Dating in Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO): Resource Guide for 2023

Interested in dating in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Well, why wouldn’t you be? The city is literally ranked number five in the United States as best place to live– with its neighbor Denver taking the number one spot. The weather is beautiful, the people are open-minded and just plain nice, and the city itself possesses many different fun potential things to do, in the dating world and just in the tourism department. so if you’re thinking about heading on over to Colorado Springs, here is everything you will need to know about the dating atmosphere!

Best Colorado Springs Dating Sites

For Singles: is the best for dating in Colorado Springs With as one of the largest and oldest sites that singles use to find dates and potential mates, it is a key website to utilize when you are looking for love in Colorado Springs. There are millions of people who use Match to find their soulmate, and thousands of them live right in this city! With 15 different languages, and catering to more than 24 countries, Match will narrow down your search based on your interests, preferences and your ideal date! Chances are, there is at least one, likely MORE, the person out there who shares your interests and would be just right for you! So if you’re in Colorado Springs and you need a reliable dating website to give you that little push you need to put yourself out there!

For Professionals: Elite Singles

elitesingles review If you are tired of being set up on dates with people who simply have no career, no drive to make their life better, or you just want to meet someone who is equally as successful and motivated as you are, then Elite Singles is definitely for you! You get to skip over the slackers and go straight for the success stories. Why waste your time shuffling through thousands of profiles of those who simply do not share your love for motivated success, when you can go directly to the top, with the rest of the elites! This is a paid membership, with all kinds of unique perks, and the site guarantees you will be matched with someone who fits your criteria!

For Seniors over Age 50: OurTime

our time in Colorado Springs When living in Colorado Springs, or really anywhere for that matter, and you are over 50, dating can prove to be more difficult than you’d like it to be. But hold out hope, because Our Time is here to save the day! Colorado Springs is located near the Air Force Academy, so the military population yields lots of retired veterans, plus with just under 700,000 folks living in the city, you’re bound to meet the person of your dreams. This site is super easy to navigate, making everything 100 times easier in the dating world! So if you want to get out there after 50 and aren’t sure how then try out Our Time to test your luck with other single seniors!

For Gay/Lesbian

There are tons of platforms for LGBT-identifying individuals since the community in Colorado Springs is so extensive, but so you don’t have to sort through them all, we have picked our favorite three for gay, lesbian, and others who are looking for love and/or hookups!


Grindr review The website Grindr is exclusively for males seeking other males and is a wonderful and popular platform for those who are seeking such. It’s absolutely free to use and you can even download the app on your phone! You can somewhat discreetly put yourself out there in the gay male community and find either a relationship or a hookup!

Just She

If you’re a woman seeking another woman’s company, then Just She is what you’re looking for! With an all-female user base, you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for with this free dating site! So go out and find the woman of your dreams!

For Hookups: Adult Friend Finder

For those who are seeking more of a casual experience rather than anything long term, Adult Friend Finder is the place for you! With a paid membership, you’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to find that weekend fling or just a one-night hookup! Always be careful and mindful of meeting up with strangers, refer to the section about Craigslist for advice on how to stay safe when meeting up with strangers!

Best Dating Apps in Colorado Springs

Sometimes when you are going out and meeting people, it can get old real quick. You can get burnt out on going out to bars and social events or even blind dates you’ve been set upon by your friends and family. If that’s the case, then taking a whopping 5 minutes out of your day to download some dating apps to your phone is probably the best thing you can do, if you’re looking to take a break from physically searching. There are several options when it comes to dating apps, but we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best: Zoosk and Plenty of Fish!


Zoosk review This app can be used for those who are seeking something casual or long term! So no matter what you’re in the mood for, you can utilize all the amenities of this site for whatever preferences you may have. Zoosk is perfect for literally anyone who has begun their dating journey, or those who are looking to bring it to an end with a serious relationship. Give it a try, you may be surprised at how many people are out there looking for the same thing as you!

Plenty of Fish

With all the popularity this app has gained over the last few years, there are TONS of people who use this app to look for every type of relationship or hookup there is! You can either use the free version of the site and still have access to almost all of the website’s tools, or you can upgrade your membership to premium and gain permissions beyond the free version. There are literally thousands of new users daily, and with the ease of access, you can comfortably flip through your options without ever leaving your home– that is until you match up with someone! It’s always worth a shot!

Best Dating Bars for Singles in Colorado Springs

Some people prefer actually going out in public to find love, and lots of times they’ll even end up meeting their soulmate, just from going to their favorite bar or hotspot for a few drinks. We have picked out three popular spots for you to check out, all perfect for singles!

