Top 10 Best Dating Sites For Seniors in 2021

Best Dating Sites For Seniors

In today’s obsession with appearance and media, some people think that online dating is just for the youngsters and for people who have a youthful look. But the truth is, dating sites are for all ages, and this includes seniors. In fact, there are a lot of dating sites that cater to seniors and these sites are entirely different from the dating sites of the youngsters today. In this article, I’m going to give you all the information that you need about senior dating and the best dating sites for seniors that you can sign up to.

Nowadays, people are living longer than usual because of the healthier and fitter lifestyle that we have. This in return makes it possible that there are more than 55 years of age individuals who are single or have been through a divorce, and are now ready to enter the dating scene. This just means that there are a lot of seniors and as well as baby boomers who are looking for companionship and someone they can be with for the rest of their lives. 

Top 3 Best Dating Sites For Seniors


eharmony is a great dating site to find seniorsAnother dating site for seniors of all age groups would be the eHarmony. It has 33 million members, which means that you can find a lifetime partner or a long and serious one. This online dating site has an automated matching system, which will help you find the match that you are looking for. Since the site is automated, you surely don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for the one.

eHarmony is one of the online dating sites that is known as guided dating sites. The reason behind this is because the member no longer needs to do the searching. Instead, the members will be shown different matches based on their profile entries and based on their answers on the compatibility tests. Today, 5% of all the marriages in the US is because of eHarmony.

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Elite Singles

elitesingles reviewElite Singles is one of the most prestigious online dating sites in the world. Majority of the members of Elite Singles are well educated, sophisticated, and elegant. One of the best things about Elite Singles is that they have already filtered all of the single people just for you. In this way, you won’t have a hard time finding the right match for yourself. Another good thing about this online dating site is that the profiles are usually based on the comprehensive psychology test that you took upon signing up. The site offers a great recommendation system, which means that you won’t be wasting your time by browsing through hundreds of profiles online.

Elite Singles features an advanced search for members so they can find the right match for them. There is also a built-in mailbox, which will help you to get your private messages there. If you receive a message, you don’t need to worry about anything because Elite Singles will give you real-time notifications. And of course, to help inspire you daily, you can subscribe to their online blog articles and other useful resources.

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Best Dating Sites For SeniorsMatch is a popular dating site for senior dating, wherein it has a significant membership base. It is currently serving individuals from over 24 countries, and you can access the site using fifteen different languages. Match is one of the largest yet oldest dating site today, and it can one day become the leader in senior dating site. One of the best things about this dating site is the fraud prevention feature that they have.

Match features a MindFindBind wherein it is for individuals who are in need of help with online dating. This monthly program will help the members on how to find someone, and how they can date someone once they found a match. Another thing that you need to know is that the users can customize their matches to find better and effective matches using the site’s algorithm. Lastly, the staff of Match checks and verifies each member to ensure that there will be no frauds in the site.

Honorable Mentions

Senior Match

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsOne of the online dating sites today for seniors is Senior Match where it is launched in the year 2001. Since then Senior Match has already gained diverse and broad experience and knowledge in the senior dating industry. They are focusing on members over the age of 50, and they don’t usually allow members under 30 to join their site. The reason behind this is because they want to maintain a consistent age bracket for their senior members. One of the best things about Senior Match is that they offer tips on seniors on how they can stay the same while enjoying the online dating scene. If you are looking for a serious partner, then Senior Match is the one for you.

Senior Match is known to have different features, which include news feed, senior forum, search engines, verification and confirmation, and as well as a profile. In the senior forum, you can join in other seniors where you can talk about anything and everything under the sun. If you are looking for a member with specific features or someone who is somewhat similar to you, then using their advanced search option would be best. In this way, you can find the member that you are looking for.

To learn more, check out the detailed Senior Match review.

Our Time

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsOne of the premier online dating sites for seniors over 50 is Our Time. This online dating site is equipped with a big database from all over the world. Our Time is included in People Media’s OurTime Community, which also includes Seniors Meet and Senior People Meet. Once you become a member, your profile will be all over the site. So once you have decided to join, create your profile immediately, and usually, there will be basic questions that will help the site to find the right match for you.

