The Power of silence after Break Up

Being alone can be difficult when you’re going through a divorce or other relationship breakdown. You might find yourself calling your ex on the phone or sending them messages on social media over and over again. 

It is not because you want them back; instead, we often feel powerless during such difficult times and exhaust all of the options available to us to find a way to overcome our suffering. 

Several people have noted that silence can be compelling when one is going through healing after a breakup. 

Silence provides strength for yourself by letting go rather than holding on tightly in the hope that things will improve soon! Let’s learn a little more about this.

How to implement the power of silence after Break Up

The power of silence after break up

For a woman, it is a heartbreaking moment when her man leaves. So it is natural for them to react and express their emotions as they need someone by their side who can listen and empathize with what they are going through at that particular time. 

However, talking too much about the breakup could lead you into trouble because your ex may think that there’s something more beyond those words of yours, which makes him change his mind. Therefore, it is wise to take a step back and think things through. 

You need to realize that your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend still cares about what’s happening in your life even though they have moved on from the relationship with you. 

Every day, they will check up on how much progress has been made; it assures them that there are no regrets when they choose to leave because of their fears of being stuck in an unhappy marriage later in life. 

It makes them feel good knowing that despite all odds, without his support, the woman could move forward and continue living her life happily ever after, leaving everything behind, including her memories with him. 

When this happens, chances are high she may even come back to you. If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is still checking up on you, it’s a great sign that they may be interested in getting back together with you. 

It only shows the passion and love they have for you, even though there were flaws within the relationship that made them decide to leave in the first place. 

They are happy knowing that despite all odds, without his support, she could move forward and continue living her life happily ever after leaving everything behind, including him from her memories. Finally, when this happens, chances are high he will return into your arms again.

Ways to cope with the pain

Coping with the pain of a breakup can be very difficult. However, a helpful way to get through it is by being intentional about what you tell yourself and where you focus your thoughts. 

It’s important to remember not to give power to negative thoughts. “It’s been a month, and I’m still in pain,” is a thought that can be helpful or harmful depending on how you look at it. If this is something that enters your mind, try instead saying, “I have had my heartbroken, but the world will keep turning.” 

Another way would be focusing on being present in everything you do for yourself by making time to take care of yourself with self-care activities such as taking a bath, getting together with friends, exercising, etc. 

Often, when we are going through hard things, our instinct might tell us to isolate ourselves from others, so no one else gets affected by the sadness we’re feeling inside; however, this is a mistake. 

Research shows loneliness and lack of social support can lead to poorer health outcomes, including mental illness, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. 

So it’s essential to take care of yourself by being around supportive people who love you and encourage you in your time of need and not letting the sadness overtake your life because there are many things worth living for no matter how hard times might be.

How to live without someone you love

To start, you have to know that there is no right or wrong way of feeling after a break-up. It’s all about your relationship and how it ended, so don’t compare yourself with other people as everybody has their own story. 

Living without someone you love. When we read these words for the first time, we may think they are weird, but sometimes this can be useful too! If you want to improve your life, even more, live a day like they were not there anymore! 

You could do absolutely anything from watching Netflix the whole day, going out with friends, or doing whatever makes you happy most! 

Just remember one thing, though: “you deserve ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, so don’t hold yourself back! Then, a couple of weeks later -you should probably start to feel better now- you can continue your life as if they had never existed. 

There are many ways of feeling better, but the most important is that YOU ARE OKAY. After a breakup, the only thing left to do is learn how to live without someone you love, accepting reality and knowing that this person will always be in your heart. 

So keep on living with no regrets because “the past cannot be changed, forgotten or erased…but it can be healed”.

What it means to be alone and what that means for your future

You have been through a break-up, and you’ve been in another relationship for quite some time now. You have finally decided to go your separate ways because it was not working out between the two of you anymore, but you are still feeling less than confident about moving on from this breakup. 

Well, there is no reason why you should feel that way! On the contrary, being alone after a difficult breakup can be one of the most empowering experiences ever. 

It allows us to focus on ourselves without having to worry about anyone else’s needs or desires. You can start a workout routine while still in your relationship, but you cannot truly dedicate yourself to the process until you are alone. 

In addition, it is not just about physical strength and conditioning; spending time alone allows us to gain clarity of mind. There might be many things inside our heads at times like these, especially if we were attached for quite some time before breaking up. 