The Wobbly Olive

This woman-led, eclectic bar boasts a fully farm-fresh menu, while including a full bar with an upscale casual type atmosphere. You can find all types of folks here at this high-energy hotspot, simply because it is packed slam full every single night! So stop in, have a bite and a few drinks, and just enjoy yourself and the people around you!

Brewer’s Republic

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, you can find all sorts of local and international craft beers and specialty pizzas here at this award-winning “Best Tap House”! While they are known for their pizzas and other bar type foods, they also cater to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free visitors as well! They have Craft Cans Night every Tuesday, trivia on Thursdays and special tapings on Fridays! Go check this unique place out and maybe meet someone new while you’re there!

Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

At this comfy, locally owned Irish themed pub, you can get your drink on while dining on traditional Irish cuisine, all while joining in on their sing-alongs! There are lots of amenities to this critically acclaimed spot, with outdoor seating, happy hour drinks, and just a totally comfortable atmosphere. This would be a perfect spot for a cozy little date to meet up with at, or to find someone to enjoy it with while you’re there!

Speed Dating in Colorado Springs

When you just don’t really have the time to spend months dating several different people to see if they will each work out, then you should try speed dating! You can meet lots of new, single folks all in one spot and get to know the basics about them, before moving onto the next just moments later! And when it’s all said and done, you can address your interest toward whoever caught your attention during the dates. It’s definitely something I would recommend all the single guys and gals out there to try at least once, especially if you are just physically really exhausted from going through all your options! Here are some links to frequently updates events in Colorado Springs to get you started:

Colorado Springs Dating Events & Clubs

There are all sorts of dating events that occur year round up in Colorado Springs, and the only way to fully experience them is to just go! Tons of people keep these events alive and going, so why aren’t you there yet? Get your calendar, and mark down some dates that match up with the dates of these events! They are frequently updated, so if you cannot make it to any of the ones listed, more will appear at a later date as the site refreshes week by week!

Dating Chat Rooms in Colorado Springs

If you still want to develop a meaningful relationship or just talk to someone in an intimate manner, but don’t want to get out of bed or off your couch, then maybe you should give dating chat rooms a try! You get to stay on tour PJs and eat all the snacks in the world, and still manage to have a sexy conversation with other local singles. Here are a couple of chat rooms to check out:

Personals in Colorado Springs

If none of these options seem quite right for you, or if you want to be a bit more discreet about your preferences, then you may want to check out some personal ads, or even post your own! There are a few certain websites with specific sections, just for personal ads, with Craigslist being the main one. Here are a couple of reputable sites with lots of personals, local to the Colorado Springs area!

Things to Know about Colorado Springs Dating

Dating in Colorado Springs Dating in Colorado Springs is unlike dating anywhere else! Due to the Air Force Academy being located directly north of Colorado Springs, the military population is HUGE – so there is a large platform in itself of potential partners (if they aren’t married, or in a relationship of course!).

Colorado Springs– also nicknamed “Little London” from being modeled after resort towns in Europe in 1871– has many, many different events and locations specifically for those who are beginning or continuing their dating journey. From people looking for a long term relationship, to those just looking for a hookup or a friend, your options are limitless in this city. So, let’s get into some demographics to see what we’re working with!



With CO Springs’ population of over 674,000, there are tons of folks out there who are looking for love. Here are the racial demographics of Colorado Springs:

  • 79% are Caucasian
  • 16% are Hispanic/Latino of any race
  • 6.3% are African American
  • 5.5% are other races
  • 5% are two or more races
  • 3% are Asian
  • 1% is Native American


Only 34.6% of Colorado Springs consider themselves religious, and here are the results of what religion the population identifies under:

  • 10% are of Christian faith
  • 9% are Catholic
  • 3.4% are Baptist
  • 2.5% are Methodist
  • 2.3% are Presbyterian


Colorado is known for its extensive LGBTQ+ community, and even though Colorado Springs is considered one of the most conservative cities in the state, there are still several LGBT platforms and events within the community. It is the 13th most friendly gay town in the country, with gay elected officials, laws protecting LGBT-identifying citizens, and several gay clubs and events, this city is a lovely place to search for a date, no matter your sexuality!

Wrap Up

Dating doesn’t have to be scary… you shouldn’t worry about getting out there and meeting new people! Give all of these options a try, if you feel they apply to your situation and preferences. Go out, or stay in, and have some fun while dating in Colorado Springs.

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