Top Romantic Restaurants in Bangkok

Thinking of the top romantic restaurants in Bangkok for Valentines Day? Worry no more, as I have gathered the list of romantic restaurants in Bangkok for you and your Thai date. Get to know what these restaurants are by reading the information provided below.

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokThere are a lot of romantic restaurants all over the city of Bangkok. These restaurants usually come in different sizes and shapes. Whether you want a restaurant that will let you dine under the stars or a dining room with candles, you will surely find one in Bangkok. As you all probably know, each person has a different idea of a romantic dinner, which is why I made sure to include different romantic restaurants that will cater to your taste. But don’t worry because all of these restaurants are perfect for this coming Valentines Day.

Mezzaluna – Silom/Riverside

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokMezzaluna is one of the romantic restaurants in Bangkok, wherein it is known for having diligent service and a string quartet. The restaurant also offers the best views of the city, where you and your date can undoubtedly enjoy. Their cuisine is French which is delicious, but make sure to be ready to pay more for an experience that is exquisite. Mezzaluna is located at the State Tower Hotel of lebua on the 65th floor. Enjoy a set menu of 4 to 7 courses while enjoying Bangkok’s view.

Sala Rim Naam – Riverside

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokSala Rim Naam has every element that will help you and your date to have the most romantic dinner this Valentines Day. It is entirely situated by the riverside, and they serve nothing but the best Thai food in the city. You may opt to dine on the patio where you can enjoy the view and the romance surrounding you and your date. Of course, they also have an indoor setting, where both of you can enjoy a performance that is theatrical. Sala Rim Naam’s menu range from different Thai dishes, from mini appetizer, sets to their traditional Thai dishes.  The restaurant is located at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

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Le Normandie – Riverside

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokImpress your Valentines Day dinner by taking her to Le Normandie because of its classic setting, which is also located at Mandarin Oriental. The restaurant caters to French cuisine which you can enjoy while looking at the river’s view. One of the best things about Le Normandie is that their service is outstanding, which will perfectly fit a royalty. For people who don’t know, Le Normandie is known to be synonymous with the term high-end dining. In fact, they have been in the industry for over 40 years and mind you because they implement a very strict dress code for their guests. It is the only restaurant in Bangkok that will require men to wear a blazer.

Vertigo – Sathron

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokVertigo is a small restaurant, located at The Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel on the 61st floor. The restaurant is offering western menu classics, from steaks and ribs to Caesar salad. Also, Vertigo has a majestic view of Bangkok, which will undoubtedly make your dining experience extra special. Since Valentines is fast approaching, it would be best to book ahead of time so that you can get best seats. These seats are located along the sides of the railing since this area will give you the privacy and of course a better view of Bangkok’s skyline.

by John Michael Lorain – Sathorn

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokJ’Aime by John Michael Lorain is perfect for people who love to enjoy new dining experiences. Chef John Michael Lorain, which is known to have a 3 Michelin star is the one who opened J’Aime. It is a beautiful French restaurant in Bangkok, which is now run by John Michale Lorain’s daughter and her partner. The restaurant is serving French, but they also made sure to add an Asian twist to it. For instance, Gillardeau oyster, which is J’Aime’s favorite dish is served with a puree of cauliflower, pearls of oyster brine, bergamot, citrus, and is perfectly wrapped in spinach.

J’Aime is situated in U Sathorn Hotel, which has an overlooking of the garden and the swimming pool of the hotel. Dining in this restaurant feels like you are dining away from Bangkok. The reason behind this is because it is perfectly hidden across the city to give you a relaxing experience.

Chakrabongse Villas – Riverside

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokThe beautiful and extremely exclusive restaurant is the Chakrabongse Villas, which is situated over the Chao Phraya River. It is set in a traditional pavilion Thai floating, which has its dock. You can, of course, get into the back door, but since you are eyeing this restaurant for a Valentine’s date, then booking a speedboat in advance would be best. The speedboat which will privately be for you and your date will take you to the Central Sathorn Pier, which is just in from of Saphan Taksin BTS Station to the impressive entrance to the waterside. Renting a speedboat will cost you 1,500 baht, while each villa can cost 1,000 baht and above. Chakrabongse Villas’ menus changes on a daily basis, but worry no more because they have every classic Thai dishes that you can imagine. Some of the Thai classics include massaman curry, roasted duck with tamarind source, and the tom yam goong.

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

Romantic Restaurants in BangkokThe Gardens of Dinsor Palace is inside the mansion owned previously by Thai royalty. You and your date will surely be impressed by how beautiful the restaurant is. Also, the place is surrounded by an aviary with animals, including a white peacock and white bunnies that are incredibly fluffy. The Gardens of Dinsor Palace’s menu have western options, from thick potato wedges to rack of ribs with barbecue sauce. But if you want to impress your date more, then ordering under their Mediterranean inspired menu will do the trick. Some of the dishes that you can order are firm cherry tomatoes, eggplant, raisins, and as well as butterfish with orange juice.

These are all of the top romantic restaurants in Bangkok, where you can take your date for Valentines.

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