Wild Dating App Review for 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

In the wake of Tinder, there have been many apps that have tried to replicate its success. They take the proven formula and twist it a bit. When you hit the web, there are many competitors like Bumble or Happn that all advertise themselves differently but have the same concept.

There are a few that have stepped a little away from this idea of swiping left and right, but even OKCupid still has the same mechanism. Wild Dating does not try to change the basic formula but improve on it.

Wild Dating app aims at the singles community, especially stressing young and hot. It’s not different vastly from others, but it does have some things that make it stand out.

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Wild Dating App Review

Wild Dating App

This application is entirely new. However, according to the statistics, it is the fastest-growing dating app.

Compared to the more famous ones, it’s members are growing rapidly since its launch currently standing in at over 500,000 members.

It has quite a simple sign-in process requiring just a small amount of information. However, any good online dater knows that filling out the profile is the most crucial step in getting likes.

Wild Dating provides an excellent profile that you can fill out.

They do have excellent customer service dedicated to eradicating problems. If they continue like this, they will build up an excellent rapport among their clients. However, as can be seen through the review, the word ‘free’ being used in their advertisement isn’t precisely accurate.

Member verification

Possibly their best feature provided by this app for excellent service is the verification process. Many apps have begun to adopt it, while many have not like Tinder. It forces you to take a live picture in a specific position.

Why this is important is it prevents bots from taking up space on the website. Once verified, the users get a boost in their visibility in the area. It is a win-win for everyone involved. It ensures you are only getting real people and don’t have to worry about being misled.

Clear Objectives

Several apps have the weakness that you aren’t sure what the other person is looking for in you. Only seeing a picture may or may not tell you what they want unless they are blatant about it.

To stem the ambiguity, Wild Dating ensures you attribute the information of what you are looking for in your profile. Combined with the other features like the search filter, it makes sure you are getting what you want, whether a casual hookup or a long term relationship.

Search Filter

The app provides its users with a specialized search filter that takes into account things like the verification process, desires, and wants of the customer. Many dating apps like this don’t have such a healthy list of filters to help you.

As a VIP member, you can exclude people who haven’t signed in for a long time. Other parts of the process include setting what body type you want, from height to weight. Precise distances can also be included ensuring that a meetup or date is actually practical.

Photo and Safety

A criticism of much online dating is that there is no restraint on other users for how much they can see of your pictures. With Wild, you can limit who sees your photographs and how many of them.

The company attempts to put the safety of their customers first. This concern is seen not only through pictures but in the safety functions that are employed by the app. Your information is your own to share.

Pros and Cons of Wild Dating App


  • Verification
  • Great filter
  • A high rate of growth
  • Any orientation


  • Limited free options
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Some bugs

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

Membership options, like many other apps, are somewhat free, but not really. The issue is everything good about the app, the search mechanic, unlimited chatting, unlimited likes, are locked behind the pricy $30 registration fee.

There are still some free things to do without paying. However, it is highly unlikely to get matched without going for the VIP.

Some other apps provide similar for a lower fee. Another issue is unlike many apps that offer unlimited chatting once matched, Wild Dating limits how much you can talk.


Overall, this isn’t a bad app. If you are a big fan of security and are pretty picky with your options, this may be an app to try. If you like it, then paying for the VIP would be a good idea. Also, this app is more likely, when paid for, to get you suitable matches than Tinder. It is a significant advantage, and you have a lot more control over who is seen than most online dating apps. Overall, it isn’t a bad option.

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