Best Cougar Dating Sites Review in 2019

Nowadays, dating someone who is older is becoming the norm. Gone are the days where couples with large age gaps are keeping their relationships a secret. This is because of the stigma that comes with dating an older woman. But in this modern day and age, it’s becoming normal. In fact, there are a lot of cougar dating sites today that cater to women who are seeking younger men, and younger men who are looking for older women. One of the best cougar dating sites is Cougar Life, which caters to that audience. 

Cougar Life

Cougar Life is for modern women who are confident and are looking for younger men for exciting and fun relationship. This site was established in the year 2006 by Ruby Life Media, Canada. It serves as a dating site for both experienced and matured women whose goal is to meet attractive men who are young. 

Why Choose Cougar Life

Cougar Life is better than other dating sites because this site is all about women. All the women in this site are smart and fun loving, and they always know what they want. This is perfect for young men who are looking for older women that they can be with. 

Another good thing about joining Cougar Life is that these women are bringing their experience in relationships and life into reality. They also bring out their confidence and maturity both in and out of the bedroom. They also know how to take care of themselves, wherein they go to salons, gym, or even just cooking a good meal at home. 

Now when it comes to women, Cougar Life is the best because most young men here are full of optimism and energy. They will surely be able to go hand in hand with you. These young men are very much open-minded, so you don’t have to worry about anything once you sign up and start looking for them.

Sign Up Process

When it comes to the signing up process of Cougar Life, you don’t have to worry about anything because the registration is not lengthy at all. They make sure that everything is more straightforward. In fact, they only provide a one-step registration, which will be shown in just one page. Fill up all the needed fields, and once you’re done, you can start searching for a match. 

When signing up, always make sure to complete the form, since there is a lot of information that is mandatory, while there are some that are not. You also need to add in photos so members can see you and lastly a caption on your profile for a member to get to know you. 

Amazing Features On Cougar Life

Private Gallery

One of the best features that they have the private gallery. This is where alluring and sexy photos of members are in. Typically, if a member sees you as someone who is worthy of viewing her photos, she will then give you access. 


When it comes to dating in real life, you usually give out gifts. But since this is online dating, you can give out virtual gifts. You can either give a gift to a cougar that you are eyeing or if you’re a cougar, then you can also provide gifts for the cub. 


Another useful feature of Cougar Life is their blog. This is where you can read articles about younger men and cougars. You can also gain tips here, so you know what you need to do once you begin searching for your match. Everything that you need will be in this blog, so make sure to visit it often. 

Finding A Date

This feature is where you can find a date on that same day as well. Once you are logged in, you can see at the upper left of the page the number of cougars who are looking for someone that they can date for that specific day. All you have to do is to click the icon and choose on which cougars you want to date. 

Overall, Cougar Life is a perfect cougar dating site for both young men and cougars. With the features mentioned above, it will surely be easier for you to find that match.

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