6 Sites Like Ashley Madison: Alternative Affair Sites in 2023

As more and more of our lives seem to be moving onto the internet as opposed to the “real world” it is no surprise that internet dating on sites, like Ashley Madison, have become a huge business. More and more people are turning to online chat sites, social media, and even online dating sites and alternative sites.

As you can imagine, moving to mostly dating online means having to navigate through hundreds of online dating sites and dating apps. With such a huge selection of choices, those who don’t have time to date in the clubs and bars most certainly won’t have time to wade through the plethora of ways to date online.  

That’s where we come in. Whether you are looking for that soulmate to come and sweep you off of your feet, or if you’re just looking for a one (or two) night stand…whether you want a spouse, or a sugar daddy, or a friend-with-benefits, or you’re a married person looking for a discreet affair, there is an app for that. In this article we cover sites like Ashley Madison that can act as an alternative.

What is Ashley Madison?

What is Ashley Madison?

While there are many online sites and apps that focus only on dating and romance, Ashley Madison is a site unlike most others. Started in 2001, this online dating site caters to those who are looking to have an affair. Most of the clients for this site are married, and some are in committed relationships, but they have chosen, for whatever reason, not to remain quite so committed.

Ashley Madison assures its users that they value your privacy and that they will never offer for you to log in with your social network account, such as Facebook. The site also promises to help keep your actions there private with features that they have designed just for that purpose. Even your photos can be blurred or even marked private for member use only. Everything about this site is made to help those who are seeking an extramarital affair or a chance to cheat on their significant other.

Of course, this is not a new or shocking thing. People have been cheating online for as long as there has been an internet. This is not a fact that that the site or its members try to hide. In fact, Ashley Madison states right on their homepage that their purpose is to connect those who are looking to have an affair.

Pros and Cons of Ashley Madison

Of course, any dating site will have its good and bad points. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Ashley Madison site:


  1. The layout is extremely easy to use and simple for even the most novice user.
  2. There is a large number of members on Ashley Madison, with more signing up every day from all over the world.
  3. Ashley Madison strives to keep your privacy so that you can enjoy your affair without being nervous about being discovered.


  1. There are no automatic matching features on Ashley Madison like there are on sites like Match.com and eHarmony.
  2. There are no chatrooms or forums, or community-based features, it is simply for connections between two people.
  3. The payment system can be confusing and there is no month to month payment option available.
  4. Ashley Madison recently suffered a security breach which led to many of its user names being released to the public.


  • Ashley Madison has millions of users from various nationalities all around the globe.
  • Most of their traffic comes from Brazil, Canada, The US, and the UK.
  • It is free to sign up to the Ashley Madison site and usually takes under 5 minutes.
  • The registration process is easy and quick, but you will need to give basic information, such as height, limits, race, etc.
  • You have to specify your relationship status when you sign up, as well as select your display photo.
  • You can edit your display photo with blurring or masks to hide your face so that you can remain anonymous.
  • Women can send messages for free, anyone can email others.

6 Sites Like Ashley Madison

AdultFriendFinder Review

AdultFriendFinder is a site like Ashley Madison

The site Adult Friend Finder is reported to be one of the most popular sites online for someone to find their perfect match for a sexual encounter or romantic adventure. It boasts of one of the largest member bases of any online dating community and brings in people who are wanting an online hookup as well as those who are looking to bring it into the real world.

Whether you are looking for someone for a real-life affair, or want someone to connect with over the internet, Adult Friend Finder will cater to your needs. There are options here for those who are in open relationships, couples looking to play, singles, or those wishing to have a discreet affair. There is no filter on the sexual gratification available from live member webcams, adult chatrooms, adult videos, and other delicious offerings. There is even a course-by-course sex college.

Your level of involvement is completely up to you. You might choose to purchase site points, which is the currency for this site, to allow you more features, or you may simply choose to browse the site, choosing your favorite profiles. Adult Friend Finder is more of a sexual social media site than a dating one.

