Dating in the United States (USA) – What You Need to Know

We’ve all heard the rumors about Americans being brash, loud, and raunchy. Dating in the United States (USA), especially if you’re from overseas, can seem like a difficult environment to understand and integrate yourself in. With 50 different states full of stereotypes, statistics, and terrain, it can seem difficult to just dive right in without a little bit of help first.

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Dating in the United States

Each of America’s 50 States is unique and filed with amazing people. From big, bustling cities to expansive mountain ranges to the great lakes, the States has every kind of person and home under the sun to offer.

Feeling a little lost in it all? Everything you need to know about each of the 50 States and how to date an American can be found in this ultimate guide to dating in the United States. We’ve also put together comprehensive guide to major cities in the U.S. covering best dating sites, apps, and personals sites and also local bars/clubs that are happening. This will get you started in your dating journey in the U.S.


dating in alabama

In the South East of the USA sits Alabama, a cozy state with warm weather and lots of rivers and lakes. Many of its natives fondly refer to their home as the Heart of Dixie, and with a population of 4,887,871, it is the 24th most populated state in the US. The 1,500 miles of streams and rivers make Alabama the proud home of the largest inland waterway system.

Alabama dating statistics: Their population is made up of 51.6% of females, and includes a diverse population of individuals ranging from caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and black. You should expect a strong dose of Southern hospitality and lots of dry heat from the heart-warming state.


dating in alaska

Though it’s the largest state within the USA being 663,300 miles wide, Alaska has the second smallest population of residents, many of which do not live there year round. It’s detached from the mainland, like Hawaii, and lies to the North-West of Canada.

Alaska dating statistics: Of the 738,432 residents who call the wintery wonderland their home, 25% of them are under the age of 18, and tourists and the military make up a large portion of the economic structure. Despite its small population, you find a diverse crowd of people that welcomes any race or cultural history. The singles in Alaska are adventurous souls.

Guides to Dating in Alaska by City


Romance lives on in the rocky mountain range that Arizona is composed of, having been welcomed into the union on Valentine’s Day in 1912. Located in the South-West region in the bottom corner of the map, Arizona is home to the largest Native American reservations that make up one quarter of the region. As the 6th largest state, a lot of the area is wildlands and Arizona is home to Grand Canyon, one of nature’s finest phenomenon.

Arizona Dating Statistics: 7,171,646+ call this state home and it is the 14th most populated state in the US. Just over 50% of its residents are females, and the state as a whole welcomes all kinds of people to its expansive terrain. Arizona is has the second highest number of immigrants. It’s the land of the cowboys, so come prepared for a fun ride.

Guides to Dating in Arizona by City


Arkansas is comfortably positioned in the heart of the South and has distinctive personalities in it’s terrain and geographic design. From the mountains in the North to the forests in the south and the rivers in between, you can have a little bit of everything. It’s the 29th largest state on the map and houses over 3 million residents, putting it at the 33rd most populated state.

Arkansas Dating Statistics: Strong personalities come from the creative state. Arkansas has been home to many influential Americans over the years, and it’s a great place to start a family. With a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and history, a little bit of everything can be discovered within it’s 53,179 square miles.


Welcome to the most populated state in the US! California has been a staple in Pop Culture and media influence all over the world, setting trends and drawing an elite crowd of wealthy stars to it’s 163,696 mi of land. It’s the third biggest state of the 50, and it’s located South-west against the Pacific Ocean. The beach is the main attraction for massive state, as well as it’s many large cities and worldwide attractions.

California dating statistics: Sunny, bright, vibrant California – home to Hollywood and celebrities alike, but also 39,557,045 residents. It’s a melting pot of color and culture, and it’s a very fast-paced environment. With one of the highest Asian-American populations in the Pacific region of the states, California remains a very diverse, exciting country with interesting people from all over the world.

Guides to Dating in California by City


If you love a beautiful mountain scenery and large open spaces, Colorado is the best place to find your soulmate. It’s home to the Rocky Mountains and is named for its large river running through the state. This Western located region is the 8th largest state in the US and has a rich, interesting history and some of the best politicians America has to offer. Their laws are a bit more lax than other states, and many moved to Colorado with the groundbreaking legalization of recreational marijuana.

