Single Parent in 2019 Review

Any single parent knows how tough it is to get out there and date while trying to parent on your own. Additionally, there is nothing as hard as looking for love when you fear revealing you have kids might be an obstacle. What this site has succeeded in doing is creating a dating environment where you are hooking up with someone who already knows you have kids. This means you can avoid that whole ‘I have kids’ conversation. It is not a gender specific site just a place where you can subscribe to meet potential mates who are single parents.

Single Parent Meet Review

Like most other dating sites similar to it’s the membership is free for everyone. However, to have access to more advanced features that help you communicate with potential matches you have to upgrade your account. All you have to do is click on the ‘Join Free’ link that is scattered throughout the site. After that you are required to fill in your information. Here you are free to include as many details as you desire. The objective is to include as much information as you can about yourself so that potential matches can find you appealing.

Here you can also specify the type of individual you are looking for. Some details you can include here are the height, complexion, hair colour and even nationality if you wish, number of kids. It is all up to you. Feel free to divulge information that will attract a person that meets the criteria for what you are looking for in a romantic partner. Whether all you are looking for is a simple hook up, friendship or long term commitment. You can definitely find it here!

Sign Up Process

Signing up to join is pretty easy. All it entails is to build a profile with your information to help create a profile that your possible matches will see. The personal details needed to create your profile include basics about your appearance such as hair colour, height, ethnicity and eye colour. You may also choose to share some other personal details such as occupation, personal likes and hobbies and the specific number of kids.

You can also include the type of relationship that you are seeking. This is important so you attract people with the same interests. The last thing that anyone needs is to attract people looking for casual flings when they are looking for a committed relationship. Once these detailed are filled, you can now come up with a headline that will attract what you are seeking. The details part is important because as a single parent you need someone who knows exactly what they are getting into.

I have a free account; what are the advantages of upgrading to a premium account?

Sure, even without an upgrade you are able to browse through profiles of other users in the site. What you are not able to do is actually send messages to potential matches and be able to receive messages from them. One would argue that without upgrading your account you are not really taking advantage of what has to offer.

Once you have upgraded your account you will be able to not only access potential matches but also communicate with them as much as you desire. As an upgraded member of this dating site you will be able to chat, send and receive both text and video messages from both paying and non-paying members. The bottom-line is that being a paid user will enable you to reach out to anyone you wish and also communicate with them often.


There are three different options for an account when it comes to The first type of account is the free account, then the premium accounts which are Gold and Platinum.

 (Free Account) on

This type of account is absolutely free and all that is required from you is simply name and address. When you are a standard account holder, you can browse and search profiles, express your interest in potential matches and then communicate with persons with paid subscriptions if they choose to communicate back. As a person with a free account you will not be able to communicate with a potential match who also has a free account.


  • Numerous active subscribers

This minimalist site has many active users who are looking for friendship, hooking up and even long term commitment. The high numbers make it easier to find a potential match who will appeal to your desires and provide what you are looking for whether it is love or friendship.

  • Minimalist and user friendly site is simple and extremely easy to use. The site is uncomplicated and sprinkled with guiding links that help navigate the site quite easily. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to use this site without any difficulty. Using the site is extremely easy it begins with signing up then procedurally following the steps until you get to upgrade your account.

  • Extremely affordable for long term users

Like any other dating site the more you commit, the less you pay. This is no different when it comes to  Long term users only have to pay a little more than 10 for an entire month. This is great since most single parents rarely have the time for casual flings and are probably looking for long term commitment.

  • A safe environment for single parents

The best thing about this site is that it has managed to create a safe environment where single parents are able to connect with other people who are open to this kind of relationship with judgement or pressure. You get into it knowing that you are potentially hooking up with someone who already has children. This means you are aware of the possible challenges that come with that.


  • Requires payment to communicate with potential matches

News Flash…Even on a dating site nothing comes free! You have to pay in order to actually establish a real connection with potential matches and also communicate with them freely without any restrictions. If you are a free member, you may be able to browse through profiles but will not be able to communicate with matches that you identify. Therefore being a free member beats the logic of actually joining a dating site.

Does it Single really work?

Yes, absolutely this dating site works for any single parent looking for love, friendship or long-term commitment. There are numerous success stories online of people who have built solid relationships thanks to this amazing. This site does work provided you take your time to provide authentic information and communicate honestly with people you feel meet the criteria of what you are looking for. The best thing about is that you don’t have to fear disclosing that you have kids; the person you are connecting with already knows that.

Final Verdict

Being a single parent is a tough challenge that needs patience resilience and hard work to overcome. Most single parents end up working so hard and being so busy that they forget they are human beings too and sometimes they need a connection with someone who cares and can give them love or even fun. If you are a single parent looking for a casual fling, long term commitment or just friendship this is undoubtedly a great place to start! Start you free membership today, it gives a great idea of what to expect from the site. You never know, this could be where you get your second chance!

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