Dating in New Orleans, Louisiana (LA): Resource Guide for 2023

Interested in dating in New Orleans? If you’re looking for a truly unique and interesting dating experience, look no further! Also known as “The Big Easy” and “The Crescent City”, New Orleans is a genuine melting pot of all cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life. NOLA is a wonderful place to meet all types of singles, no matter what type of relationship you are searching for. You simply have not lived until you have visited New Orleans, so give it a try, and maybe even meet your soulmate while you’re there!

With tons of tourist attractions, bars and restaurants, shopping places, voodoo shops (there are a HUGE amount of these!), street performers, dancing, and if you’re lucky enough to visit around Carnivale season, the parades! The locals will welcome you, literally, with open arms, and a drink in their hand. This city is so culturally beautiful and diverse, you will never run out of things to do, and you will never want to leave!

Best New Orleans Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in New Orleans Match is a wonderful dating platform for singles in the New Orleans area, due to the huge population of residents, and on top of that, the millions of tourists that flood the town each year for Mardi Gras and all kinds of other events! With so many people keeping this city busy 24/7, there are tons of single people who are just dying to meet you. Plus, there is an unfathomable amount of things to do in New Orleans, so you will literally never run out of fate ideas!

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review Elite Singles is a wonderful resource for people who are tired of searching through hundreds of profiles daily, hoping for a new match. Elite matches you with 3-7 other singles who share your interests every day! So you can sit back while they do all the hard work. You’ll find tons of options who are a little bit older than most of those on other dating sites, more educated and are focused on their career. This site gathers all the professionals in the New Orleans area and matches them to your preferences! With SO many established & developing businesses in the city, the possibilities are endless!

For Seniors over Age 50: OurTime

our time in New Orleans OurTime is for the more mature relationship seekers over 50, who are tired of doing the same old song and dance. New Orleans is a great place for older folks to find romance. There is a huge senior population as well as many different things to do for active seniors. You can even find some speed dating events and personal ads for people over 50!

For Gay/Lesbian

The best platform for the LGBT community would have to be All popular dating sites allow you to go narrow your search down to gay and lesbian matches, but is considered one of the most LGBT friendly dating site on the internet. And with New Orleans’ extensive LGBT community, being #4 in the nation, there are SO many singles to explore!

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

When you aren’t in the market for any long-term relationships, AdultFriendFinder is perfect! Whether you’re looking for a little fling or just an overnight or weekend-long hookup, AdultFriendFinder in New Orleans will do the trick. NOLA has a huge bar scene, leading to heavily packed establishments, so more options! You’ll be matched up in no time with tons of singles in the New Orleans area! LGBTQ+ friendly, as well.

Best Dating Apps in New Orleans

If you plan on looking for love in one of the most romantic places in the world, you’re bound to need some help narrowing down your options. And with New Orleans being so culturally diverse, there are so many different, unique people to meet, the easiest way to get the full effect of all potential partners is to explore a few dating sites that cater to the New Orleans area! Here are our favorite two sites:


Dating in New Orleans with Bumble Bumble is actually an excellent app to try out in the New Orleans area, as they have recently opened a BumbleSpot, which is a Bumble-verified meetup place to meet you matches in person! There are only a few spots in the whole country but NOLA is one of the lucky first recipients! So instead of chatting up your matches (or friends, on BumbleBFF) strictly online, you can hit up this BumbleSpot to finally meet up with them in real life.


Zoosk Review As one of the top rated dating apps available, Zoosk is another great platform to utilize in the dating world. With millions of users, and lots of them residing in New Orleans, you can link up your Facebook and have a profile in seconds. It’s free to join, and you can use this site whether you are looking for a serious commitment or just for a couple of casual dates.

Best Dating Bars for Singles in New Orleans

With The Crescent City’s booming bar scene, there are literally HUNDREDS of bars all over the city to choose from. These 3 are some of the most recommended spots:

The Sazerac Bar

This cocktail bar has a very elegant old-world aesthetic that anyone could appreciate! The decor and atmosphere are just so nostalgic and delicately old fashioned, this hotspot is not one to be missed. Order some of your favorite classic drinks, enjoy the environment and get to know someone!