Our Time features an elaborative search engine, message starter idea, video and audio greeting, and as well as a live chat. This means that if you want to find a member, it won’t be that challenging because of the search engine that Our Time has. You can also use the message starter ideas, so you no longer have to think of something and make things awkward. Plus, Our Time has an app for Android users, which means that no matter where you are, you will surely be able to find the right match.

To learn more, check out the detailed Our Time review.

Senior People Meet

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsAnother website that caters to seniors 50 and above is Senior People Meet. This online dating site caters to mature dating, and the majority of its members are age 55 and above. This means that you don’t have to worry about being contacted by someone who is younger than 50 because there are none here. This online dating site will let you create photo albums and even share your interests with members. Every day, there are thousands of members who are active and the majority of them are from the US.

Senior People Meet features excellent search options, private messaging, and of course a safety and privacy feature. This online dating site offers two different searches, which is the basic and the advanced one. If you want to use a lot of features, then the advanced search is the one for you. Now, if you have found someone that you want to communicate with, all you have to do is to private message the person. You can even send text messages, visual messages, and even instant audios. Your safety and privacy are well taken care of by Senior People Meet, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

To learn more, check out the detailed Senior People Meet review.

Silver Singles

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsSilver Singles is another dating site that attracts 65,000 senior members every single week. This kind of senior dating site is somewhat different from the rest. The reason behind this is because they only allow professionals to become the members of their site. This just means that the majority of the members of Silver Singles are professionals and are looking for someone they can be with during their golden years. Due to the success and popularity of Silver Singles, they have been trusted by many senior singles from all over the world.

Silver Singles features different ways that you can communicate. You can also take the color code personality test, which will help the site to match you with the right people. They also offer different search types, depending on their preferences. Lastly, most of the dating profiles of the members have information about themselves. The information includes their interests and hobbies.

Seniors Meet

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsPart of the People Media’s OurTime Community is Seniors Meet. It has millions of members, and they have the largest active members every single day. This means that your chances of meeting someone are definitely high. Seniors Meet has been in the industry of online dating for over a year now, and they have been matching senior members that long already.

Seniors Meet offers timely and daily updates, which means that you can ready successful dating stories and dating news every single day. You can also browse photos and profiles of members so you can look for that perfect partner. Of course, you also have the ability to send in greeting cards to other members so you can start communicating with them. Lastly, they have a forum posting, where you can share ideas and give opinions to other people’s posts.

Dating For Seniors

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsDating For Seniors is one of the most popular dating sites today, and it has already attracted a big number of senior singles who are looking for someone they would match with. One of the best things about this online dating site is that you have the option to see the members who are near you. In fact, you can also browse by feature, type, men, and even by women. Registering to Dating For Seniors is pretty straightforward, and you can set up your profile in just a matter of minutes.

Dating For Seniors features rapid match, search option, three-day trial, communication options and a whole lot more. Another good thing about this is that it also has an invisible mode, so if you are going to visit someone’s profile, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all. When it comes to communication, you can send in instant messages, email, and even flirt with them if you want. Lastly, the three-day trial will help you decide whether this is the dating site that you need or you need something else.

Over 50 Date

Best Dating Sites For SeniorsAn online dating community for single seniors who are over 50 is Over 50 Date. There are thousands of senior singles who are looking for someone they can date. One of the best things about this online dating site is that you no longer need to fill up long forms. The reason behind this is because Over 50 Dat’s registration process is simple. After registering, you can immediately search for members that you can date.

Over 50 Date features navigation support, wherein most of the FAQs are already there to help you navigate the site. They also have daily news, which is designed specifically for seniors. Over 50 Date offers articles wherein they can get to know more about dating as a senior. Some of the other features include email, search, chat, and as well as winks. The winks can be sent to the members with whom you want to talk with.

To learn more, check out the detailed Over 50 Date review.

To recap, here are our top picks for the best dating sites for seniors:

Online Dating For Seniors

They may be a lot of online dating sites in the market today, but not all of them cater to seniors. You see, dating sites between the youngsters and the seniors are entirely different. For the youngsters, they are usually looking for friendship, a date, marriage, swinging, or sometimes, they are just looking for a hookup. But when it comes to seniors, what’s important to them is to look for great companionship. 