We could feel guilty or ashamed that we did something wrong or made a mistake by leaving this person behind, but once again, being alone gives us room to think without distraction from others’ emotions and thoughts because they have their own lives too! And so much more.

How do you know if you can get past this or not

You can try to think about the relationship and what went wrong. If you feel that it is a sign of growth, then maybe there’s hope for moving forward. On the other hand, if their actions were so toxic or abusive that they take away from your self-respect, then time may be needed to get back on track with yourself before being able to move on completely. 

The best way to know whether you can later date this person again (if desired) would depend upon both parties taking responsibility for how things ended to truly let go and move forward together in whatever capacity makes sense for everyone involved. 

As long as each party takes full responsibility and chooses not to engage in any conversation looking backward, only looking forwards when engaging with one another, it can work. 

If there is too much blame going on that you cannot see a way to move past the hurt and become friends again, do not force it, as this will only cause more pain for both of you in the long run if reuniting occurs. 

Only time can heal those wounds from breakups or divorces where people have been together forever. 

Don’t rush yourself into something new because of loneliness or pressure from others around you – sometimes we make mistakes when we feel vulnerable, so be patient with yourself! In these cases, some soul searching may need to happen before jumping back into anything else.

Coping mechanisms, such as talking about it, writing about it, etc…

For many people, it can be hard to talk about breakups. For many others, they will want to share the pain with their friends and family members. However, silence is just as valid a coping mechanism for this challenging time in your life. 

When you are ready to speak again about what happened or use words instead of actions (such as writing), there are ways that you can do so without being judged by those around you. 

For example, if you are a spiritual person, you may want to reconnect with friends from your community. In the meantime, silence is normal and can be just as therapeutic as sharing what happened with others. 

Your time will come when you feel ready. In the meantime, it’s okay not to talk about things or even share on social media if that makes sense for you. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense to anyone else but only yourself for it to work! 

This way, you can preserve your feelings. Altogether, silence is a perfectly valid coping mechanism for breakups, and it’s okay to take time before you feel ready to speak again about what happened. 

It doesn’t have to make perfect sense to anyone else but only yourself for it to work! This way, you can preserve your feelings.

What should I do now…what’s next…?

You can’t figure out this question independently, nor will you find the answer in a book. The only person who can help is YOURSELF! This time of powerlessness and emotional upheaval may be an advantage for taking steps to rebuild yourself into someone that can live happily again after a breakup. 

You are already standing at the doorstep of change; all you need now is one small step towards new beginnings without thinking about how it’s going to end yet…you’ll go as far as YOU let yourself go. 

There isn’t any reason you shouldn’t feel optimistic during tough times like these because they do pass even if they are slow sometimes or seemingly endless, but nothing lasts forever, so just remember: what goes down must come back up! 

To be happy again after the break-up, you need to find a way of reconnecting with your true self, and the magic will happen. You can do this by taking small steps every day towards your new beginning. It will give you the power to feel strong and be confident again, certainly because once you find yourself, everything else falls into place (just like magic). 

Your first step may seem challenging, but it’s doable; don’t think about doing all of them at one time…one baby step at a time is enough! Make room for relaxation without feeling guilty after breaking up, which can help rebuild yourself.

Some Open Questions

What are some signs that my ex is in love with me again?

Saying “I miss you” or “I can’t stop thinking about you” are both acceptable expressions. If your ex says this, it indicates that they still have feelings for you. Especially if the relationship ended on bad terms, this could be a positive sign. 

Can I see signs that he wants me back but is too afraid to tell me?

You can tell whether he misses you or not by looking at what he does after the breakup; however, keep in mind that people can be extremely shy when they like someone else, so don’t be surprised if you find out later that your relationship was one-sided from the beginning.

How can I get her to take me back after a breakup?

Those who can get their ex back after a breakup are the exception rather than the rule. Those who cannot do so are the exception rather than the rule. As long as you don’t know how she feels about you, I can’t give you an accurate assessment of whether or not she will take you back. 


Now that you are aware of the power of silence, it may be a good idea to experiment with and incorporate this technique into your daily life. 

If you know someone struggling with the end of their relationship because they want to call or text their ex all day long, please forward this article to them as a resource. 

It’s not easy, but if done correctly, it will help bring closure more quickly than attempting to discuss every issue that arose during the breakup. 

It also serves to protect you from any potential future harm that could result from continuing to speak about an old flame indefinitely.

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