Senior Dating: What To Expect On Your First Senior Date

It is essential to know what to expect on your first senior date. This is needed especially that you have not been on the dating scene for quite a while. Knowing what to do and what to expect is necessary, for you to be ready when that day comes.

 First Senior DateOnline senior dating websites are becoming more and more popular because of today’s technology. Of course, this is an excellent thing for a lot of seniors today who are living alone. They also want to have someone whom they can call as a partner. They deserve all the great things that the dating scene has to offer. Whether you are in your sixties or even older, you deserve to feel loved and feel wanted.

Since you are in this article, it is safe to assume that you’re here because you have found someone to share life with. The tips below will help you know what to expect from your first senior date.


 First Senior DateYes, just like your very first date when you were younger, your first senior date may also make you feel nervous. While this is normal, you need to make sure that you nervousness won’t get in the way. Some people feel very anxious, which is not a good thing as this may ruin the date that you have planned. Don’t get too preoccupied with your nervousness, as this may only cause you not attentively to listen to whatever your date is saying. Of course, this can cause a problem. The best thing that you can do is to try to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Also, you might feel your heart racing, or you may feel a little dizzy on your way to the date. Don’t worry too much as this is just your adrenaline rushing through your body. This is a good sign because you still feel excited about going on a date, just like when you were younger.

Trust Initial Impressions

 First Senior DateSome people think that they need to go out with the same person several times so they can determine if this person is the right one for them. You’re not getting any younger and wasting too much time on someone whom you have no spark with can be a pain. So on the first date, if you feel that the date will not lead to the next, it is best not to expect at all. But, once your instincts say that this is the right person for you, by all means, trust it. You will surely feel this, so relax and enjoy the date.

Of course, once you feel that this isn’t the right person, it is rude just to stand up and go right? So just be at the moment and don’t give false hopes. After the date, you can send a message about how you feel and if both of you can remain as friends.

That You Need to Be Patient

 First Senior DateSince you are in your senior years, you probably know by now that it’s not right to fall in love with the first person that you will date. It would be best that you practice patients when dating as a senior. Yes, there will be times that you’ll meet people who will only annoy you. But if you are patient enough, you surely will be able to meet someone who will put a smile on your face again.

Seek For The Truth

 First Senior DateAs mentioned above, you’re not getting any younger. So you always need to seek for the truth. Don’t hesitate to ask specific questions, about your date’s relationship goals, dating history, and as well as the financial standing. Always maintain good eye contact as this will give an impression that you only want the truth. In return, you also need to be honest about these things. If you ask the questions, make sure that you are also ready to answer them.

Give Respect 

 First Senior DateYou need to expect to be treated with respect, the same thing that your date expects the same thing too. For instance, if you think that your date is making fun of how you are doing with your retirement time or what you are doing a job, then it would be nice just to go. Of course, you need to be polite about it, no matter how disrespectful your date is. Excuse yourself and let your date know that she has offended you.

Expect That You Have Something In Common

 First Senior DateYes, they may say that opposites attract. But in our day and age, it is essential to find someone who has the same interests as you. You need someone who has the same temperament, tastes, and personality that you have. Having something in common is like finding your soul mate. If you two are too opposite, then you might have more arguments. This can lead to a failed relationship.

Expect to Say the L Word Longer

 First Senior DateBack when you were younger, saying I love you may be that easy. But as you grow older, it takes time for you to drop those words. The reason behind this is because by now, you already know what the word means. You already know when it is the right time to say those words and if you are a hundred percent sure about it. That is a good thing so don’t worry too much about it. When the time is right, and you feel like saying it already, then don’t be afraid to say it. Especially if the other person is showing the same interest as you.

These are all of the things that you should expect on your first senior dating. Don’t be afraid to see and meet people again. We all deserve to love and be loved. Whether this is your first date as a senior or not, the tips above will help you on what to expect.

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