Ukraine’s Romantic Places for Valentines Day

Do you think about Ukraine’s romantic places for this coming Valentines Day? Did you know that there are a lot of places where you can take your Ukrainian date? Get to know some of Ukraine’s romantic places by reading the information provided below.

For people who don’t know, visiting Ukraine will give you that lovely ambiance and atmosphere. This may be the reason why the country has a lot of romantic places, which are all perfect for this upcoming Valentines Day. Of course, these areas are not only for occasions like this but for a declaration of someone’s love as well. Whatever your reasons are for looking at the most romantic places in Ukraine, the list below will surely help you find the right one for you and your date.

Vylkove — Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Vylkove is Ukraine’s very own Venice, at least according to its locals. It is located in the city of Odessa region which is not that far from Romania’s border. The border then lies on the Danube River, wherein it is known as the part of Danube Biosphere Reserve. If you are planning to access that part of the area, you will have to ride a boat. The reason behind this is because it is impossible to travel by foot due to the river’s channels. Annually, the city residents are welcoming hundreds of tourists who are visiting to witness the phenomena.

Valley of Daffodils Khust — Zakarpats’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places One of Ukraine’s romantic places which are perfect for Valentines Day is the Valley of Daffodils. You can bring your date here so you can both witness an entire field of daffodils that will start to bloom. The Valley of Daffodils is located on Carpathian Biosphere Reserve’s territory, which is 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles away from Khust City. According to the legends, the daffodils have accidentally appeared after a young lady’s father thew flowers in the field. These flowers were given to her by a poor boy. The following morning, the entire valley was then covered with beautiful white daffodils.

Multimedia Fountain Roshen, Vinnytsia — Karmelyuka St. Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Multimedia Fountain Roshen is another famous romantic place in Ukraine. You and your date can enjoy the powerful flowing water streams together with the laser and light effects. There is also a massive screen with video projections and musical accompaniment. You and your date will surely love the beautiful sight. Also, you can surprise your date right after dinner. You can bring her here and watch her face lit up from the beautiful Multimedia Fountain Roshen.

Italian Courtyard, Lviv — Rynok Square, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Italian Courtyard, Lviv is situated on the Market Square and is known to be one of the go-to sites in the city. Due to the romantic history and the narrow balconies of Italian Courtyard, the venue becomes more attractive not only for locals but as well as tourists. There is also an architecture moment during the Renaissance. This state resembles the usual courtyard of Florence and Rome. As of today, Italian Courtyard is a location for romantic dates, literary evenings, and jazz concerts.

Park Bridge, Kiev — Petrivs’Ka Alley, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Park Bridge which is also known as the Bridge of Love by the Ukrainian locals. The reason behind this is because the place is known for wedding venues first dates, and as well as passionate meetings. The place was built during the 1910s and because of one of the most favorite spots of couples. They put locks on the fences, and they pledge their love for each other. But you should know that the people who maintain the bridge are cleaning the space regularly to free up space. This will also help prevent the Park Bridge’s demolishment. Bring your date here for your sumptuous dinner.

University Botanical Garden, Chernivtsi — Chernivets’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places The Botanical Garden which is located in the city of Chernivtsi is one of the most romantic spots for you and your date. The place has gorgeous trees, flowers, exhibitions of plants, and landscape compositions. All these are located in the local greenhouse which will undoubtedly be perfect for you and your date’s night walk. While strolling through the park, you and your date can check out the beautiful Chernivtsi University. The building was formerly the Dalmation Metropolitans and Residence of Bukovinian. It has a picturesque setting, which led a lot of people to hold romantic photo shoots and weddings.

Tunnel of Love — Klevan, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Located at the old railway tracks of Klevan, the Tunnel of Love is popular among couples. Surprise your Ukrainian date by this magical place, wherein the bushes and branches have perfectly interwoven into an arch form with a geometrical shape. According to some beliefs, kissing in the Tunnel of Love will help you not have a never-ending love. You can visit the Tunnel of Love during the spring or summer season. Of course, it would be perfect to visit the place during Valentines Day.

Odessa Opera — Ukraine

Ukraine’s Romantic Places Odessa Opera is located at the Black Sea, which has a lot of unique old-town area that has gorgeous nature, fabulous restaurants, and an architecture that is rich. You and your date can enjoy different activities in the area, which include dancing, fireworks, and as well as horseback riding. You can visit the Odessa Opera by reserving ahead of time, as it can tend to become busy at the time, especially during Valentines Day. There are ticket office and kiosk at the entrance, where you can purchase the tickets.

To make things extra special, you cantata a boat trip together during the daytime. You and your date will surely love Odessa’s coastline. The cost per person for this is $12 which you can easily find along Odessa’s port.

These are all of Ukraine’s romantic places that you and your date can go to. The best time to go to these places is after dinner. You can end the night spending time walking in one of these romantic places.

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