Dating in Nashville, Tennessee (TN): Resource Guide for 2023

Interesting in dating in Nashville, Tennessee? The iconic city is a household name if you live in the states. It is one of the birthplaces for country music, and their customs are as Southern as they get– with the hospitality and without the whole judgmental, stuck in the past part.

They practice relatively modern beliefs and customs. Though it is definitely a big city, it seems more like a small town with the way everyone knows everyone– and because of that, if you do happen to date someone from Nashville, you had better end it on good terms because you’ll likely run into them again somewhere!

The southern hospitality is unmatchable– the natives are genuinely nice, polite people and would give you the shirts of their backs. What good reason to look for love in the sweet old town of Nashville!

Best Nashville Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in Nashville is one of the biggest, oldest leading dating websites in the entire world. They cater to over 24 different countries and have their website in 15 different languages. For the specific area of Nashville, there are several different categories you can narrow your searches down to, so can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for! There are sites especially for athletic dating, divorced dating, conservative and liberal dating, senior dating, and more! If you are truly looking for love in the city of Nashville, is definitely worth a shot!

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review If you a successful business person, have a college degree, or are just simply tired of getting set up on dates with people who are just not your type, then Elite Singles might just be for you! You can meet others who share the same values as you with their successful careers, and if you happen to find love while exploring the Elite Singles dating site, then you may just take over the world together!

The site includes the fact that if you happen to be a resident of Nashville, since it is such a tight-knit community, it may be a little difficult to find someone to date outside your friend circle, but there’s always room and time to meet someone new!

For Seniors over Age 50: OurTime

our time in austin In Nashville, sometimes the senior community can find it hard to get out there and meet other single older folks. There is a site called OurTime that can make their journey for love 100 times easier! This is the best platform for singles over the age of 50 to meet other single people who are looking for the same thing as them. While Nashville has a largely married population, since it is a popular location for people to move and settle down, there are still so many out there who are looking for love also! The site is super easy to navigate, showing you tons of potential dates and mates for life, if that is the path you choose to go down!

For Gay/Lesbian

Grindr, Just She, and Craigslist are just a few of the LGBTQ+ sites you can utilize! Nashville has a large LGBT population and these sites can help tou find some causal dates or hookups, or assist in finding the person you may end up spending the rest of your life with!


Grindr is predominantly for gay males in search of other gay males, and is HUGELY popular in all states. Nashville has lots of gay men who are looking for love and/or hookups, and Grindr is the greatest platform to offer homosexual males!

Just She

This is the most popular dating site for women seeking women. The site narrows down all your options to help you find the woman of your dreams!


Craigslist is known for having a classified ads section, where you can discreetly post your preferences, what sex/gender/sexual orientation you are interested in, all without posting your personal information so you can remain somewhat anonymous unless someone happens to meet the criteria you are searching for!

This is perfect for all people of all sexualities, but always be mindful of anyone who may make posts to lure you into a dangerous situation. When meeting up with someone anonymous, you should always let someone know of your whereabouts and exact location you will be meeting at– and if you feel the situation is shifting in a negative direction, do not be afraid to get out of there! Have a code word to text a friend or family member and have them call you as soon as you send them the code word and state there is an emergency and that you must leave immediately.

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

For a more casual dating experience, Adult Friend Finder is an excellent dating site to explore! You can meet all kinds of people looking for a few dates or just hookups. Not everyone is ready to look for love, so if you are on the rebound, recently divorced, or just want to have a little weekend-long fling, this site may be your best bet! There is a paid membership in order to use this site, but you will have access to any and all amenities of this platform!

Best Dating Apps in Nashville

When you are just done with trying to meet new people in person, tired of the bar scene, or simply want to try and meet someone new without leaving the comfort of your own home, then searching through a dating app might be the best option for you. While there are all kinds of different dating websites to choose from, there are two apps that really just stand out for the city of Nashville: Zoosk and Plenty of Fish!


Zoosk Review Whether you’re looking for just a casual date or are searching for a life partner, Zoosk is absolutely perfect for either journey! There are thousands of Nashville natives who use Zoosk, so it would be almost effortless to score a few dates with some potential prospects.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, and for a good reason. It’s another one of the top dating apps on the internet, and plenty of people in Nashville use this app to meet new people all the time!