Colorado dating statistics: Out of 5,695,564 residents and rapidly growing, Colorado offers an eclectic group of ethnicities and backgrounds. Many flock to the gorgeous valleys the mountain range holds and offers a safe haven for those who love nature. An interesting thing about Colorado is they have the lowest rates in any state for obesity, and their clear mountain air helps eliminate allergies and health conditions.

Guides to Dating in Colorado by City


The New England region of the USA is comprised of the first settlements immigrants made when coming to America, and Connecticut is an excellent state for families or those wishing to build on. It’s the 3rd smallest state when it comes to size and it’s close enough to New York to access the city without the high crime rates and cost of living. It’s nestled comfortably along the East Coast and has a beautiful, wooded countryside that is exquisite in the fall.

Connecticut dating statistics: As the 29th most populated state in the US, Connecticut is home to 3,572,665 people and sports an amazing, diverse culture of successful individuals. In 2010, the average personal income statewide was the highest of any of the 50 States, making Connecticut home to very determined, like-minded individuals. With 51.2% of the population being female, it’s one of the less balanced states, and located close enough to visit many of the large cities nearby.


Often forgotten in the American lineup of amazing States, Delaware is the 2nd smallest state by area, only 96 miles long and 9-35 miles wide. It’s just South of Pennsylvania and often lumped together with the largest state, and sits comfortably along the East coastline. You can expect a subtropic, humid weather pattern and a gorgeous but flat farmland. It’s cities are bustling with people, and the population grows dense in metropolitan areas in Delaware.

Delaware dating statistics: As one of the only few states to have less than 100,000 people in each city, everything about the area is intimate and homely. Imagine a small town come to life and making up a State of its own, and you’ve got Delaware. With only 967,171 residents, and less than 69% of them Caucasian, you are guaranteed a rich, diverse community with lots of culture to discover.


To many foreigners, Florida directly translates to Disney World! Florida is the Southernmost state and lays right by the Gulf of Mexico. It’s peninsula extends into the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Keys, a series of tropical islands located off of the peninsula state, are included in all of the State’s statistics. Despite’s is massive population count and booming tourist business, Florida is only the 22nd largest state by size, but is the 3rd most populous in terms of residents. With Ocean surrounding the whole state, it’s terrain and weather is very tropical and warm year-round.

Florida dating statistics: Over 50 of the world’s top billionaires live in Florida, making up only a very small percent of the 21,299,325 individuals that call Florida home. Spanish is a widely spoken language in Florida, over 20% of its residents choosing it as their first language, and it’s cultural influences are extensive. They have one of the largest immigrant scenes, especially from Mexico, and most of its residents are not Florida natives.

Guides to Dating in Florida by City


As the pillar of Southern hospitality and sweet natures, Georgia can otherwise be referred to as the Peach State due to their peach production. It’s located in the Southeastern region of America, with a small part of it’s border on the Atlantic coast. The lush valleys and ridges that make up the 24th largest state by expansion are great for farming. Subtropical weather thanks to the Ocean being so close creates hot, sticky summers and peaceful, warm evenings.

Georgia dating statistics: Georgia is a welcoming area for any ethnicity and background, and is reported to have the fastest growing Asian and Black communities out of the other states since 2010. With 10,519,475 natives and counting, less than 13% are elderly, making Georgia a lively area for younger crowds, new families, and singles from anywhere on Earth.


Right in the central area of the Pacific sits the Hawaii islands, the only state that is located away from the North American continent. Though located in Polynesia, Hawaii has been apart of the States since 1959, and is the 8th smallest of all of the States. 8 large islands create the 10,931 square mile area, but there is hundreds of smaller islands included in that scattered around the mainlands. Due to it’s tropical location in the Ocean, the environment is very different from other states.

Hawaii dating statistics: Since Hawaii is so detached from the rest of the States, it’s almost an entirely different world. It’s the only state to have a dominant race that isn’t Caucasian, with 47.2% of the 1,420,491 residents being Asian and Native Hawaiian. Filipino, Japanese, and Polynesian are the ancestries that make up a majority of the island’s population, and English is their official language. Tagalong, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Ilocano are also widely popular.

Guides to Dating in Hawaii by City


Idaho is a Northwest state that is located on the Canadian border and flanked on either side by Oregon and Wyoming. It’s most popularly known for its potato crop, which is their claim to fame. The demographics of Idaho are interesting because it’s the 14th largest state by land, but has the 12th least population of them all. This gives the state a beautiful, if not a little wild, landscape full of wildlife and preserved nature. Mountains, canyons, and lakes are all protected by government wildlife preservation acts.

