Dating in Washington, DC: Resource Guide for 2021

Interested in dating in Washington, DC? The United States capitol is home to a very diverse population. The city is the center of the United States government, and it’s home to some of the most well-known museums and memorials in the country.

While the city is known for politics, most of the people who work in the city don’t actually live there. They live in the surrounding suburbs and in nearby Virginia. That means that when dating in Washington, DC you need to be ready to expand your search beyond city limits. That said, dating in DC can be a fun adventure with so many people moving in and out of the city so be ready to have some fun.

Best Washington, DC Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in Washington, DC

Match is a great tool for singles in Washington, DC because the search function will allow you to extend the distance for matches if you’re not seeing enough profiles within the city. The median age in Washington, DC is 34 and that’s the perfect range for Match users.

Since Match is a trusted dating site, there are more locals on the site looking for fellow locals, and Match’s robust platform will connect you to people who share similar interests and allow you to explore at your own pace. The free site will let you search the profiles but you’ll need a paid membership to communicate with anyone you want to meet.

As a dating site, Match is one of the best dating services available because it has been around for a long time and it has a vote of confidence from its users. Match has a free platform, and it also offers monthly, 3-month and 6-month package deals with discounts available when you upgrade..

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review

Elite Singles is a for professionals who live and work in Washington, DC. While many professionals live outside the city limits there are still plenty of politicians, diplomats, executives and high ranking officials who call Washington, DC home. Given the nature of their careers, they have to be careful when dating and Elite Singles allows them to peruse matches safely.

Elite Singles uses a proprietary formula to send 3-7 profiles each day to a user’s email, removing the need to search for matches. The users are all college educated and many of them work high profile jobs.

Elite Singles offers a free service with the ability to upgrade to the paid membership that offers more resources like unlimited communication.

For Seniors over Age 50: Our Time

our time in Washington DC

Our Time is perfect for Washington, DC singles. Roughly 25% of the population in the city of over 55 and that means that there will be plenty of people looking for romantic connections. While singles destinations will always be popular, mature daters will likely turn to online dating rather than going to singles bars.

Our Time is available for free but it also offers an upgraded service that with unlimited email and messaging between matches with packages ranging from one to six months.

For the LGBTQ Community: Match

All of the top dating sites offer the ability to search for gay and lesbian matches, with Match being the most LGBTQ friendly thanks to the site’s easy to use interface. The ability to search listings and instantly connect (through a paid membership) helps to circumvent the lengthy process of waiting to be connected to people who match your profile.

With such a robust LGBTQ scene, Washington DC is a great place to find a match. Grindr and Just She are also social media and networking sites for members of DC’s gay community.

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder review

Adult Friend Finder is still a top search destination for anyone looking for a hook up for a night or weekend in Washington, DC, especially considering how many people travel to the city on business. With so many people in and out regularly, having a nice hookup is better than trying to find a long term kind of relationship.

Adult Friend Finder offers plenty of people looking to have some fun with no strings attached. Like other sites, Adult Friend Finder has a limited free version, but the upgraded version of the site comes with more profiles and more options to communicate with people who catch your eye.

Best Dating Apps in Washington, DC

Most people in Washington, DC are on the go all the time, and being able to look through dating profiles on the go is a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything on your quest for love.

All of the major dating sites offer their services through an app, which is free to download and use, and it can be connected to your paid account. Both Match and Zoosk are great dating apps, as both offer the ability to search profiles and connect with people directly and that’s much easier on a smartphone than navigating questionnaires and surveys in order to meet people.

Best Dating Bars for Singles in Washington, DC

Known for places to grab drinks and conduct business long after the traditional business hours end, Washington, DC has a fantastic selection of really unique and fun bars with great atmospheres where people can meet other singles.


Wisdom is known as the city’s premiere gin bar. It’s neighborhood feel attracts locals and visitors alike, making it a great place to meet people. Here you’ll find great gin, great cocktails and plenty of good conversation.

