Dating in Seattle, Washington (WA): Resource Guide for 2023

Interested in dating in Seattle, Washington? The world of technological wonder and rich historic value is a perfect place to find love and romance within its proud residents. Both native and newly welcomed, Seattle has a corner for everyone and praises diversity and individuality.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath of that fresh, mountain air, and dive into the dating scene of Seattle with this look into what it’s like being single in the city. From the most popular singles bars to apps, this guide is full of everything you need to battle loneliness and find a partner in the lively world of Seattle, Washington.

Best Seattle Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in Seattle, Washington is one of the most established and biggest dating sites that solitary individuals use to meet new individuals, and is the main site for dates and even relational unions! When searching for affection in Seattle, Match is a standout amongst the best destinations to use in your relationship-chasing venture. A large number of individuals use Match to look for their perfect partner, with a large number of the clients living right in the city!

Match limits your hunt dependent on what you’re keen on, your inclinations, and what you consider to be a perfect date. Almost certainly, there will be numerous appropriate applicants who share indistinguishable interests from you, and who coordinate with you impeccably. So in the event that you are searching for adoration in Seattle, Match may just kickstart your affection life in only a couple of minutes!

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review In the event that you are a vocation driven, fruitful person, this is a dating site you should give an opportunity to change your life. You will meet only equally effective individuals who love education, hard-work, and progression – just like you! So you can nix out the loafers and unmotivated people and go straight for the top of the dating pool of Elites in Seattle.

Unfortunately, there is a paid participation required to use the full version of the site, but this only promises serious inquiries only! It’s impossible not to connect with someone on this site since everyone tunnels time and money into the creation and maintenance of their profile. Like you, these professionals hope to date other career-oriented people, and you’ll see lots of doctors and lawyers on the app.

For Seniors over Age 50: OurTime

our time in Seattle, Washington Regardless of whether you’ve quite recently left a long haul relationship or you haven’t had love in years, dating beyond 50 years old can definitely be troublesome – however, it unquestionably doesn’t need to be! There is a site explicitly for seniors and more established people who are out there scanning for affection, and it’s called Our Time!

So you can clutch trust that you can even now, it’s truly never past the point where it is possible to meet your perfect partner. With a bunch of the Seattle populace being ages 45-85+, you ought to experience no difficulty discovering somebody. The interface is very simple to utilize and see, so have no dread when entering the dating scene!

For Gay/Lesbian: OkCupid

OkCupid review For a city that is focused on acceptance and social growth, it’s only fair that OkCupid gets a spot reserved in the Seattle dating scene. This platform has more gender identities, sexual orientation options, and social questions than any other dating service combined. It’s full of liberal, progressively thinking members who desire long-term romance and emotional connection.

Basically, it’s perfect for Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community, which is growing and hearty! Match does, of course, offer a lot for gay members as well, but it’s not as rich in popularity as OkCupid tends to be. The crowd of users here is predominantly homosexual and features a great amount of transgender folk, too.

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

At the point when the conventional dating scene has turned out to be exhausting and dry, you might need to take an elective course and search for a progressively impermanent methodology – perhaps a one-night hookup or an end of the week toss! The Adult Friend Finder is ideal for the individuals who aren’t sure of precisely what they need – so clients are significantly more allowed to investigate their choices whether they’re on the bounce back, or simply aren’t prepared for a relationship. A paid premium participation can bring you close to a true Seattle fling!

Best Dating Apps in Seattle

Have you ever seen Sleepless in Seattle? It’s a romantic comedy that really set online dating into motion, so it was impossible not to mention the iconic film here. Online dating is more common than ever, with over 10 million on the most popular sites, but finding the best app to use in Seattle is just as important as finding the life-long match you crave.


Tinder review This household name in online dating has become one of the most popular apps to date, plus the easiest to use. Simply create a profile by connecting your Facebook account and start swiping on pictures and short bios! A swipe right means you “like” them, and if they swipe right on you, it’s a perfect match! Seattle is full of busy singles, so the quick nature of this application is ideal for a fast-paced city.


Since Seattle is a city of fantasy and chance, it was impossible not to give the app Happen a shout-out. It’s less common, but it’s extremely romantic in concept. Your matches are chosen by the people you cross paths with unknowingly! That’s right, you have technically met your matches before… and didn’t know it. By using GPS, Happen tracks your location and compares it to other Seattle users, creating a feed of potential dates who have been near you before. Talk about an incredible story to tell the grandkids, right? Only in Seattle…

Best Dating Bars for Singles in Seattle

Finding a great bar to visit in Seattle is easy – just walk down the street and look around! Seattle values the theatricals, so interesting bars and clubs are a dime a dozen in the vivacious city. A lot of eateries are worth attending even on your own or with friends!