Idaho dating statistics: All 83,642 square miles of Idaho is beautiful and raw, just like it’s 1,754,208 residents. You’ll find less diversity in this rural state than more populated, city regions, with 93% of its population Caucasian. Over a quarter of the natives are under the age of 18.


Illinois is better known as the homeland for Chicago, one of America’s finest cities. Over 65% of Illinois residents are located in the Chicago area, despite the state capital being Springfield. 57,915 square miles make up the state’s expanse, placing Illinois at the 25th largest state in the US and Chicago the 3rd most populated American city. Illinois is in the center of the midwest, and like it’s state neighbors, it features a flat farmland terrain.

Illinois dating statistics: Despite having middle-of-the-pack placements for state size, Illinois is the 6th most populated state in America, with most of these residents living in the lively cities instead of the rural farmlands. 12,741,080 people call Illinois home, and 4 of the 43 presidents have been from Illinois. The dating scene in Chicago is inviting, and the city was created for people worldwide to come and enjoy it’s culture and rich artistic history.

Guides to Dating in Illinois by City


The Crossroads of America. Many of the main highway and interstates run through Indiana and the rest of the Midwest area, making this a highly traveled state, but only the 17th most populated out of them all. It’s the 38th largest, falling to the lower half of the list despite it’s growing population and economy. Most of this state is flat farmland with a rich agriculture environment and several metropolitan and suburban areas.

Indiana dating statistics: 6,691,878 residents call Indiana home, a quarter of them less than 18 years of age, which suggests this state is very family-orientated. Rural and metropolitan areas are all within close distance of each other, and the diverse state is home to many ethnicities and interests. The Indy 500, the largest speed race in the country, is hosted in Indianapolis and they love their home sports team with a passion.  

Guides to Dating in California by City


Centrally located in the midwest and surrounded by it’s sister states, Iowa is a quiet, rural area with strong agricultural roots and a rich history. It’s land covers 56,272 square miles of hilly farmland and it is the 26th largest state in America.

Iowa dating statistics: Once reported as being the safest state to live in, Iowa has a specific quaint, home-y, countryside feel that it’s small population of 3,156,145 adore. 72% of Iowa residents were born in the state, with only 23.2% born in a different state. It’s less diverse than it’s more metropolitan neighbors like Wisconsin or Minnesota to the Northeast, with 91% of its population Caucasian, but it’s a welcoming Midwest state that has the least amount of crime in the region. It’s the 30th most populated state in the USA.


In the very center of the United States, you’ll see the square-shaped expanse that is Kansas. The Kansas river that runs through the state is it’s namesake, and the central Midwestern location makes the area a popularly traveled one. Kansas’ terrain is that of the Great Plains, ideally suited for agricultural production, which Kansas does the most of compared to any other Midwestern state. It is the 15th largest state.

Kansas dating statistics: Only 2,911,505 call Kansas home. Only 5.5% of this number are immigrants born overseas. German ancestry makes up over 30% of the population, and just over 50% of the residents are female. Religious influences are very strong in this state.


Kentucky is tucked between 7 Midwestern and Southeastern states and has several iconic influences that make its home a popular destination. One of these is the Kentucky Derby, the largest horse-racing event in the US. It is one of the 5 “Commonwealth states” and the 37th most extensive by land. It’s geography is ideal for farming and the landscape is beautiful, lined with big rivers and hilly terrain.

Kentucky dating statistics: Though only the 26th most populated state, Kentucky is known to see a large influx of tourists and visitors annually. 4,468,402 residents are located in Kentucky full-time, and every decade there is a steady increase in these numbers. The metropolitan area sare much more densely populated that the rural farmlands. The population is very diverse with lots of European, black, Hispanic, Asian, and native residents.


Louisiana is the 25th most populated state in the U.S. Louisiana is located in the deep southern part of the south central region of the U.S. A large portion of Louisiana’s eastern boundary is demarcated by the Mississippi River. Louisiana is a party state and has a annual “Mardi Gras” celebration in New Orleans. It is a celebration where people can openly drink in the streets, have a great time, and even find love.

Louisiana dating statistics: Louisiana has a population of 4,659,978. The female percentage of that population is 51%. It is a diverse state ranging in ethnicities of Caucasian, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander/Hawaiian, African American, and Asian. Louisiana has amazing cuisine coming from its deep strong multicultural heritage.