Pros of Adult Friend Finder

  1. Adult Friend Finder has a good reputation with a huge member base that stays on as a community.
  2. There is a large variety of search options, ways to communicate, and have virtual sex, making an entirely online relationship much more satisfying.
  3. The profiles are extensive, as are their blogs, webcams, and other sexual pleasures.

Cons of Adult Friend Finder

  1. There is no matching system here to help find someone based on personality.
  2. Added features such as sex college, model videos, or purchase points do not come with membership. They must be paid for separately.
  3. There is no confirmed information on the ratio of male members to female members.


  • Adult Friend Finder is one of the classier hookup sites on the internet today. More of a social media outlet, this site features an entire online community dedicated to sexual pleasures of many kinds.
  • The points system makes many options feel more like a gaming choice, making it fun and flirty.
  • Not only can you purchase points, but you can earn them through on-site activities.
  • With over 25 million visits each month, there are many people to choose from when it is time to find your hookup.
  • Over half of all of these visits come from the United States, so those within the country can easily find someone to meet in person if they so desire.
  • Video chats using the Connexion sex toys even make a real sexual experience possible online, since users can control each other’s sex toys.
  • Basic membership is a low $20 per month but that does not include all of the features.

FriendFinderX Review

FriendFinderX review

A lot like Adult Friend Finder, FriendFinderX is known to be a place for naughty online friendships that can have lots of benefits. Just as AFF, this site is more of a social media page than a dating site, and the members here tend to grow into a community that builds friendships as well as shares sexual encounters. This site also features model webcams, member webcams, video chats, adult videos, a college, and virtual sex with Connexion sex toys.

Pros of Friend Finder X

  1. The site features a layout that is easy to navigate and use.
  2. A true sexual experience is available online by using their sex toys that can be remotely controlled by other users on webcam.
  3. Profiles are easily customized.
  4. Search features make finding the perfect someone easy.
  5. It is fast and easy to join and build your profile.

Cons of Friend Finder X

  1. Payment is required before you can make any contact with another member.
  2. It is a very webcam driven site, where shy members might not enjoy themselves.
  3. While there are many fun options, all of the extra features come with added costs.
  4. There is no algorithm to match you with other members.


  • You can sign up to Friend Finder X as a couple.
  • This site has been an active one for over two decades.
  • There are almost a hundred million members on this site.
  • It is not a safe choice in public because of explicit graphics.
  • It has an app for iOS users and for Android users, a dedicated mobile site.
  • Members are verified, and no one can even browse your profile without paying.
  • Payment for every 3 months is about $33, and it is about $50 for one month.

BeNaughty Review

BeNaughty review

Just like the previous two sites, BeNaughty is more of a sexual hook up site than a true dating site. Unless you are a paid member, you cannot see any of the functions or features, as there is no free option. Once you have signed up, you can choose which ages and gender you prefer. You must share your location to help find members near you for real-life hookups. BeNaughty doesn’t feature explicit photos for those browsing the site, so it is safe for public places like work or a coffee shop. This site also features an app for iOS or Android.

Pros of BeNaughty

  1. You can glance at the site and even scroll without fear of explicit photos popping up on your screen unwanted.
  2. This site has a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  3. The ratio of women to men is not unbalanced.
  4. Location services make finding someone nearby much easier.

Cons of BeNaughty

  1. This site features a very limited search feature which only focuses on age and gender.
  2. Popups can make it hard not to accidentally order something that you didn’t want.
  3. There are not many features for the cost.
  4. There are a lot of empty profiles.
  5. Messages which seem like bots will show up in your inbox as soon as you sign up.


  • It costs from $20 to $25 for a paid membership.
  • The site is designed for those who want a hookup with no strings.
  • While unpaid female members can browse profiles, send winks, message other members, and add favorites, men can only access photos and send messages once they have paid.
  • You are matched only with those who fit your preferred age and gender.

Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement review

The Seeking Arrangement website is not your typical dating site, nor is it the usual sexual social media site. This site is strictly for sugar babies and sugar daddies to make a hookup based on money. Sugar babies can be male or female, as can sugar daddies. The babies sign up to be gifted with money or gifts, while the daddies are looking for “companionship.” Prostitution is strictly prohibited, but sexual encounters do take place.

