SDC Swingers Date Club Dating Site Review

SDC Swingers Date Club (SDC) is an online dating site for couples and singles looking to explore the world of swinging. The website is owned by adult entertainment company BIG Vision Holdings, Inc., and has been operating since 1999. This dating app review will explore SDC and reveal how SDC works, so you can decide if it is the scene that you’re looking for.

Are you ready to dip your toe in the world of swinging? (Swinger’s Date Club) could be just what you are looking for. It is an online swinger’s community with over 3 million worldwide profiles, offering a safe and secure platform so that like-minded people can connect and mingle. In this article, we will review SDC, explain how to use it, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Features of SDC

SDC offers lots of features to its members, such as live webcams, events and activities, forums, blogs, groups, and clubs. Members can access thousands of profiles of other swingers in their area, as well as potential matches based on searches they’ve put into the system. There are also advanced search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We will list the features in more detail below.

Signup Process

The sign-up process is quite easy with SDC; all you have to do is provide some basic information about yourself such as location, age, and gender. You will then be asked to create a profile and upload a photo for verification purposes before finally completing your profile with additional details about yourself. Here are step-by-step instructions.

  1. To sign up for the Swinger Date Club, first, go to their website and find the “Sign Up” link.
  2. Once you click on that link, you will be taken to the signup page, where you will be asked to enter your username, email address, location, and profile details, including your profile picture if you wish.
  3. After that information is filled out and accepted, you may then choose a plan for a paid membership if you wish or opt for a free account swing status.
  4. Once your payment is accepted (if applicable) you are now a member of the Swinger Date Club!


SDC is offered at no cost for those that just want to explore the site without purchasing any membership packages. Paid memberships are available however; Basic Membership allows users unrestricted access after providing a valid credit card ($19/month), while Advanced Membership includes unlimited exposure opportunities ($49/month).

Swinging Date Club offers a variety of pricing options and packages to suit the needs of different customers.

For single members, they offer two different membership types: Basic and Premium. With our Basic Membership, you get access to basic features such as creating a profile, viewing other members’ profiles, and messaging fellow members up to 10 times per day.

Premium Membership provides additional features such as unlimited messaging with other members, advanced search filters, detailed account analytics, and more for a monthly fee.

They also offer discounted packages for couples who wish to join our site together. Our couple packages bundle both Basic and Premium membership options at discounted rates depending on how long the duration is (1 month, 3 months, or 12 months) so that couples can save money while enjoying all the features of both individual member accounts.

Additional perks are also available for active club members who participate in events organized by Swinging Date Club such as travel adventures or meet-ups with other swingers across the globe. This gives members an opportunity to explore new places or meet fellow swingers without having to pay full price for their participation fees or transportation costs associated with attending our events.

How does SDC work?

SDC is an online social networking site for swingers who wish to meet other like-minded couples or singles interested in the swinger lifestyle. The website provides tools that help to connect members from all over the world as well as local areas so they can communicate through chat rooms and message boards before meeting up in person.

Once registered on the site, members can create a profile with their information such as age, location, and interests, browse potential matches based on search criteria such as distance or keyword searches, view pictures, and watch videos uploaded by other members of the community. They may also add friends or send messages privately to each other.

What features do they offer?

Aside from basic membership functions such as messaging and profile creation as mentioned above, members are also able to attend local swinger events which they can find listed on SDC’s global event page. Additionally, there are a variety of features within the website:

1. Easy registration for users to join the Swingers Date Club dating platform and create a secure profile with a profile photo if desired

2. A user-friendly search feature allowing users to find people who match their desired interests on their user profile with a good profile quality

3. Forums and chat rooms where members can connect with others and discuss topics related to swinging culture

4. The ability to browse profiles, photos, and videos of members with webcam chat, both singles and couple profiles, in the club through the search option

5. A messaging system that allows users to contact other single members and active users with couple profiles, privately

6. Events section which shows upcoming local events in the travel calendar days for the dates per month related to the swinging lifestyle

7. Information pages providing detailed information on popular topics in regard to swinging

8. Travel section gives users insight into areas where they can visit swinger clubs in different cities worldwide on certain dates per month

9. An extensive blog full of articles about various topics including relationships, sex tips, sexual activity, sexual life, reviews of swinger clubs, news about the lifestyle, etc.