Nellie’s Sports Bar

Nellie’s Sports Bar is a popular destination for the gay and lesbian community, as well as the community at large. They host fun events every night and on the weekends people gather on the roof to hang out and mingle. This is a fun place where you don’t have to know anyone to have a good time, making it a great place to meet new people.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Jack Rose Dining Saloon is known for having over 2600 bottles of whiskey on the wall at any given time, with more bottles being added all the time. The Saloon is a well-known hotspot for locals, making it the ideal place to meet someone new.

Speed Dating in Washington, DC

EventBrite offers a calendar of speed dating events across Washington, DC each week with a number of events planned at any given time.

The events are open to everyone but some are geared toward specific groups. These are ideal for locals looking for a meaningful connection or for anyone looking to meet new people, and at about $25 per meeting they are a great value considering how many people you can meet at one time.

Washington, DC Dating Events & Clubs

Meetup offers a number of singles groups in Washington, DC and they all offer events that reflect their group’s interests. The nice thing is that everyone is single and the group is out doing something that everyone enjoys, so even if you don’t meet someone the first time around, you will still meet lots of new friends.

EventBrite offers a calendar of events for Washington, DC locals. Between EventBrite and Meetup you’re bound to find something that suits your needs.

Dating Chat Rooms in Washington, DC

Chat rooms are a great place to talk to people online while remaining anonymous. Whether you’re looking for a pen pal or someone to meet in person, they offer another assortment of people that you might not find on a dating site. Some of the top dating chat rooms in Washington, DC to check out are Weird Town and Washington Chat City.

Not all profiles are created the same, of course, so when you’re searching through chat room profiles be safe and never give out personal information.

Personals in Washington, DC

Personal ads have come a long way from when they appeared at the back of newspapers. Personal ads, like chat rooms, offer singles a place to find other singles to talk with and possibly meet in person. Though not as common as traditional dating sites, they’re yet another way to date in DC.

Mingle2 and Do You Like are two personals sites in Washington, DC and they have a variety of profiles, from people looking for connections to people looking for hook ups.

Things to Know about Washington, DC Dating

Dating in Washington DC

Washington, DC is a flurry of activity around the clock as politicians conduct business and political pundits analyze their every single move. There’s always something happening and it’s never dull in this metropolitan city.


The Washington, DC population is 672,391. The population is up from the 2010 census (584,400), which was an improvement upon the 2000 census (572,059) but down from the 1990 census that had the city at 616,900. While these numbers indicate a healthy mid-size American city it’s worth noting that during the day there could be twice as many people in the city because of the people who work there. That’s what makes the numbers misleading.

69.32% of the population is single, with 55% indicating that they have never married. 52.55% of the population is female and 47.45% is male. The median age for the city is 34 and there are a large number of millennials living in the city in the newly constructed housing.


Washington, DC has always been a diverse city, dating back to the 1800s. As the population continues to increase and more housing is created so that people don’t have to live in nearby areas, more people from different backgrounds move into the city than ever before.

  • African American: 46.87%
  • White: 35.98%
  • Hispanic: 10.68%
  • Asian: 3.73%


Washington, DC is home to the National Cathedral and other religious monuments, and religions of all kinds are celebrated across the city. As a population, 56.9% of the residents are religious.

Here are the top 5 religions in Washington, DC:

  • Baptist: 17.5%
  • Catholic: 15.4%
  • Other Christian Faith: 7.7%
  • Methodist: 3.7%
  • Episcopalian: 3.2%

Is the city Gay/Lesbian Friendly?

A 2013 New York Times article posited the question of whether Washington, DC is one of the gayest cities in America. After years of LGBTQ residents having to keep their status hidden, residents can be out and proud in ways that weren’t possible before. In fact, it is estimated that over 10% of the population is gay.

Wrap Up

Washington, DC is a place where busy people are on the move and the city’s population is constantly changing. It’s a place where people who want to meet new people have fantastic options given the city’s median age, places to meet and events designed to introduce singles to each other. With so many ways for dating in Washington, DC, it is a fantastic city to find love.

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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