What’s Your Price Review for 2023: Features, Pros, and Cons

We’ve all been there, searching for a dating site that will ultimately lead us to that special someone. For some, simplicity is favored, while for others, features are better. 

What’s Your Price is a one-of-a-kind website that fits most people’s checklists. Featuring a streamlined interface that is simple to use while providing all of the features you’d ever want. 

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The website provides a variety of filtering options, with something for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, the website’s database contains nearly a million users. 

All of this means that What’s Your Price is a strong competitor to other dating websites on the internet today. Plus, the website features an auction, yielding a unique user experience.

Let’s take a more imminent look at what this dating site has to offer and how you can get signed up to start that dating journey you’ve always imagined.

What’s Your Price Review

What’s Your Price brings a unique user experience to the online dating scene, as it uses an auction system to find matches rather than the traditional swipe and like system. 

This alters what we know about online dating and transforms it into a distinct online dating experience that instills a sense of competition among all users on the platform. 

It may be a little more challenging to find a match immediately, but the goal is to avoid futile matches and instead focus on matches that are actually relevant. 

This has been demonstrated to be pretty effective, and it makes being transparent on the app a necessity. 

Overall, What’s Your Price provides a solid online dating experience to those looking for a fun, unique, and stimulating dating experience instead of merely swiping repeatedly. 


What’s Your Price registration is as simple as you’d expect it to be, with no complicated forms to fill out. 

When you first begin the signup process, you will be prompted to provide basic information such as your name, email address, and other details. 

Once you have signed up, you will be directed to enter detailed information about yourself, including your income, a profile photo, and some interesting facts about yourself

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to explore the rest of the website’s features at your convenience and start looking for that beauty.


In contrast to many other online dating websites, What’s Your App has a premium structure based on an auction system. 

As an alternative to paying monthly fees, you can purchase credits starting at $50 that can be used to place bids on available dates instead. 

If you prefer to have your price determined by a bidding process, the price is $0. 

The ultimate verdict is in the hands of the person bidding on them, but most of the time, the person who bids the most gets to take the person out on a date with them.


Using filters on any online dating website is essential because they allow you to fine-tune your search so that its algorithms only present you with your preferred filtered selections. 

What’s Your Price offers a variety of filters, including age, gender, income, and other factors. 

Taking advantage of all of these resources will make the process of meeting someone you’re interested in much easier, allowing you to meet that special someone even more quickly.


What’s Your Price takes the security of its customers very seriously. They have taken steps to protect their users’ privacy and prevent scams from taking place on their website. 

They also do not use artificial intelligence to create profiles, which has been a problem with certain online dating websites in recent years. 

Their website is hosted on secure servers, which ensures the safety of its visitors. Aside from that, they have a dedicated team committed to user privacy and a simple user report function.

What’s Your Price – Pros & Cons


  •  Clean Streamlined Website
  •  Auction Style is Fun
  •  Very User-Oriented


  •  No iOS or Android App
  •  Credits are Pricey
  •  Lacking Millions of Users

Open Questions On What’s Your Price Dating Site

Is It Good For Sugar Babies?

For those searching for someone to spice up their life that will also reward them financially, What’s Your Price may be a good option for them. 

This website is primarily focused on its auction functionality, which may be of interest to those looking for sugar babies. 

If you are who is being bid on, you have the option of accepting the highest bid. 

Anyone can be the highest bidder, but if your fortune is on your side, it may just be that special someone who wants to lavish you with riches and spoil you.

Is What’s Your Price Legit?

The online dating website What’s Your Price stands out as the most legitimate of all of the sites I’ve reviewed so far. 

It places a high value on the privacy and security of its users, and this is given top priority. 

Unlike many other websites with fake profiles in their algorithms to act as filler accounts, each individual on What’s Your Price is genuine. This isn’t the position of many other websites. 

The user experience on this excellent dating website is second to none, and this is coming from someone who has reviewed well over a hundred dating websites in the past.

How Do I Get Paid?

Regarding pricing profiles, What’s Your Price uses an auction-style system that allows the user to place and receive bids on the profiles in real-time. 

Using credits, users can bid on their favorite profiles, which is accomplished by purchasing credits. 

Getting paid is simple; all you have to do is fill out a form with your credit card information, which will allow the website to transfer the funds to the bank account of your choice. 

This is accomplished by using a secure network, making it safe, dependable, and simple to use for anyone on the platform.


What’s Your Price has a place for everyone, no matter what your previous experience with online dating has been or is. 

Its auction-style system adds a little fun to the traditional practice of another online dating website, and it is a welcome change from the norm. 

This type of system may provide a very positive user experience because, instead of simply swiping repeatedly, you will be required to bid on individuals who interest you with real money. 

This creates genuine competition, and it ensures that whoever you end up meeting in real life will provide genuine opportunity.

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