Guides to Dating in Louisiana by City


Maine is located in the New England region of the North eastern U.S. Maine is the 12th smallest state, and the 9th least populated. Maine is bordered by New Hampshire, Canada, and the Atlantic Ocean. Maine is known for its jagged, rocky coastline, low rolling mountains, picturesque waterways, and amazing seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams.

Maine dating statistics: Maine has a population of 1,338,404. Females making up over half the population with 51 percent. It is mostly a Caucasian state with white people making up 94.7 percent of the population. Portland is the largest populated city in Maine. The average median income for families in Maine is $53,024 per year. The capital of Maine is Augusta, contrary to popular belief that Portland holds this title.


Maryland is located in the mid Atlantic region, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. to the south and west respectively. Maryland was named after Queen Mary of England. Maryland has quite a few nicknames, including old line state and the free state, and has a rich Pioneer history.

Maryland dating statistics: Maryland is the 8th smallest state in the U.S. It has a population of 6,042,718. Maryland is a diverse state with African Americans making up 30% of the population, Caucasians making up 59% of the population, Latinos and Hispanics make up 10.1 percent of the population, and Asians make up the last 0.2% of the population. The average income for families in Maryland is $80,774. Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city.

Guides to Dating in Maryland by City


Massachusetts is located in the New England region of the U.S and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean with Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south. Massachusetts is one of the original 13 states of the U.S. and known for its cultural history and strongly patriotic roots. 80% of Massachusetts population lives in the Boston metropolitan area.

Massachusetts dating statistics: The population of Massachusetts is 6,902,149. 51% of the population is female. It is the 6th smallest state. Massachusetts is the most populous state of the New England area. It has a strong Native American influence. It is diverse with ethnicities of Native American, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Latino/Hispanic. The capital of Massachusetts is Boston. The average household income is $74,167.

Guides to Dating in Massachusetts by City


Michigan, directly translated, means large water, and the name is very fitting. There is a lot of iconic things about Michigan, from it’s several great lakes to it’s unique peninsula shapes. Any person within Michigan borders is never more than 6 miles away from a body of water. It’s the 11th largest state by land, and the 10th most populated. On an island just off of the Upper Peninsula, no one owns cars, since it’s such a small location everything is within walking distance. It’s a popular tourist attraction. Michigan is located in the Northern Midwest area of the States with it’s Upper Peninsula close to the Canadian border.

Michigan dating statistics: The diversity in Michigan is amazing, and out of the 9,995,915 residents, Michigan has the most Finnish and Dutch population of any state. The landscape and quiet nature attracts a very European crowd, but lots of black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native people live between the two Peninsulas as well. The population in Michigan increases steadily each year, and it’s a popular place for young adults to start a life of their own.


Minnesota is located in the upper Midwest, in the Great Lakes and northern region. Minnesota is bordered by Lake Superior, Michigan and Wisconsin to the northeast. Iowa is just south of Minnesota, north and South Dakota to the west, and Canada to the north. Minnesota is the 32nd state admitted on May 11th 1858. Minnesota is the 12th largest state. Minnesota has a large number of lakes. It’s state slogan is the state with 10,000 lakes, even though it has closer to 15,000 lakes. Minnesota is also known as the bread and butter state for its numerous flour mills and butter making plants.

Minnesota dating statistics: the population of Minnesota is 5,611,179. The percentage of female population is 50.2. The state’s capital is Saint Paul. 60% of Minnesota’s population lives in the Saint Paul metropolitan area. Minnesota has a very diverse population including, African American, Native American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic/Latino.


Mississippi is located in the southeastern region of the U.S. Mississippi is bordered by Tennessee to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Alabama to the east, and Arkansas and Louisiana to the west. Mississippi western boundary is defined by the Mississippi River. Mississippi is nicknamed the Magnolia State because of its beautiful magnolia trees. Mississippi is the state that invented blues music. The states capital and largest city is Jackson. Jackson is known as the crossroads of the south.

Mississippi dating statistics: the population in Mississippi is 2,986,530. Women make up 51.5% of the population. Mississippi is the 32nd largest state in the U.S. The average household income in Mississippi is $42,009.


