Dating in Dallas, Texas: Resource Guide for 2023

Interested in dating in Dallas, Texas? Dallas is a great place to find love, romance or even just a connection with someone. It’s an incredibly diverse city that is part of a larger region of 13 counties that function as one giant unit so that you have a big bustling city along with lots of open space.

Thanks to its diversity, Dallas has some great local eateries with food to satisfy every palate. There’s a vibrant music scene, and the city itself is steeped in history. You can stand in the spot where John F. Kennedy was shot or take a tour of the annex where Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have been hiding out.

Between the music, food, culture and cowboys there is something for everyone in Dallas and that’s what makes it such a great city for dating.

Best Dallas Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in Dallas

Match is a great resource for singles in Dallas. With the median age at 32, Match is where you’ll find the biggest selection of dating profiles.

Since Match is a trusted dating site, there are more locals on the site looking for fellow locals, and Match’s robust platform will connect you to people who share similar interests and allow you to explore at your own pace. The free site will let you search the profiles but you’ll need a paid membership to communicate with anyone you want to meet.

As a dating site, Match is one of the best services available because of the ability to upgrade to a paid account and find people who are serious about making connections. There is limited access to the site via the free version of the service, so if you’re serious it’s best to use the paid site to find people. Match offers monthly, 3-month and 6-month package deals with discounts available for the 3 and 6-month packages.

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review

Elite Singles is a great resource for people looking for serious matches in Dallas. There are lots of affluent people in Dallas looking for love and they don’t want to hunt through countless profiles. Elite Singles can do all the hard work for you.

Many Elite Singles clients include CEOs, professionals and other titans of industry. They use a proprietary formula to match people to 3-7 matches each day, which means you can’t search openly on your own and must wait for the site to send matches each day. These matches tend to be college educated (this is a selling point for the site) with a slightly older clientele than the rest of the dating sites, usually in their 30s and older, and so this site is perfect for mature business professionals.

Elite Singles offers a free service with limited resources, and different levels of paid membership that offer more perks like unlimited communication.

For Seniors over Age 50: Our Time

our time in Dallas

Our Time is a great resource for mature relationship seekers in Dallas. Despite the median age, there is a very large number of seniors living in the city. According to population data, roughly 21% of the population is over the age of 55 and 41% of the total population are divorced, so the dating pool is pretty big.

Our Time offers an upgraded service that offers unlimited email and messaging between matches with packages ranging from one to six months.

For the LGBTQ Community

All of the top dating sites offer the ability to search for gay and lesbian matches, with Match being the most LGBTQ friendly thanks to the site’s easy to use interface. The ability to search listings and instantly connect (through a paid membership) helps to circumvent the lengthy process of waiting to be connected to people who match your profile.

As one of the most gay friendly communities in the country, there are plenty of gay and lesbian matches on Match and lots of places to go to meet new people once you’re ready to step out on the town.

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is still a great place to find someone to hook up with for a night or weekend in Dallas. With such a young median age, some people are looking for fun with no strings attached and AFF is the perfect place to find someone to hook up with.

AFF offers plenty of people looking to have some fun with no strings attached. Like other sites, Adult Friend Finder has a free platform, but the upgraded version of the site comes with more profiles and more options to communicate with people who catch your eye.

Best Dating Apps in Dallas

All of the major dating sites offer their services through an app, which is free to download and use, and it can be connected to your paid account. Both Match and Zoosk are great dating apps, as both offer the ability to search profiles and connect with people directly and that’s much easier on a smartphone than navigating questionnaires and surveys in order to meet people.

Best Dating Bars for Singles in Dallas

Close your eyes and point on a map and you’ll find an amazing bar or eatery in Dallas. Finding a place to meet new people isn’t hard, rather it’s just a matter of picking the kind of place that suits you best. Do you want something formal, or something laid back? Figuring out the kind of bar that matches your personal style will help you to find people with whom you share things in common.

Here are some of the best singles bars in Dallas:

Inwood Lounge

Inwood Lounge is located inside the Inwood Theater so that means it’s the perfect place to meet people and go on a date. It’s located on Lover’s Lane so that makes it the perfect place to meet people. The lounge offers an extensive martini menu with an all-day happy hour on Sundays.


