Best Thai Dating Site: Thai Cupid

One of the most beautiful women in Asia is Thai women. They are the perfect representation of what an Asian woman looks like. That’s why it’s no wonder they are being sought after by men from all over the world. One of the best Thai dating sites today is Thai Cupid, which is part of the Cupid Media network. Get to know why this has become the best in Thai dating sites, by reading the information below. 

Thai Cupid

Thai Cupid was established in the year 2002, and their goal is to connect thousands of single Thai women with people from all over the world. Thai Cupid is known as the best because a lot of people trust it. They have over 1.5 million members, and it keeps on growing every day.

Thai Cupid is a well-established dating site, which is part of the Cupid Network. Cupid Network is known to operate reputable dating sites of different niches. From the US alone, they have a total of 600,000 members, while the daily log-ins are recorded at 3,000 members. 85% of its members are men who are seeking for Thai women who are looking for dates and someone that they can be with for a long period.

Why Choose Thai Cupid

With over a million registered members, Thai Cupid is a great choice. The most frequent visitors are from United Kingdom France, Germany, the United States, and of course Thailand. This simply means that the chances of finding a Thai woman are extremely high, though the competition is a little tough so make sure to get ahead of your game.

Another reason why you should choose Thai Cupid is that there are different ways on how you can communicate with other members. This means that no matter what type of communication you want to use, Thai Cupid has everything in store for you. 

They also have search filters so it will be easier for you to find the match that you want. You can opt to search by location, age, or by preference, so you can see the match that you really want for yourself. 

Sign Up Process

When it comes to signing up, Thai Cupid made sure that it will be quick and easy for everything. You can opt to choose Facebook to sign up, but this also means that your account will be linked to Thai Cupid and vice versa. But you can choose to sign up via email, where you need to input your email address, password, gender, and of course, your age. There will also be some tests that you will have to answer as the answers will help the site find the perfect match for you. 

Amazing Features On Thai Cupid

Instant Messenger

The instant messenger feature comes with text and a camera. All members can communicate using this feature, which will help you get to know other members. You can also opt not to use the camera first if you are not yet comfortable to let the member then you’re chatting with see your face. Of course, in the long run, it’s always best to show your face in a video to build a good relationship with that member.

Verified Accounts

Another good feature is that you can request for Thai Cupid to verify your account. This will help other members to get to make sure that they are chatting with a real person. Of course, this will also make sure that you’re going to be chatting with people who are real. To request for verification, you can upload the needed identification documents on the site. You can also email it to Thai Cupid. Verifying your account will definitely strengthen your profile’s authenticity. 

Block List

Now, if you have been offended or you got annoyed with a member, you can always block them. This will ensure that they will never be able to contact you again. You can also report the individual if needed so the site can do something about it.

Cupid Tags

You can use the Cupid Tags to show off all of your good traits. These tags will also help other members to find you easily. Of course, you can also find the members using certain tags.

Overall, Thai Cupid is a great online dating site to help you find that Thai woman that you’ve been asking your whole life. Start signing up and meet your match.

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