11 Best Tampa Hookup Apps, Sites And Bars For 2023

As either a tourist or resident, Tampa is blooming with attractive faces and interesting personalities and crowded with hopeful singles ready to mingle. The only difficulty is finding a way to connect with these singles, especially when the Tampa population nearly crests 400,000 residents.

In the tourist seasons, this number skyrockets, giving you the largest dating pool you could imagine… but makes dipping your toes in the water tricky. Shady bars and clubs, sketchy, unsafe, inactive apps, and bogus websites all promise to play match-maker quickly, but you risk wasting both time and money on unproven methods of meeting attractive men or women in Tampa.

To really get the Tampa hookup experience, you need an exclusive, insider guide on where to find the best singles looking for some bedroom fun in the sunshine state!

Check out our top dating app pick below:

Finding Tampa Singles Online: 4 Best Tampa Hookup & Dating Websites

Getting online to find a Tampa single ready to hookup is a lot easier and takes less effort than dressing yourself up for a bar or nightclub. Plus, online dating for both casual encounters and serious commitments has continued to grow in popularity, making it a very useful tool for lonely singles ready to find someone available and interested.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder for Tampa singles

As the top website for no-strings sex and casual encounters, AFF takes the cake for best, easiest, and safest way to find sex online. Many Tampa users are active frequently, and the website itself gathers a massive amount of hits from the state of Florida alone.

You may have heard of this website before, but didn’t trust it. It’s hard to believe that sex could ever be so easily obtained, but in the city of Tampa, it’s true! Signing up is free, so even if you have your doubts, you can give the website your own attempt and decide if it’s worth it for you.

If you do like what you see, get chatting and send pictures and videos! You’ll be well on your way towards a Tampa hookup without the worries of scams, danger, or losing money.


Fling to find Tampa singles

Fling was designed for creating quick, well, flings! In Tampa, many users and attractive women get on the website to cure their temporary loneliness or sexual needs, and it works very well. In fact, this site is loved for the affordable membership options, free account creation, easy features, and interactive members!

With several, and I mean several, payment plan options, you can decide exactly what you want from this hookup website and then make it work for you. Plus, this whole website has been certified as scam-free.

The profiles, women, men, and interest is 100% real! You don’t waste time chatting with staff, bots, or paid promotional members, but instead real people in the local Tampa area interested in hooking up with you.


BeNaughty to find singles in Tampa

Chatting online with men and women around Tampa with sexual interests in mind is really easy with this website. Like Adult Friend Finder, it’s known for it’s highly sexual focus and NSA dating, but some prefer the smoother interface and user options that BeNaughty has over the other features of similar sites.

It does, however, match the rest of the crowd with users. Tampa members are online, active, and looking for someone to satisfy them! BeNaughty is one of our favorite hookup websites anywhere in the US, but visiting Tampa without opening up the browser and giving it a shot would be a sorely missed opportunity.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement Tampa dating

This website won’t be the answer for everyone – but for young, attractive women looking for affluent, attentive older men, it’s perfect. Many students in Tampa and those enjoying an eventful summer or school break are eager to find a little fling, and would be thrilled to make a mutually beneficial arrangement together.

Many Tampa men and young women are on Seeking Arrangement doing just that – seeking a fair, agreed arrangement for sexual relationships and companionship for funding for school, debt, or lifestyle.

On this website, Tampa is one of the hot spots for active members, and several young women have signed up with high hopes for the casual man of their dreams. It may not be for everyone, but it could be just what you’re looking for!

4 Best Tampa Hookup Apps

Tampa residents, like the city itself, are busy people with lives to live and places to go and be! Because of that, online websites aren’t always the most ideal way to connect with others. A mobile option is preferred for most searching for hookups, especially in the younger crowd.

Thanks to these 4 excellent apps, you can easily find your Tampa local hookup with a swipe and a click!


Tinder for tampa dating

It’s hard not to talk about hookup apps without bringing up Tinder. It has broken records and remained the highest selling and most frequently used dating and hookup app available all over the US and other countries.

Thanks to Tinder, countless users have found their picture-perfect match through simple swiping and chatting. Over the years, the app has gained a reputation for being very hands-on and less of a long term goal. For anyone just wanting a hookup over a serious commitment, Tinder presents your best option!

Plus it’s affordable, free to try out, and entirely safe and scam-free.

The League

the league dating app for tampa dating

As advertised in the Tampa Bay Times in 2017, The League is a semi-exclusive dating and hookup app designed for big city metro life users. After a growing waitlist of eager Tampa users created enough demand for the app to be implemented in Tampa, the user base remained active and dedicated, and has now become a great place to connect with likeminded Tampa professionals.

The app boasts of being a catalyst for match-making power couples. Those with impressive education, careers, and even hobbies or lifestyle. Anyone in any walk of life has their sexual needs, and for Tampa professionals hoping for a quick hookup, casual relationship, or no-strings romp in the bedroom – this app is a great way to find someone on your level.


