SugarDaddie Review: Features, Pricing, Demographics for 2019

Ever since popular dating site Sugardaddie was featured on TV, it has become the most visited site for wealthy, beneficial singles and those hoping to find a relationship of this kind. It’s also one of the founding websites dedicated to this sort of match-making, so over the years, Sugardaddie has acquired quite a reputation. How true are the rumors? Let’s dive into this detailed SugarDaddie review and discover the truth!

SugarDaddie Review

SugarDaddie is a website for wealthy people

SugarDaddie is a website for wealthy people, most commonly older men, and younger, middle to lower class individuals, usually female students. With it’s great history of successful matching, competitive pricing, and unique features included with the website, many have found it to be very helpful in finding beneficial, mutual relationships. Since it’s been in operation for over 10 years now, the reputation proves that they have the tools to provide to their customers.

Once you sign up, which is a very fast and easy process, you can begin immediately checking out the possible matches. The profiles are very detailed and direct, with information that helps you determine if they want the same arrangement as you. Unlike most dating apps, SugarDaddie actually has almost a business feel to it, and it’s less romancing and sensual than most.

Unfortunately, while searching, you can only narrow down the results to your state… not your city. So you may have to do some digging to discover someone local, but this is also ideal because not every dynamic includes in-person interactions, either.

The website does not need proof of income or verification of your funds either, so the site works on a built community of trust. It’s safe and secure and doesn’t require tons of personal information.

Let’s get a closer look at what SugarDaddie truly has to offer.

SugarDaddie Member Demographics

SugarDaddie Member Demographics

The sugar daddy/baby community is already a pretty stereotypical and set-in-stone group of people, so the demographics on this site very clearly reflect that fact. One major downside that Sugar Daddie has is that it isn’t very open to homosexual connections. There is no options for LGBTQ settings or profiles, and instead, all sexualities are implied and assumed to be straight. Of course, this is pretty standard for the niche… but it would be nice to see some diversity, or at least the ability to accept it, on the site.

That being said, the members themselves fall into pretty clear patterns as far as their statistics go. With an alleged 5,000,000 active member count, you have tons of options to choose from. The site features members from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

There is a bit more of an influx of female users, mostly sugar babies, probably due to the class difference and the fact that more people are middle or lower class than in a position to fund a partner financially. 65% of the users are female, and 48% of them are over the age of 35, according to a study done in 2009. Disappointingly, there is very limited information released by SugarDaddie that relates to the demographics.

After browsing through the site, it seems that most of the female members are college students, and the financial providers (or daddies), are wealthy men in their 40s-50s who are looking for travel companions.

SugarDaddie Features

SugarDaddie Features

Like any dating site, you have the ability to scroll through the members and message them for interaction. SugarDaddie leaves a lot of the actual match-making decisions up to their members, so you won’t be put through any special algorithm done by the service. Instead, you can use their search filters and explore profiles freely and choose who to message that way.

A few other features on their website include the ability to see some very important activity stats on each profile. You can see who is currently active, when an account last signed in, and if they are a new member or not. With this feature, you can ensure you only spend the time messaging someone who is an active user.

Many other features come into great use on SugarDaddie, as well. Some are pretty standard to most dating sites, but others make the process a unique experience. Some features include:

  • There is no automatic billing process, so you don’t have to worry about recurring payments.
  • You can fully block any member at any time.
  • Multiple relationship statuses settings
  • Messaging forums in addition to instant chats
  • Save your searches

SugarDaddie Pricing

You can use much of the SugarDaddie website without having to pay a penny, but if you want to actually be able to send and receive messages… you’ll have to upgrade. Fortunately, SugarDaddie is pretty reasonably priced, when you compare it to other top dating sites out there. Being a niche site, it’s very hard to find a 100% free alternative, and for it’s kind, the prices are great.

Memberships on SugarDaddie come in several different tiers and payment plans. Take a look at what you can expect when you decide to upgrade:

  • $24.99/per month, 1-month package
  • $16.99/per month, 3-month package
  • $14.99/per month, 6-month package
  • $12.99/per month, 1-year package

So for a whole year, you’ll be paying $155.88 up front, which is far cheaper than most other premium dating site accounts in that tier. The flexibility in options is helpful for those who are unsure, and since all the billing is done manually, you’ll never be charged without deciding for yourself you want to extend your membership.