Missouri is located in the Midwest region of the U.S. Missouri is bordered by Illinois to the north, Kentucky, Tennessee to the east, Nebraska to the west, and Oklahoma and Kansas to the south. It is nicknamed the “show me” state. Missouri was named after Native Americans from the Sioux tribe. It is known for producing corn and grain for livestock feed. Missouri is the 21st largest state.

Missouri dating statistics: the population is 6,160,457. The female percentage of the population is 50.9 The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. The average household income in Missouri is $53,578.


Montana is a western state in the U.S. Montana is defined by its diverse terrain, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. Montana is 147,000 square miles filled with caverns, mountains, river valleys, grassy plains and badlands. Montana’s nickname is the treasure state. The capital of Montana is Helena.

Montana dating statistics: the population in Montana is 1,062,305. Montana is the 3rd least populated state in the U.S. The female population is 49%. Montana is the 4th largest state in the U.S. and the average family income in Montana is $50,801.


Nebraska is a state that lies in the Midwest but also has property in the Great Plains. Nebraska’s nickname is the cornhusker state. Nebraska is the only triple landlocked state in the U.S. Nebraska is bordered by South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east, Missouri to the south east, Kansas to the south, Colorado to the south west and Wyoming to the west. Nebraska is the 16th largest state in the U.S. Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state in the country.

Nebraska dating statistics: Nebraska’s population is 1,929,647. The female percentage is 50% Nebraska has a variety of Native American tribes that still live in there, mostly on reservations. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.


Nevada is a state defined by its expanses of deserts, and by the 24 hour casinos and entertainment for which its largest city Las Vegas is famed for. Nevada is bordered by Oregon to the north west, California to the west, Idaho to the north east, Arizona to the south east and Utah to the east. Nevada is the 7th largest state in the U.S.

Nevada dating statistics: The population in Nevada is 3,034,392. Nevada is the 32nd most populous state. The female percentage of the population is 49.8%. More than 3 quarters of Nevada’s population live in Clark county which is in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas. Nevada’s capital is Carson City, but frequently mistaken as Las Vegas due to the lively party scene and tourist attraction.

Guides to Dating in Nevada by City

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state known for its granite and mining economy. They are also known for sand and gravel. It is the 5th smallest state. New Hampshire was the 9th state admitted to the union. It is in the New England district and the Northeast part of the U.S. The famous New Hampshire state motto is live free or die.

New Hampshire dating statistics: New Hampshire has a population of 1,356,458. The female population make up 50.5%. The average household income is $73,381. It has some of the best seafood cuisine as it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. They’re a patriotic group of people with lots of pride.

New Jersey

New Jersey is a northern U.S. state with around 130 miles of gorgeous coastline. It is the 4rd smallest state in the U.S. but the 11th by population. New Jersey has many cities filled with Victorian style homes. New Jersey is known as the garden state and has some of the prettiest real estate.

New Jersey dating statistics: The population of New Jersey is 8,908,820. It is the most densely populated state in the U.S. Female percentage of the population is 51.2%. The average household income is $76,475.

New Mexico

Tucked alongside of Texas sits New Mexico. Each of it’s 4 corners touches another Mountain State and the terrain is fairly rugged. It’s the 5th largest state in the US but only has the 36th biggest population of 2,095,428. Unsurprisingly, New Mexico has the largest Hispanic population of any American state with 48.8% of the residents belonging to the ethnicity.

New Mexico dating statistics: The largest New Mexico city Albuquerque has a growing population of 558,545 and a wild nightlife and dating scene. 50.5% of the population is female and 35.0% of the residents speak Spanish fluently. It’s diverse and culturally exciting and very open to immigrants and refugees.

New York

This state is the most popular with pop culture and foreigners. New York state is home to New York City, with over 40% of the population residing there. It’s a popular area for tourists and overseas visitors. Several celebrities live in New York City, but the state itself is beautiful even away from the bustle of the iconic skyscrapers. The landscape is diverse and it’s the 27th largest by mass in America.

New York state dating statistics: A grand total of 19,542,209 residents and counting make New York state their home, and until the 60s, New York was the most populated region in the US. Now it ranks as the 4th. Several races, cultures, and ancestries make up this large population. Everyone dreams of their New York adventure of a lifetime.

North Carolina

Coastal plains and large metropolitan cities create North Carolina, the 28th most extensive state. It sits beside the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast between Tennessee and Virginia. The city of Charlotte has a large amount of the state’s population and attracts visitors regularly.

