How To Date a Thai Woman

Are you wondering how to date a Thai Woman? Is this going to be your first date with someone from Asia? Then making it as perfect and fun as possible would be nice. Read on as I share some useful tips on how to date a Thai woman.

Date a Thai WomanAs you have probably known by now, a Thai woman is one of the most beautiful women on earth. This is the reason why more and more men from all over the world are pursuing them. You are no exception, as you are reading this to get some tips on how to date a Thai woman. You may feel a little nervous, especially if this is your first time. But fret no more because I am here to make sure that your first date will be perfect.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Date A Thai Woman

Look Clean and Fresh

Date a Thai WomanJust like in any dates, it would be best to shave and take a shower when going out on a date. Thai women tend to judge a person by the first impression. So if you are planning to turn up to your date looking all dirty and smelly, then forget about it. Use a mild perfume and dress decently. It would be best to show her that you are putting an extra effort to look decent and kind. This will give her an idea that you will also provide an effort when it comes to relationships.

No Public Displays of Affection

Date a Thai WomanPublic displays of affection may be a natural occurrence in your country, but it’s different in Thailand. A Thai woman will never show you any affection in public. In fact, she may not even allow you to give her a kiss in front of her house. But don’t get offended, because this is just how Thai women are. The best thing that you can do is observe her body language. Her body language will help you figure out if tonight is the night for a good night kiss. But if she rejects it, by all means, do not force it. But don’t fret because this is just not that right time.

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Respect the Thai Culture

Date a Thai WomanFor people who don’t know, Thai men and women are religious. In fact, they are known to have a more profound spiritual belief. It is never right to touch a person’s head. It is also a bad idea to gesture or grab anything using your feet. It would be best to avoid negative comments or insults about Thailand or any country. If you are unsure if a comment will offend her, then it would be best just to skip it. The reason behind this is because Thai men and women are proud of their country and they don’t accept any comments that are derogatory lightly.

Another thing that you need to watch out is your attitude when it comes to treating her. At the beginning of your date or even just a few dates, it would be best to avoid any playful teasing. She might get offended and ruin the relationship that you both are building.

Practice Self-Discipline

Date a Thai WomanThai women are shy and timid, especially during the first few dates. Stop acting too pushy by repeatedly trying to hold hands or kiss. It will just make her feel extremely uncomfortable, which you surely don’t want. Again, this does not mean that she is not into you. It’s just that they prefer the traditional way of courtship. In short, they prefer taking it slow.

Plan Your Every Date

Date a Thai WomanYes, you should carefully plan every date, especially the first one. You need to make a Thai woman feel special. You can do this by avoiding clubs and bars. It would be best to take her to a nice restaurant and a nice place where the two of you can walk after. Of course, it would be nice to let her know your plans. You surely don’t want her getting overdress or underdress during your date. It would be best to tell her in advance so she’ll have enough time to pick what dress to wear. Of course, you need to make sure that she’s comfortable with the place or risk to never see her ever again.

Be Right On Time

Date a Thai WomanAvoid being late as this will surely give a wrong impression. The reason behind this is because she will think that you don’t care about her. The best thing that you can do is be early, but not just too much. As you know, women like dressing up and putting makeup on, so you might wait a bit longer if you show up too early. Always remember that Thai women are quite sensitive with their looks.

Pay for the Entire Date

Date a Thai WomanWhen it comes to first dates, Thai women or not, they would appreciate it truly if you go and pay for your first date. Some women may insist on sharing half of the tab, but it would be best if you shoulder everything. But there are instances where a Thai woman may be too persistent. The reason behind this is because most Thai women today are becoming successful. They are also becoming independent financially. So if she is too persistent then let her share the tab.

Be Comfortable

Date a Thai WomanIt won’t help if you will feel tense or shy during the date. Your Thai date undoubtedly feels the same way. So the best way that you do is to relax and make her as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the moment and have fun. Your date will undoubtedly feel the same way after a few minutes, especially if you make her feel comfortable.

These are all of the ways on how to date a Thai woman successfully. Follow these tips above, and you will inevitably end up having a second, third and so on a date with your Thai woman. It won’t hurt if you bring flowers on the first date as well.

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