WantMatures Dating Site Review in 2023

Dating sites are not only for young people because there are also some older ones who are looking for someone to date. Also, there are some younger ones who prefer dating matured ones. Fortunately, WantMatures is here to help both young and matured ones find the date that they’ve been looking for. So continue reading the information below before hitting that signup button.

Better Alternatives to WantMatures

In terms of hookup sites, there are much better alternatives than WantMatures. These alternative sites have better protection against scammers, larger group of members to match with, and better features. See our recommendations below and try them out:

WantMatures Reviews

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WantMatures is one of the matured dating sites that specifically target seniors who are looking for a relationship. Of course, the site also offers casual encounters to those who are looking for one. Based on WantMatures, this is the site where people will eventually find their happiness in just one click.  

WantMatures site may have advanced features, but it sure is a user-friendly site. This means that even the ones who are not that tech-savvy shouldn’t worry about anything because they will surely be able to go through the signing up process. Everything is easy to access and see, which means finding a match will be more comfortable.

Sign Up Process

The signup process is free and easy, wherein it will only take you a total of 3 minutes. All you have to do is to choose your gender and the gender that you’re looking for. You also need to provide a screen name, age, and the city that you are living at. An email and a password will also be required.

Creating A Profile

Creating A Profile on WantMature

Just like in any other dating sites, WantMatures requires its members to fill up their profile as honest as they can. It would be best to fill up every question as this will help other members to get to know you. Of course, it would also be best to introduce yourself on your profile and make sure to leave a little mystery. This will surely make members get curious about you. 

Lastly, make sure to upload a recent photo of yourself and a solo photo. You surely don’t want to upload a group photo and let members figure out who you are in the photo that you have uploaded. Also, avoid pictures that are old because you probably don’t look the same, and you don’t want to mislead the other members. 

Features On WantMatures


One of the features on WantMatures is that you can search for dates or matches based on your location. All you have to do is  choose that option when searching so you can get a list of the people who are also looking for a date like you. What’s good about this is that you can actually get a date right at the moment that you’re searching. The reason behind this is because you can find people just around your area. Who knows, you might even find a match a few houses away!

Advanced Search Option

Another feature that a lot of members like is the advanced search option. The reason behind this is because you can filter the search and get only the members that your preference matches. You can choose the member’s physical attributes, ethnicity, orientation, and even the age. 

Video Upload

You can upload videos of your own via desktop or via a mobile device. You can share it with the site or choose to share it with specific members. Of course, the site prohibits any sexual videos of yourself or anyone else. 

Communication Tools

Of course, WantMatures also has different communication tools that will help you communicate with various members and in different ways. You may choose to chat with just one or in groups, though having a forum is currently unknown on the site. But if there is, it would actually be great because members can get to know other members more.

Cost Of Membership On WantMatures

  • Three-day trial costs $2.97
  • A month of membership costs $27.30
  • Three months of membership costs $15.30 and a savings of 44%
  • Six months of membership costs $12.30 and a savings of 55%

Pros Of Joining WantMatures

Pros Of Joining WantMatures

WantMatures is very popular to the people of North America, which means that if you were from that area, you surely would get a match in an instant. They also offer a three-day trial to check out the site first and eventually buy a full membership. This is actually nice for people who are unsure if a dating site is actually for them or not. 

Another good thing about joining the site is that it is a user-friendly website which is designed perfectly for seniors. Some people get frustrated when a dating site seems to be complicated to look and to use. Fortunately, WantMatures made sure that they will look presentable yet user-friendly for everyone.

Cons Of Joining WantMatures

Renewal of your membership is automatic by default, so always make sure to change it if needed. So always make sure to immediately change this before the renewal date to avoid issues on getting automatically charged.

Security And Safety On WantMatures

There are no known security measures that WantMatures has. They also don’t let users verify the emails upon registration. But since the site will require a debit or credit card information, this can be a good sign that they can easily track their members, especially ones who will violate the rules on the site.

Also, WantMatures encourages its members to report any incidents or inappropriate behaviors of other members. Once reported, they will conduct an investigation. If they find out that the claims have a basis, then the member may be suspended or be banned on the site itself.


WantMatures may be a little new to the dating industry, but it is a promising dating site, especially to seniors. So whether you are a first time user or not, then trying WantMatures sites will surely be a great idea. There is no harm in trying anyway, who knows, you might just find your lifetime partner in this site in no time. Just makes sure to use that advances search tool right.

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