North Carolina dating statistics: Over half of the residents in North Carolina were born there. They don’t see much overseas newcomers, but they have a population of 10,383,620 and still growing. There is a variety of ethnic groups who call North Carolina home, 65.3% Caucasian. Almost 7% of residents speak Spanish fluently.

Guides to Dating in North Carolina by City

North Dakota

Against the Canadian border is North Dakota, a quiet Midwest state with an important role in the country’s economic growth. The land is perfect for cultivating natural resources. It’s the 19th largest state, but only the 4th least populated, making plenty of room for vast farms to take over it’s countryside. This state has had the biggest population growth since the 2010 census.

North Dakota dating statistics: North Dakota is one the top states for refugee resettlement. Because of this, they see a lot of new faces each year and continue to grow their population of 760,077 slowly and steadily. They also hold the record for the highest church attendance of any state with Christianity being the main religion practiced there.


Chosen by the large Ohio River that runs through the state, Ohio is a small state in the Midwest with a large population. You may hear Ohio natives called Buckeyes, due to their state’s iconic national tree. Ohio is the 34th largest state and has the 10th largest population. It’s one of the biggest states of the Midwest. The state is 8th when it comes to the industrial revolution.

Ohio dating statistics: The economic growth and expansion is what draws people from all over consistently to Ohio. With 11,689,442 residents, Ohio has a little bit of everything when it comes to diversity. There is a large immigration trend from China and India when it comes to Ohio, which welcomes everyone warmly.

Guides to Dating in Ohio by City


Welcome to your home on the range. Oklahoma is a South central state in America with large sloping hills and open plains. It’s the filming location used for several classic American western films. The weather is humid and warm without much rain.

Oklahoma dating statistics: Oklahoma has one of the most diverse populations of the South. The population of 3,943,079 has lots of Scottish and Welsh ancestry. There is the second highest number of Native American residents in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City holds the highest population with 643,648 locals.


The Oregon geography is fascinating and abundant. With large bodies of waters, massive volcanoes, towering mountains, and high deserts, it’s a great place to explore. It’s one of the only 3 states to have it’s Coast along the Pacific Ocean. They are the top producer for timber in the United States, too, and ranks as 9th largest state by mass.

Oregon dating statistics: As the 27th most populated state with 4,190,713 residents, Oregon has an exciting nightlife in the iconic city of Portland. In 8 years, the state saw a 10% increase in population and counting. Oregon is one of the most heavily populated states with Asian communities making up almost 5% of the population.

Guides to Dating in Oregon by City


Though Pennsylvania is only the 33rd largest state in America, it ranks 5th for population. This is mostly thanks to the city of Philadelphia, a historical, iconic city in American history and culture. 1,580,863 people live in the city, fondly referred to as Philly by locals. 46,055 square miles cover it’s large, wide-open terrain and several big cities dot the landscape. It’s climate os subtropical and it’s near the East Coast.

Pennsylvania dating statistics: Pennsylvania is a truly American town, with 74% of it’s 12,807,060 population born in state and 18.4% born in a nearby state. They have a large Dutch population, including Amish culture. Less than 6% of Pennsylvania population was born in a foreign country, but they’re very welcoming of all ethnicities and cultures.

Rhode Island

Despite what it’s name may suggest, Rhode Island is not an island at all, but instead the smallest of the United States. Only 37 miles wide and 48 miles long, Rhode Island is connected on 3 sides to Massachusetts and Connecticut, with it’s East coast open to the Atlantic Ocean. Several smaller islands are located just off of the coast. It’s close proximity to New York and it’s big city make it ideally located while staying small and intimate for it’s natives.

Rhode Island dating statistics: You may have assumed that a state this small would have the smallest population, but Rhode Island actually is the 7th least, with 1,057,315 residents living there. 51.4% of these are women, and there is a lot of diversity for such a small population. Nicknamed The Ocean State, quite fittingly, much of Rhode Island and it’s economy is devoted to maritime activities.

South Carolina

On the Southeast coast, just north of Florida, sits South Carolina, a swampy state with many lowlands and lakes across it’s 32,020 square miles. Due to it’s Oceanside location, the state experiences several earthquakes a year. It is the 40th largest state by square mile, and known for its culturally rich population.

