TSDates Review in 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

TSDates is a US-based site designed for use by all members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is a branch of the Ventnor Enterprise community and has been one of the leading providers for adult dating for over 20 years. The site is available in several different countries to provide pleasure to people from all walks of life.

TSDates Review

TSDates is a site mainly aimed at transgender individuals. This may be the primary target audience, but individuals, as well as couples with any orientation, are all welcome on the site.

Currently, the site has over 88 million members worldwide. There are 10 million users on TSDates who use this site weekly. The majority of users are 30 or over, and 75% of members identify as male. Around 15% identify as female, and the remaining 10% are other non-binary genders.

Most users are transgender. There is also a significant percentage of both heterosexual men and women, as well as couples or groups. The site is popular and inclusive for all areas of the community.

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Your Account

Just from your account page, as a member, you have access to a number of unique features on the site. These include the following:

  • Shortcuts to other featured pages
  • Status updates – to let other users know how you’re feeling that day.
  • Last 90 days – to give you a history of your account activity.
  • Broadcast status – this will tell you the number of people live-broadcasting at a specific time with a preview.
  • Search preview tabs – these will notify you of who’s online at the moment, new matches, members in and around your area, and VIPs.
  • Member activity – this is a similar feature to a Facebook Newsfeed. If you have points, you can like and comment on posts from other members.
  • Live model preview – this can be found on one side of your account. Here, you can view previews of the models currently doing live shows.

Your Personal Space

The ‘My Stuff’ section is as you would expect, a space to use the site according to your preferences. Here you will find all of the features relating to your personal activity on the site. There are many subsections to this tab, but here’s a couple of them:

  • Top fans – this will show you a list of members who have given you their admiration and spent their points to become your fan. From here, you can message them to show your appreciation.
  • Hotlist – this list allows you to keep track of who’s hot right now on the site. When you find a profile that you like, you can add them to your Hotlist and keep track of their activity. From here, you can also view members who have added you to their Hotlist.
  • Gifts and Tips – this is an account history section that will show you all of the gifts and tips you have recently sent or received from members.

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Live Shows

This feature gives you access to several different viewing options for video entertainment. From here, you can view the following categories:

  • Live models
  • Live Member Webcams
  • Top Broadcasters
  • Adult Chat Rooms
  • Instant Messenger

Live webcams will allow you to view shows from other members (nude or otherwise) that are happening at the current time. It’s called ‘broadcasting’ on the site because anyone can view these videos while they are happening. The adult chatrooms allow you to search either by region or by a topic of interest.


The TSDates site is very much about creating a community. This area has many special features available, including:

Personal blogs

The Blogs section allows you to show a little more personality on the site. Through your blog, you can attract members with similar interests to you. Those who can relate to your posts may even be encouraged to message you.


This function lets you form or join both local and topical groups to chat with people who have similar interests to you. This includes discussion boards, polls, and chat rooms.


Here, you can find tips, advice, information, guidelines, and stories submitted by other users. You will be able to participate in polls and add comments with your own opinion to these posts.

Sex Academy

This is an institution-type feature for those wanting to learn a little more about sex. TSDates offers members courses on improving sex skills, love-making, and erotics. There’s a lot of information to be learned from these. On completing a course, you will be awarded a badge on your profile so that other members can know about your new skills.

Erotic Stories

Anyone can access the smutty section of the site. As the name suggests, a variety of sex stories for users to read in their spare time.

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Pros and Cons of TSDates Dating Site


  • Multiple ways for you to communicate with others
  • The advanced search filters
  • The number of special features available


  • Limited access to free users
  • There isn’t a mobile app
  • Expensive premium account

Paid vs. Free Membership

The free version of the TSDates site is particularly limited regarding the number of features available. However, a number of the additional services can be purchased separately, without subscribing to the Gold Membership. This gives users the option to pay for the aspects of the site that they are particularly interested in if they don’t want the full membership.

The cost of the Gold Membership subscription is as follows:

Subscription Cost Price per month
1 month $40 $40
3 months $81 $27
12 months $240 $20

The price of membership for TSDates, particularly for the one or three-month subscriptions, is high in comparison with other dating sites. However, it’s important to take into consideration the significant number of special features available with a Gold Membership profile.

Due to the price of membership, it’s difficult to recommend whether to have a premium account. It will be down to each individual whether they feel that the free membership or paying for a few extras is fine for them, or whether they want access to all of the features available.


Overall, TSDates has provided its users with a considerable variety of options when it comes to online dating. The volume of members and activity on the site speaks for its reputation, and the inclusivity it promotes is particularly refreshing.

While the free membership may feel constricting, it does mean that users have the option to get a feel for the site and whether it suits them before subscribing for membership. TSDates seems to be well designed with the customer in mind. I would say that it’s worth trying out, particularly for transgender individuals who are looking for someone new.

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