Best Dating Bars for Singles in Nashville

If the extensive bar scene in Nashville is what you’re craving, there are three hotspots you should visit! You can come to these places to meet someone new, or plan to meet up with someone that you meet online! Here are a few of our favorite spots you should definitely add to your destination list:

The Red Door Saloon

Stop in, have a few drinks, grab a bite to eat and kick back to watch some sports, or meet someone new! This bar has a real down home feel, with optional outdoor seating if it gets too crowded indoors. If you’re looking for a good time, look no further! The Red Door Saloon is truly the place to be in Nashville!

Pinewood Social

This trendy little hangout is a hotspot for singles and those who are wanting to socialize! Enjoy your drinks with some of their unique dishes, mostly New American style, and have a great time! This place is good for those around ages 21-35 looking to make friends or find a date. Stop by and hang for a while!


At this three-level music venue, you can have your food and drinks and listen to some amazing bands while hanging out with lots of hip, usually single folks who are all there to have a great time! This spot is a hip, vintage-style, cozy atmosphere with all kinds of great people. Definitely, a place to try out!

Speed Dating in Nashville

If you simply do not have time to go through the lengthy process of meeting someone, going on dates, only for it to flop once you sort of getting to know them- then you should definitely try speed dating! You can go through several dates and briefly get to know someone within minutes, rather than spend weeks or months meeting and dating several different people. There are lots of events hosted in Nashville just for speed dating! Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Nashville Dating Events & Clubs

Aside from speed dating, there are plenty of other events specifically for meeting new people of all races, ages, and sexualities. Here are a few frequently updated reference links:

Dating Events

Singles Clubs

Dating Chat Rooms in Nashville

When you truly just don’t want to leave your house, but still want to meet new people and maybe even develop a meaningful relationship, you may want to try a chat room! Nashville has quite a few to choose from. Here are just a couple to try out:

Personals in Nashville

When you want to discreetly have a good time, posting a personal ad, or searching for certain types of personal ads can be a good option. You can meet up with someone and have a great time, and no one ever has to know! Always be safe and mindful when meeting up with a stranger, let someone know where you are and what addresses you will be at, and leave if anything seems to take a turn for the negative! Here are a few links to some personal ads in Nashville:

Things to Know about Nashville Dating

Dating in Nashville While the locals treat this city with more of a small town mentality, Nashville itself still brings in over 14 million (yes, MILLION) tourists a year, according to a 2017 study. So you have a HUGE dating pool to dive right on in to, with all the resources you could imagine right here at your fingertips. 

Nashville’s Demographics

With a population of 628,434, the city of Nashville is not really much of a melting pot. Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of residents and millions of tourists, but Nashville isn’t always for everyone. It is a beautiful place, with mountains, museums, historical locations, country music legends and so much more… so if you feel that you would truly enjoy moving to or  visiting Nashville, here are the demographics of current residents in the city!


According to the US census, the following population is made up of these races:

  • 60.5% of the population is caucasian
  • 28.4% are African American
  • 10% are Hispanic or Latino of any kind
  • 2.5% is made up of people of two or more races
  • 0.3% are American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • The remaining percentages were 0.3% and below


The median age for women in Nashville is 34.7 years, while the age for the Male population is 33.6 years. Here are some age groups broken down:

  • 26.4% of the population are aged 20-34
  • 29.4% are ages 35-44 years
  • 7.8% are ages 55-64
  • 11% of the population are 65 & over


In the city of Nashville, 59.6% of the residents consider themselves religious. While most of them are Southern Baptists, a few other faiths make up for the rest of the population.

  • 20.6% are Baptist
  • 15.7% are of another Christian faith
  • 6.2% are Catholic
  • 5.6% are Methodist
  • 3.4% are Pentecostal
  • Another 3.4% are Presbyterian
  • 1.5% are Episcopalian
  • The remaining percentage is made up of other religions and are under 0.8% each


The state of Tennessee itself has an LGBT population of 127,526 people, ranking it as #21 out of 50 in all of the United States of America. Honestly, that isn’t that bad– at least it isn’t ranked last like Wyoming and North Dakota! Nashville considers itself as more modernly progressive, so they have an LGBT chamber, lots of hotspots to meet LGBT singles, and events, too! They even have many pride celebrations in the city of Nashville throughout the month of June. 

Wrap Up

Whether you’re in Nashville just for tourism, or you plan on planting your roots where the country comes alive– you can always utilize all available resources to meet someone new and usually, have success! There’s no need to fear to put yourself out there, the dating world can seem scary but you should never be afraid to meet new people. There is so much fun out in the world, go out and experience it, and definitely stop on by in good old Nashville for a great time!

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