.

What to consider when hooking up?

Wear protection 

It should go without saying that wearing protection is very important to keep in mind when hooking up with people. This is especially the case with someone whole you do not know. Those who will sleep around at parties are much more likely to have STDs than those who don’t, so make sure that you keep this in mind.

Don’t get too drunk

While attending a party or going to the local club, make sure that you do not get too drunk. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning and not know who is lying beside you, or even the possibility of getting overexcited and driving home intoxicated. Set limits, so you know what actions you are taking.

Affirm it’s a one time thing

Sometimes women look at sex as more than just a quick and fun time. They may see it as something like the beginning of some sort of relationship. Before you both hop in bed, casually ask “one-time thing?” or something similar, to ensure the woman knows that you don’t intend to have any further relations with her. 

Wrap Up

It can be quite the annoyance when trying methods you find online to try and secure a hookup near you, especially on short notice. We have created this amazing guide while taking other people’s experiences into consideration, to ensure we bring a guide that actually works. 

While using only one of these methods could absolutely help you find a hookup quickly nearby, it would be a great idea to implement everything you have read here. This will help you have an overall better chance of having a one night stand quickly. Whether it be Apps, Bars, Clubs or even Yoga classes, we have confidence that we have created an amazing guide to help you on this erotic journey! Make sure to dress for the occasion, smell nice, and don’t be cheap! That will do nothing but turn the lady off. We hope you the best and good luck!

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