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

One of the oldest bars around, literally serving drinks since the 18th century, this cozy & casual scene is a great place to meet up for a first date or to just meet someone new. You get drinks and a show, with live music performances and just a great little spot to try out!

Napoleon House

You can have drinks and grab some grub here at this fine establishment! From po’boys, to muffalettas, to other creative creole dishes, olde time bar has indoor and outdoor amenities! You can dine indoors or explore the courtyard in a 1914 type classic bar/restaurant. Yet another great meetup spot, or a place to meet new folks!

Speed Dating in New Orleans

When you want to meet lots of available locals in one place, speed dating is a good option to look into! New Orleans has several hotspots you can hit up to meet lots of guys and gals at one location. The city has lots of events to offer that they do year-round with a few packages to choose from to enhance your experience with speed dating. Most of the locations keep their speed dating events so casual and chic, you’ll hardly even notice that you are at an event! Here is a link to all upcoming events for singles interested in speed dating, updated frequently.

New Orleans Dating Events & Clubs

With the wide variety of locals and tourists, there are TONS of events for people searching for a specific environment of folks to be around. There are literally events going on almost every day of the week for people who enjoy yoga and fitness, outdoor adventures, tech-savvy people, 50+ aged people, “nerdy 30s”, non-English-speaking events, and so many more! You can find them all here.

Dating Chat Rooms in New Orleans

Some people prefer keeping things strictly online; if you are one of those people, hitting up some of New Orleans’ local chat rooms may be the best option for you! Here are our favorites:

Personals in New Orleans

There are thousands of classified personal ads in the greater New Orleans area that you can feel free to explore! Many, many people are most certainly looking for the same things that you are, more likely than not, so if you feel that this is the best option for you to check out, then here are our recommendations for personal ads in New Orleans:

Things to Know about New Orleans Dating

Dating in New Orleans The Crescent City is known as one of the most romantic places in the world! What better location to look for love than New Orleans? The unique thing about NOLA dating is that people actually go on dates here– like the good old fashioned days! You can go out to dinner at some of the finest restaurants in the country, or you can lean more towards a night of drinks and dancing. Honestly, you could do them all and only walk a block or two at most! In New Orleans, your night never has to be cut short. There are so many spots you can hit and turn the first date into a night on the town! Here are some more positives about The Big Easy:

  • You can make plans ahead of time for dates rather than scramble at the last minute
  • You will experience some of the BEST food you’ve ever allowed to hit your taste buds in your whole lifetime
  • You’ll likely end up coming home covered in glitter– whether you and your date decide to hit up the strip club or not!

With a population of barely under 400,000 (in the year 2004 the population was closer to 500k, but Hurricane Katrina drove a lot of people out of the city due to the loss of their homes) there are a LOT of potential partners to choose from! Here are the specifics of races, religions, and sexualities of residents of New Orleans.


  • 60% of the population is African American
  • 33% are Caucasian
  • 5.3% are Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.9% are Asian
  • 1.7% are to or more races


According to the US census, only 64.9% of NOLA’s residents consider themselves religious.

  • 36.3% are Catholic
  • 12.2% are Baptist
  • 5.1% are other variations of Christianity
  • 3.1% are Methodist
  • 1.2% practice Judaism

*The remaining percentages are 1% or less*


New Orleans is actually #4 in the Top 10 Metro Gay areas in the U.S., and is one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the country! They host huge Pride parades every year, throughout the month of June (Pride month). A whopping 5.1% of New Orleans’ inhabitants are part of the LGBTQ+ community! So your options are literally endless, with the thousands of people who are part of the LGBTQ+ family, if that is what you are interested in and looking for.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the New Orleans dating scene is completely diverse, unique, and definitely something that every single should try in their lifetime if they are in that area. With tons of different bars and restaurants to try out, to thousands of people to meet and get to know– whether just as a friend or as something even more– The Big Easy is one of the most fun places you can travel to and prospect.

Tourists are always welcome, and the city greets new residents with open arms! You can find yourself dining in one of the finest restaurants you have ever been to one hour, and the next hour you’re stumbling down Bourbon Street, with a hand grenade (a popular drink down there, not a live weapon!) meeting some of the most interesting people you will ever encounter in your life!

So whether you just want to visit, or plan on planting your roots here, New Orleans is always somewhere you can call home.

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