OkCupid review

As a personal favorite of mine, OkC can’t avoid making it onto this list, especially in such a diverse city as Tampa. The beauty of OkCupid is that it can cater to anyone, at any time, while adding a whole layer of personality to your profiles and matches.

If you’re just looking for a quick hookup, OkCupid is a great place for you, but it can also turn into a relationship! The app puts a lot of focus on building a profile, so members on the platform tend to be more active, responsive, and take their activity on the app more seriously.

Mention that you’re looking for hookups, and your matches will be geared towards the same outcome! Getting these kinds of matches so easily without the games that other dating apps love to make you play is a valuable time-saver, and gets you to the bedroom bit faster!

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish for dating in Tampa

One of the best things about the popular dating website & app Plenty of Fish, or PoF as we affectionately nicknamed it, is that it has location-specific chat rooms, message boards, and classified ads. This means you’ll have the chance to connect with only those in Tampa and local, as well as post your own requests and get nearby responses.

Other than the handy-dandy local aspect that PoF does a great job of featuring, this app knows how to make real connections happen. Many users in Tampa have stated how great it is using PoF because they know they’ll find someone they are interested in and that hookups really do happen.

In addition to being active and extremely safe, Plenty of Fish has gotten attention for the past several years by changing the game of online hookups for the better. In many ways, this app sets the standard that other newer apps crave to match, so get involved!

Finding Tampa Singles In person: Top 3 Tampa Hookup Bars

One of the best parts of Tampa is the nightlife, so it would be downright criminal to just rely on online connection options for your casual dating needs. Throw on a cute outfit, tussle your hair, and get out there to flirt!

If you need the answer to the question where do I go to find Tampa singles, wait no longer. These 3 nightlife hot-spots are perfect for trying out your best pick-up lines, giving flirtatious side-eyes, smiles, dancing, drinking, and much more. Even if you don’t make it back with a date that night, you’re in for a great time.

Club Prana

Club Prana

Tampa’s Premier Nightclub, as boasted on their main webpage, is a lively zone for singles of all ages, sizes, and personalities. 5 floors, live music, constant events, VIP opportunities, and much more create an ideal atmosphere for flirting, socializing, and meeting hopeful singles who are DTF.

Every Thursday at the club is called flirty Thursday… so do the math yourself and figure out what that could mean for you! This is the party central for Tampa, so it’s the hottest spot to find attractive singles just like yourself mingling and ready to enjoy some no-strings attached fun.

Hyde Park Cafe

Located in one of the best areas in Tampa, Hyde Park is a wonderful way to meet interesting singles both local and touring. Excellent food, exciting weekend nightlife crowds, and incredible drink specials have turned Hyde Park Club into a must-see stop for anyone, which gives you an excellent pool of fresh flirts.

Getting social in the comfortable, friendly environment hosted by the club is easy, and you’ll see that everyone else feels the same way. Enjoy the club’s parties, put yourself on the simple guest list online to avoid paying a cover, and start flirting with the dozens of hot singles that wander their way into the hot nightlife location every single weekend!


Though on a much smaller scale than the two other bars and clubs mentioned so far, the Crowbar is not a place to skip over. It’s home to the best live music events in Florida, including well-known artists in an intimate, cozy, flirtatious venue.

Plus, the drinks are amazing! The Crow’s Nest Beer Garden has enough options to satisfy anyone, even the most picky of tastes, and weekly and monthly events give you constant excuses to go visit the incredible venue.

Even going alone, you’re bound to run into an attractive single looking for some easy fun, and the shared interest in music, beer, and dancing is a great way to start off the night and get things moving in the right direction. Check out their calender to see if you could swing by for the next fun event, and take home a pretty lady, too!

Helpful Secrets For Casual Dating In Tampa

As the third largest city in Florida, Tampa is a bustling spot for nightlife fun, flirting, and meeting new people. From packed bars and clubs to exciting boardwalks and beaches, you are never at a loss for fun with sexy singles along the West coast of Florida.

One of the best times for easy hook-ups and casual dating is the tourist season, and most specifically, the weeks of spring break and all through the summer. Though Florida vacation destinations like Miami and Orlando take a lot of the attention, several young, lustful singles flock to Tampa with naughty thoughts on the mind.

It’s also a good idea to keep the access to local beaches, parks, and other outdoor events and activities in mind. Many singles like to get out in the beautiful, sunny weather – especially if they are tourists in your local area.

And finally, casual dating in Tampa is very similar to elsewhere, but the city is known as a fun, social zone. It’s a good idea to gather your confidence and just start smiling at others and introducing yourself to anyone you find interesting!


Finding singles to hookup with Tampa isn’t tough if you know where to look. Fortunately, you just learned about 11 amazing, new places to start using your charm and finding attractive Tampa locals to flirt and hookup with. Be it an online adventure or something more intimate and in person, Tampa is a great place to find your temporary bedroom bliss, and the invigorating nightlife scene and active online dating presence makes it a job well done.

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