Whether this is your first time or not, knowing what you should expect when it comes to dating sites for seniors would be best. This will help you ready yourself and know what to expect once you hit that sign up button.

What To Expect When Joining Online Dating For Seniors

On The Edge

The first thing that you need to expect when it comes to online dating is to assume that you will surely be on edge. You will still feel nervous when joining dating sites, just like when you had your first school dance. Being on edge may only ruin your first date since you will solely focus on the bad things instead of focusing on your date. So the best thing that you can do is, to be honest with your date and ask the questions that have been bugging you. 

First Impressions

Unlike when you were younger, it can be hard to trust your first impressions. But as you get older, you need to learn how to trust your first impressions. You are already in your senior years, and there is no point in going on to several dates before you actually get to know the person. So the best thing that you can do is to trust your instincts. So if you think that this person is the right one, then go for it. If not, then moving on to the next date then so be it.

Feel Like A Teenager Again

Since you haven’t dated in a long time already, it can feel like you’re on your teenage years again. It can make your heart thump and feel like as if it is going to explode out of your chest. This is usually felt during the first date of the youngsters, but this is definitely normal no matter what your age is. This is actually a positive sign because this just means that you are excited about it.

More Honesty

Sometimes, we tend to get carried away by our feelings, and we tend to overlook some of the essential details. You are both in your senior year, and it would be best to start your friendship or your relationship with the truth. If there are some things that you want to be clear about, by all means, talk about it. You can ask the other person about his or her relationship goals, dating history, and even the financial standing. 


Lastly, you showing the other person respect and he or she doing the same is ideal. You’ve been through dates when you were younger, and you may have let some comments slipped for you to avoid being rude. But during your senior years, respect is definitely essential. For instance, if your date keeps on criticizing your looks or how your skin looks old, then it would be best to show the person that while you appreciate the coffee, you are better off somewhere else. 

Scams and Online Dating For Seniors

Gone are the days where scammers are attacking people through phone or mail because just like the dating industry, scammers are becoming innovative as well. They are now lurking on dating sites waiting for their next victim. 

How Scammers Work

Scammers work by looking for an individual’s weak spots whenever they start communicating with them. For instance, you are someone who came from a painful divorce; the scammer may use that to get into you and gain your trust. They will start working their way to get your trust you while priming you for the scam. Once these scammers have gained your trust, then they will start feeding you with your lies. 

The scammer will start telling you about financial problems that he has or maybe tell you about this big business that he’s about to venture in. He will even ask for some personal information, and once he got everything from you, then he will then disappear.

Should You Worry About Scammers

Taking extra precaution is ideal when joining online dating sites, but we are here to ensure that you won’t get victimized by these scammers. We carefully check and assess every online dating site today, so we can be sure that people like will only be joining trustworthy sites. 

Should You Trust Us

With a high number of online dating review sites that we have, it is safe to say that you can genuinely trust us when it comes to choosing the best dating sites for seniors. You can read a number of our dating site reviews to choose from. We assess them meticulously to ensure that your dating experience will surely be a memorable experience.

Few Tips For Senior Dating

1. Age No Longer Matters — When it comes to age, it doesn’t matter anymore so don’t ever lie about it. You surely don’t want to ruin something that should be perfect.

2. Looks Don’t Matter — Looks no longer matters during your senior years, unlike when you were younger. The reason behind this is because seniors know that looks have little to nothing to do with what is inside. 

3. Dinner Over Drinks — Gone are the days where you will be asked for drinks because it will always be dinner over drinks. Of course, you can always ask for drinks afterward. But the majority of senior singles prefer dinner so you can both talk together.

4. Not All Is About Marriage — Not every senior is looking for marriage, some are only looking for companionship. So avoid assuming that everyone is out there to find someone they can marry. The reason behind this is because a lot of seniors are only looking for a companion that they can be with till the end.

These are all of the information that you need to know about the best dating sites for seniors and the tips that you need to be aware of. Follow the tips above and don’t forget the expectations, so you will come prepared once you start hitting that sign up button. Remember to have fun but be cautious as well to make your online dating experience enjoyable. 

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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