10. Privacy settings options for users so they can control who sees their profile

Can I trust it?

You can be confident when it comes to trusting SDC because they prioritize creating a safe & secure atmosphere for its users. This is done through their own security system & software protection against fraudulent account activity such as spamming or profanity.

Additionally, all journalists/bloggers require approval by moderators/administrators before publishing content related to sexually oriented topics. Furthermore, you can rest assured that private phone numbers/email addresses will remain hidden unless explicitly shared via message board or chat log with another member whomsoever have granted access thereof.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for registering on SDC but if you wish to take benefit from advanced features then subscription plans start from around $20 per month depending upon the quantity of services chosen according to the pricing explained above within various options available.

Is it worth using?

Overall yes! Many swinging couples have had positive experiences when using SDC because of its user-friendly interface as well as the plethora of features that make finding matches easy. The site allows you to search for other swingers while providing maximum discretion regarding personal data security for users.  

How is their Customer Service?

SDC does not list personal customer service which could be an issue for some customers as it makes it difficult for them to get resolutions if they have any issues. However, there is a helpdesk that offers help with creating a profile. Here are some tips for staying safe online for both male and female users, as well as couples.

How to Stay Safe While Dating Online

1. Consider using a dating app or website that offers some type of verification process to confirm the identity of the people you’ll be meeting. This can help to reduce the risk of being scammed by someone pretending to be someone else.

2. Research a potential date thoroughly before agreeing to meet them. Check their social media profiles, read reviews they have left on other sites, and conduct online searches on their name and any information they provide you with.

3. Only give out basic personal information when starting conversations online; do not share anything too personal or sensitive like your address or bank details. Use caution when sharing images and consider watermarking them with a random word that only you know so that they can’t be used elsewhere without your consent.

4. Trust your instincts; if something seems suspicious, then it is likely you should be wary of continuing any further contact with the person in question until you feel comfortable doing so or have done thorough background checks first.

5. When arranging to meet for the first time, always do so in a busy public place with plenty of people around, like a cafe or restaurant during opening hours, so that there are always witnesses present if anything untoward should happen.

6. If traveling between venues with someone you’ve just met online, make sure you use your own transport rather than relying on them and let someone else know where you’re going and what time you plan to come back home by sending them your exact journey details via text message beforehand (in case of emergency).

7 Avoid getting too intoxicated while on dates as this puts yourself at risk of becoming vulnerable/naïve and makes it much more difficult to identify red flags as well as giving others an advantage over yourself; only drink as much in the company as feels comfortable for both parties involved so everyone remains aware of their actions/ surroundings at all times throughout the evening.

8 Finally, remember that most people are genuinely looking for real relationships online – don’t assume everyone has an ulterior motive other than finding a partner, but also be aware that unfortunately some people do use dating apps for malicious intents and thus extra precautions must be taken if engaging with strangers online.

FAQs About SDC Swingers Date Club

What sets SDC apart from other dating platforms?

SDC stands out due to its exclusive focus on the swinging lifestyle. Unlike generic dating sites, SDC caters specifically to the needs of swingers, creating a supportive community for open-minded individuals.

Is SDC only for experienced swingers?

Absolutely not! SDC welcomes everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned swinger or just curious about exploring this realm, you’ll find a welcoming environment at SDC Swingers Date Club.

How does SDC prioritize safety and discretion?

SDC employs cutting-edge security measures to ensure member safety. The platform uses encrypted communication channels and allows you to control your privacy settings, giving you complete authority over your personal information.

What type of interactions can I expect on SDC?

SDC offers a plethora of interaction options. You can engage in private conversations, join group chats, and participate in community events, all designed to help you connect with potential partners effortlessly.

Does SDC promote a non-judgmental atmosphere?

Absolutely! SDC advocates for an inclusive and non-judgmental environment. Respect and acceptance are at the core of this community, fostering a safe space for individuals to explore their desires openly.


Overall SDC provides an excellent platform where swingers can meet up with like-minded singles or couples who share similar interests or experiences – making it easier than ever to date outside standard boundaries! And since the membership price tag isn’t too large either – what more can one ask for?

In short, SDC is a great place for swingers to find potential partners, while also feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that their personal information will remain private. With its user-friendly interface and plethora of features, SDC may be the perfect place for both first-time swingers, and those who’ve been swinging for a long time.

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