Pros of Seeking Arrangement

  1. The decent ratio of women to men makes it easy to find someone on this site.
  2. Sign up is easy and quick, and the site is easy to navigate.
  3. Profiles are clear about what the user is seeking, making it simple to find what you need.

Cons of Seeking Arrangement

  1. There are almost no free features.
  2. The cost for membership is high, but only daddies pay.
  3. Verifying your income is required and can take a long time.


  • This site is always free for babies, but daddies pay more than double what other sites cost.
  • Even with a free trial, daddies cannot read messages until they pay.
  • This site is for those seeking financial gifts, not sex, although sex does occur.
  • Prostitution is forbidden, but daddies often expect sexual favors for their “gifts.”
  • Memberships costs daddies about $100 a month and Diamond memberships are double that price.
  • Seeking Arrangement rates high in safety and customer satisfaction.

Alt.com Review

Alt.com review

This alternative bondage community, Alt.com is a much darker site than others listed here, both in graphics and in fetishes. The site is for those who like hooking up online for BDSM chatting, sex dates, and bondage fetish. Bondage videos are shared here, as are kinky fetishes such as sadomasochistic fantasies, and BDSM porn. You can find your playmate for bondage, BDSM, or kinky fetishes here.

Pros of Alt.com

  1. This site is cheap and makes it easy to hide your true identity.
  2. There are tons of members, so it is easy for almost anyone to find a match.
  3. There is an option for a free membership on Alt.com.

Cons of Alt.com

  1. Fake profiles all over the site make it hard for you to be sure you are talking to someone who is over 18.
  2. The dark graphics make it hard to look at this site for long.
  3. There is a long and tedious sign-in process.
  4. Fake profiles with fake usernames abound.


  • Alt.com features 24/7 phone support.
  • It is easy to see who views your profile.
  • Aliases are allowed, which is good for discretion, but bad for making sure your chat is age-appropriate.
  • Mac users cannot stream videos without a specific program.
  • Finding someone can be tedious.
  • Silver accounts as $20 a month, gold accounts are $30.

Match.com Review

Match.com review

Match is one of the most well-known dating sites online today. It features an algorithm to help you find someone based on personality, desires, location, and more. Match has been in business for over 2 decades and focuses mainly on romantic matches. Kinkier options are also available, however. Match owners pride themselves in their constant dedication to improving the site for their customers.

Pros of Match

  1. Match is constantly adding in more functions and features in an effort to make dating more fun for users.
  2. The search and recovery opportunities on Match are very extensive.
  3. The Match algorithm makes it much simpler to find someone suited to your tastes.

Cons of Match

  1. Match makes it a bit difficult to move from an online relationship to the real world.
  2. Match’s price is somewhat higher than other dating sites.
  3. The algorithm can be picky and take a long time to find your match.


  • Those who are looking for a serious relationship will probably choose Match.
  • It is very easy to use the Match.com site.
  • Match has a high customer satisfaction rate.
  • Match does offer a free trial.
  • While a basic account is free, paid accounts start at about $43.


There is simply no way to choose which of these sites is best since they are all for different needs. They each cater to different types of encounters, from online to the real world, and from vanilla romance to dark fetish.

While Ashley Madison is known for its discretion, recent news releases have put them in the spotlight. This could cause people to take notice, making it possible for spouses and significant others to sign up and find out if their mate is on the site. That’s why we are covering sites likes Ashley Madison that you can use.

When AM was new and secret, it could be considered a “private affair” but now it is too widely known about as a household name. This could make the site somewhat useless for its purpose. For those who are willing to take that chance, however, Ashley Madison offers one of the best places for discretional affairs. AdultFriendFinder and FriendFinderX seem to be the classier sides of kinky and fetish, while Match seeks to help people find their soulmates. Seeking Arrangement helps people connect for financially beneficial hookups, and BeNaughty is good for a quick hookup with no strings or emotions. To sum it up, which site is best depends on what your tastes are.

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