South Carolina dating statistics: 5,084,127 people happily call South Carolina home, making it the 23rd most population city in the states. South Carolina’s population has been reported of having the most foreign-born immigrants than any other state, and 64% of the total population is Caucasian. The rest of these sweet hearted individuals come from all over the globe, with a rich African and European historical leaning.

South Dakota

As the 7th largest state in the US, South Dakota is made up of rolling hills and grassy plans. It’s part of the Midwest region, and though has a lot of land to cover, only ranks it’s population as the 5th smallest in America. This dry, flat state is home to many agricultural businesses, like the rest of the midwest, but is located a little higher North.

South Dakota dating statistics: 65% of South Dakota residents, which calculates up to 882,235 and counting, were born and raised in-state. It’s home to a large population of Native tribes who have been there for years. Almost 10% of the population is Native American, putting South Dakota down as one of the more diverse states in the midwest.


Many consider Tennessee to be the birthplace of country music. Located in the Southeastern region of America, Tennessee is bordered by 8 different states, making it centrally located and easily accessible by much of the Southern, Midwesten, and Eastern areas. The terrain is split between the North Appalachian mountains and the large Missouri river that cuts through the west edge. Tennessee is the 36th largest state.

Tennessee dating statistics: Out of the 6,770,010 people who live here, over 730,000+ residents live in the two largest cities in the state. It is the 16th most populated, the low cost of living attracting people from all over the country. Thanks to this, it’s bustling cities and quiet countryside have become diverse and culturally rich, and big cities Nashville and Memphis are amazing places to meet people from all over the world.

Guides to Dating in Tennessee by City


Traveling through Texas is a long and intriguing experience. As the second largest state for both population and land mass, you have 268,580 square miles of pine forests, swamps, mountains, valleys, and desert. It’s located at the very center of the South on the map, and shares the Southeast coastline with the Gulf of Mexico. Several large, densely populated cities are located within Texas that draw in tourists and permanent residents from all over the globe.

Texas dating statistics: Texans are known for being loud, proud, and larger than life. With a population of 28,701,845, they certainly have the numbers for a state that believes that bigger is always better. Texas is home to several hundred thousand immigrants and due to it’s close proximity to Mexico, over 35% of the population is made up of Hispanics, and Spanish is a popular language spoken throughout the state.

Guides to Dating in Texas by City


Utah is a pretty wild, wide state, the 13th largest in America. It’s urban development is behind the other states, and it has the highest number of population involved with a single church. The mountain range in Utah and it’s excellent skiing slopes are what attracts the most tourists and why many people go to see the beautiful sights.

Utah dating statistics: Of 3,161,105 residents, 91% are Caucasian, most of whom were born within the state. Like many rural states of its kind, there is strong Native American influence when it comes to culture and design. Most of the population lives in the metropolitan range. This is made up of 5 major cities including Lehi.

Guides to Dating in Utah by City


The tiny state of Vermont shares much of its border with Canada, and has a large French-speaking group of people in it’s Northern cities. As the 6th smallest state in America, Vermont is made up mostly of mountains and water with 365 square miles of lakes. Several Vermont residents come from Canada.

Vermont dating statistics: Being as far North as it is, Vermont people are equipped to handle the chilly winters and cool evenings. 626,299 call Vermont home. It’s the one of the least populated states in America and the economy is known for its maple syrup production most predominantly. The average cost of rent in Vermont is under $1,000, making it an affordable living place.


One of the biggest states along the East Coast is Virginia, which is known for their historical drama when it was founded. The nation has a lot of American history in museums and monuments. The Southeastern state is the 35th largest in America and unique in its lawmaking practices and regulations.

Virginia dating statistics: Virginia natives tend to be private people, since as a state, Virginia keeps to itself. 8,517,685 people create its population. With its close location to New York City, many of those living in Virginia were born in NYC, and came to Virginia for the quieter lifestyle.

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In the Northwest corner of America, Washington exists peacefully with its rainy realm of pine forests. The city of Seattle is the most notable part of Washington state, with over 60% of the population living within the city. When referring to this thickly wooded region, many people say Washington state to differentiate it from Washington, D.C., America’s capital.

Washington state dating statistics: As the wealthiest state in America, the Washington economy is thriving and prosperous. It’s known for having the best life expectancy of the country, and it’s population of 7,535,591 people live happily. The socially progressive nature of the political scene has made Washington an ideal place for those under 35 to relocate to.