Chance of Success

Have you ever heard the term that all advertising is good advertising? Well, SugarDaddie website has gotten plenty of it, both good and bad. One of the biggest success stories was actually aired on the TV show Dr. Phil, where both the baby and the daddy had fallen into a very beneficial agreement, and eventually, into what they claim is true love. Their presence on the show was an outpouring of acceptance and desire for others to accept their odd dynamic, and in the end, it gave quite a positive light to the ability of creating great matches on SugarDaddie.

Aside from that news story, there have been several reviews and promising tales of babes meeting their wealthy dreamboat daddies, and carrying on for several years. Some girls are able to handle multiple at a time, and find it just as rewarding as a traditional relationship.

Scam Management

SugarDaddie Scam Management

You do need to be careful when you use SugarDaddie. No major scams have been reported, but the site doesn’t have much as far as verification goes. This is both good… and bad. You know that SugarDaddie will not use your personal information in any way that could harm you, since it is so limited, but it also means not every member is genuine and verified.

The biggest area of concern is for those who are the site as a care-taker, hoping to provide financial value in return for affection. Make sure your sugar baby is truly who she says to be, and isn’t someone posing as an attractive young model or student, but is in reality a person from a different country and maybe a different gender entirely.

The scam management could use some work, but you can use common sense to combat the risks.

Overall Rating:

If the sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic is something you’re hopeful to explore, SugarDaddie is a great option for you. It really needs more male members, and it could do with a bit of a work-up as far as modern changes (such as allowing same-sex coupling and better scam managament tactics).

Overall, the site knows exactly what this niche needs, and it does above and beyond to provide to its members. It’s affordable, it’s effective, it’s popular, and it’s successful. The free trial is worth signing up for to get a peek at how the site works, and if you choose to upgrade, you may fall directly into the beneficial situation you hope for.


Though SugarDaddie has mostly dominated the dating scene for this type of relationship, a very popular competitor has about the same chance of success as this site. Seeking Arrangement is one other similar site that is used by many, and though it mirrors several aspects of SugarDaddie, some have preferred the site and staff to this one.

Sugar Daddy & Baby Dating Need To Knows

A relationship between these two types of people is a little tricky to navigate and hard to understand in the beginning. Like many other forms of controversial relationships, the rules will vary based on the couple. It’s important to be upfront and honest about your expectations and boundaries.

Additionally, finding these sort of connections in the real world is very difficult. You can’t very well just march up to someone in person and ask if they want this sort of dynamic, which is why specific dating sites for these people are perfect! It also can help keep some anonymity in place when negotiating the terms and conditions of the benefits you will receive.

Safety Concerns

As always, one of the biggest issues with a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is one that comes with all online relationships; how legit is the person you’re speaking to? Being aware of romance scammers, horror stories of kidnapping, and other abusive situations is very important when you pursue a sugar daddy or sugar baby online. You don’t want to be catfished or hurt in any way, and this is already a dynamic that relies heavily on trust and the exchange of money.

Use caution, and stick only with reputable sites. Don’t meet anyone for the first time in a secluded private place, and try to do a video chat first. Just be smart, be careful, and you’ll be fine! If you do ever suspect you’re a victim of a scam, make sure you report it and block all future contact.

Is It Legal?

The mutually beneficial relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby are differenciated from prostituion and illegal sex work by the fact the two are indeed in a commited relationshop, albeit often open. This is not considered a transaction of sex for money, but instead two people who are close enough to help out each other out with different needs as a partner set. Because of this, sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are completely legal.

The Takeaway

Not everyone will agree that beneficial relationships like this are for the best. Plenty of controversy on the topic makes the dating scene a bit ambiguous and almost intimidating, so going to an online platform is helpful. SugarDaddie brings together people from 3 different countries and allows members to set rules, window shop the potential matches, and enjoy the benefits on both ends.

Money and sex are two important aspects in any relationship, both traditional or otherwise. In marriage and in dating, there is an exchange of sexual attraction and action, as well as money. For dates, or presents, or helpful actions… a partner is often giving funding for certain things. Organically, this is a pretty equal responsibility, but in a dynamic with sugar babies, it falls on one person to take the financial role here. Calling this type of relationship prostitution is a common mistake, but one that is a myth. SugarDaddie just helps to target and escalate this power exchange of sex and money in a very forward prgressing and direct way, but it’s the same as any true relationship made by traditional methods.

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