Candleroom Dallas is one of the best spots to meet people…if you can get in. The Candleroom features some of the best events in town, so it’s perfect to find other singles. But make sure you arrive early because it will be crowded! The Candleroom is located in the Henderson entertainment district, making it a great place to kick off the evening. They also offer bottle service.

Midnight Rambler Bar

Midnight Rambler Bar is an underground craft cocktail salon located in the Joule Hotel. There’s no question that this trendy nightspot is a place for meeting singles. The decor is fun and hip, and the long bar will give you plenty of places to sidle up and talk to other singles. The bar hosts a DJ Thursday through Sunday, and Sundays are known as Slow & Low Sundays.

Speed Dating in Dallas

EventBrite offers a calendar of speed dating events across Dallas each week and you’ll find that there are quite a few events planned at any given time. There are several companies who run the speed dating events so you might try one of each to see which one is best. The events are open to everyone but some are geared toward specific groups. These are ideal for locals looking for a meaningful connection or for anyone looking to meet new people. Keep in mind, though, that most of these events do have fees attached to them.

Dallas Dating Events & Clubs

Meetup offers a number of singles groups in Dallas, and they all offer events within their respective groups that cater to that group’s interests or age range. In fact, they have events almost every night!

As mentioned above in the Speed Dating section, EventBrite offers all kinds of dating events for a wide range of Dallas residents. Between EventBrite and Meetup you’re bound to find something that suits your needs.

Dating Chat Rooms in Dallas

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and possibly connect with, if the spark is there. Though they might be considered outdated, chat rooms are still popular with lots of people and there are a few in Dallas that offer a selection of people to talk with. Some of the top dating chat rooms in Dallas to check out are Mingle2 and Wire Club.

These are free services but be forewarned that it’s a mixed bag of people that you’ll find so be prepared to do some searching for people who meet your interests.

Personals in Dallas

Like chat rooms, most of the personals sites in Dallas are hookup sites, but the personals are often different in that some offer people who aren’t as familiar with the mainstream dating sites (or who don’t want to pay for them) and so they’re resorting to the most basic form of online dating. It’s easy for anyone to post a free ad on these sites.

Most personals feature very direct requests for hookups or encounters, so if you’re looking for a more substantive connection then Match or another paid service is really where you need to be.

Mingle2 and POF offer free personal ads with the ability to upgrade. Both sites feature lots of profiles that you will have to search through. There isn’t much offered by way of security because none of these are actual dating sites, and as a result they’re a mixed bag of serious inquiries and hookup requests.

Things to Know about Dallas Dating

Dating in Dallas

Dallas is made up of a very diverse group of people, including a large number of immigrants from all over the world. It’s one of the states where the Hispanic population outnumbers any other group, which adds to the culture and the traditions of the city.

The population is split with 50.44% females and 49.56% males. The median age for men is 32.3 and the median age for women is 32.8.


The Dallas population sits at approximately 1.3 million people based on a 2016 count, making it the 9th largest city in the United States. The larger region is made up of 13 counties and is known as Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington. This area is much larger, with an estimated 6.8 million people.


Dallas is a veritable melting pot of races and cultures, with people of color far exceeding the number of white residents. 56.6% of the population speaks only English while 37.9% speaks Spanish.

  • African American: 24.3%
  • Asian: 3.0%
  • Hispanic: 41.7%
  • Native American: 1.0%
  • Other: 0.1%
  • White: 29.3%


55.5% of Dallas residents are religious and there are several religions observed in the city. Here are the top 5:

  • Catholic: 15.1%
  • Another Christian faith: 12.2%
  • Baptist: 10.8%
  • Methodist: 6.8%
  • Muslim: 3.1%

Is Dallas Gay/Lesbian Friendly?

Dallas is very welcoming to the LGBTQ community and boasts the biggest gay population in Texas. It’s also one of the largest gay communities in the US.

Oak Lawn is a popular gay friendly neighborhood known for its nightlife and LGBTQ events throughout the year.

Wrap Up

Dating in Dallas is a breeze. It’s really just a matter of figuring out what kind of relationship you’re looking for, which will help you decide where to look. With so many people to choose from and so many great places to look, you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time!

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