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West Virginia

Commonly mistaken for a city in Virginia, West Virginia is actually it’s own respective state that formed in the 1860s when it broke away from Virginia and established its own land, laws, and government. Now, it’s the 41st largest state and located in the Appalachian region near the East Coast.

West Virginia dating statistics: It’s a very small state, with only 1,805,832 residents placing West Virginia at the 38th ranking for population. The entire state is located on a mountain range, giving way to big hills and varying heights throughout. It’s considered the Mountain State, and it’s residents are as exciting as it’s elevation.


The country’s main dairy production plants are location in Wisconsin, which is known famously for their milk, cheese, and ice cream products nationwide. The state itself is diverse in terrain and residents, having been greatly impacted by the Ice Age centuries ago and more recently, immigration. It is the 23rd largest state in America, and has a warm, sunny climate that turns to bitterly cold winters.

Wisconsin dating statistics: 5,813,568 residents call Wisconsin home, and their Cuban and Puerto-Rican immigration numbers are higher than neighboring states. It’s predominantly German in ancestry.

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Home to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is a beautiful blend of plains and mountain range. The wildlife and natural environment is rich and plentiful, with Wyoming being the 10th largest state, but the least populated. Much of it’s area is protected by nature preservation laws. It’s a popular location for hikers, backpackers, and mountain climbers or those interested in studying animal life.

Wyoming dating life: Over 50% of Wyoming residents, estimating about 577,737 people, live in the 5 large cities of the state, with the rest of them scattered about the rural country areas. The state is sparsely populated with long stretches of gorgeous landscape between cities and towns. There is less diversity in Wyoming than it’s sister-states Colorado, Montana, or South Dakota. 92.8% of residents are Caucasian.

What You Need To Know about Dating in the US

Like any country, dating in the USA takes patience, diligence, and a splash of courage. There is, of course, a few things to keep in mind specific to the American world that can help you find success easier when dating an American man or woman.

It’s a melting pot of culture

Dating in the united states

No state is like any other because America is full of a unique blend of tradition and backgrounds. Dating in the US, either online or in person, is a wild experience full of surprising encounters. How one person acts towards a potential suitor may be entirely different from the next depending on their history and location.

Be prepared for a lot of variety and trial and error. A willingness to learn about how they do things and what your date likes is key, and in return, you can share your own traditions and beliefs with them. Every country has a different dating scene, and America is one that has a lot of influences from all over the globe.

Online dating is becoming more popular

Now, I’m not sure how much online dating has been integrated into singles scenes elsewhere, but it’s huge in America. Up to 40% of American singles are using the internet to try and snag a date or life-partner, so dating in the States can be as easy as signing up for a profile online.

Americans are more laid back

This goes hand-in-hand with the popularity of online dating, but Americans are typically much more nonchalant about dating than other countries. We like to stay vague, lowkey, and casual with our outings and beginning relationships. Since a lot of relationships begin between two people meeting recently, it’s best to plan first dates as fun, public events where you can get to each other more.

It can change depending on the state, but a lot of early dating stages don’t require much glamor. Since couples date faster in America, it’s unlikely that your first encounters will be big deals. If you’re unsure of the setting, just ask!

Expect a lunch date

When I was in London, I was surprised how uncommon it was for flirtatious couples to grab romantic lunch together. While the nightlife was great, I found it difficult to find a date in the daylight hours. In America, this is a very normal occurrence. Coffee shops, cafes, parks, and other populated places are preferred date spots, especially when it’s the first few times meeting.

Asking someone out for a Starbucks date, a casual lunch during break from work, or a little walk in a local park can be a great way to break the ice, and it’s in popular form in the States. Every state will have it’s best route, but you can’t go wrong with a light-hearted lunch date.

Don’t be afraid to approach a stranger!

There is a fine line between respect and harassment, so it’s important to know the climate before making a move. In America, unlike European countries, most couples start dating quickly. Bars, clubs, singles events, and other activities open the doors for flirting and casual dating. It’s not uncommon for one person to be “seeing” multiple people at once.

As long as you are respectful and polite, there are a lot of situations where it’s appropriate to introduce yourself to a person you don’t know well, and build up into asking them out. Many couples in America meet through mutual friends or even strangers at bars and events.

America has a very casual but direct way of establishing attraction and interest. Each State will have its own set of unspoken rules, but in general, this attitude to dating is country wide. It makes for an incredible, fulfilling dating experience in the States!

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