Themed dive bars, loud nightclubs, and classy lounges are everywhere, but if you’re looking for the best place to meet Seattle singles, put these three bars on your map.

The Revolver Bar

Revolver Bar in the heart of Seattle is home to a major vinyl collection, excellent food and drink, and the coziest atmosphere the quaint city has to offer. Their classic cocktails make happy hour worth the visit, and their meat-filled menu of sliders, burgers, and sandwiches satisfy anyone, drunk or not. It’s small enough to make a date feel intimate and has a stellar set of records that play constantly.


Unicorn in Seattle is worth at least one visit. The sister bar Narwal is just as exciting, but Unicorn offers a purely unique experience for drinking, dining, and dating. From the colorful, carnival-themed decor and signature knockout drinks to their arcade, evenings spent at Unicorn! The LGBTQ community also loves this bar thanks to the several drag shows it hosts.

Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin & Co is the most respected bar in the city. Modeled after the roaring’ 20s, this speakeasy bar is the best place to go for a first date or even to just meet other Seattle singles. It’s a popular weekend destination with tons of excellent cocktails and signature drinks, and even a quiet library in the back. The collection of world-favorite liquor and beautiful atmosphere makes it a trendy hang-out spot for any age 21+.

Speed Dating in Seattle

On-the-go singles can feel tempted to resort to the quick, easy concept of “speed dating”. While the term has coined a generally poor reputation, it’s worth trying in Seattle, since they have a fun way of experiencing the fast roulette style of getting to know others like you!

Seattle Dating Events & Clubs

In addition to the event hosts listed above, Seattle has lots of places for locals to go and find dating potential around the city! If you didn’t see anything on Eventbrite, Pre-dating, or The Fun Singles, check out a few of these events and popular spots for dating adventures:

Dating Chat Rooms in Seattle

Quick, easy chatting is a fun way to pass the time and meet your Seattle neighbors and potentially find a partner for the night. Online chat rooms may not be as popular or well-regulated as dating websites and scams may be more plausible, but if you’re safe, you can enjoy some great conversation both platonic and sexual! A few of the best Seattle-based chat rooms for dating are:

Personals in Seattle

Finding genuine personals in Seattle isn’t as easy as other cities. Maybe this is become the residents are very outgoing and thoughtful and tend to apply themselves more in actively pursuing a partner. No matter the cause, resources are a bit limited, but if you look hard enough, you can find some personals posted for easy hookups in these sites:

Things to Know about Seattle Dating

dating in Seattle, Washington When you picture Seattle, you think of progression, technology – The Space Needle, for example. It truly is a world for free, intellectual souls. Starbucks was born in the rich streets of Pike Place, as well as the first gas station in America. This city was designed for New Beginnings, Happy Endings, and a wild ride in between!


Of the 724,000 Seattle residents, plenty of diversity can be found among the city streets. For over 4,000 years, Seattle land has been occupied, and it’s roots dive deep down into the core of the country’s history. Likewise, the residents are vibrant and cultured!

  • 66.3% of residents are white
  • 7.4% are Asian
  • 7.3% are African American
  • 6.8% are Hispanic or Latino of any race
  • 3.1% are two or more races
  • 2.9% are other races


Only 38.7% of Seattle residents consider themselves as religious and identify with an established religion. Compared to other cities, this is a pretty low number, and it’s mostly focused on Catholicism. The total religious statistics include:

  • 15.5% are Catholic
  • 2.0% are Lutheran
  • 1.4% are Methodist
  • 3.1% is Church of Jesus Christ
  • 7.4% are another Christian faith

Fun Facts

Want to hear more about those who live in Seattle? They are as interesting as their city, that’s for sure!

  • 12.9% of Seattle citizens are not heterosexual
  • It’s the most literate city in America and has the most number of college graduates
  • Despite the rainy weather, Seattle shoppers buy more sunglasses than other similarly sized cities in the USA!

Wrap Up

Dating in Seattle is a special experience of it’s own and can’t be related to anywhere else in the world. The large population of well-educated dreamers are welcoming of romance and whimsy, allowing fantasy and true connection to take flight in the impressive city. Finding the best spots to find love and hookups in Seattle should be a little easier now with this special peek into what it’s like to be single and mingling in Seattle, Washington.

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