Save My Marriage Today Review: Pros, Cons, and Features for 2023

You might hear couples say that marriage takes some work. While things might seem blissful in the honeymoon phase in the year or so after the wedding, the reality is that all marriages have their ups and downs and there are situations that put a great deal of stress upon a couple, testing them. Some couples can withstand the stress and others don’t survive it.

save my marriage today review

You also hear stories (or might experience yourself) about situations where the flame in a marriage simply burns out. It could be a slow burn, or it could be extinguished quickly. Whether your spouse is tired of the same old routine, or she’s fallen for someone else who gets her more excited than being in her marriage, it’s a common thing for marriages to lose their spark over time.

Save My Marriage Today is a step by step plan that offers a plan to get your marriage back on track. Whether he cheated or she’s lost interest, Save My Marriage Today creator Amy Waterman says that you can turn things around and she has a plan to help make it happen.

What Is Save My Marriage Today?

What Is Save My Marriage Today?

Save My Marriage Today is an online course that is available for download instantly via the company’s website. For less than $50, you will receive access to the entire course and all of the materials that will help you to start saving your marriage in less than five minutes.

The program tackles major issues that can destroy a marriage if left unchecked. In fact, sometimes the true issues behind problems in a marriage are left unresolved because one spouse either doesn’t know how to address it or won’t bring up the true problems.

Some of those major issues include unresolved conflicts, heated affairs and cheating, lack of intimacy, fighting, issues with communication, busy schedules, lack of trust, trying to keep a marriage strong with kids, separations and so much more. Sometimes it’s one or two of these issues and in some cases a marriage can be rocked by several issues at a time.

Waterman starts out with the idea that when people try to fix their marriage by doing too much. Part of the secret is to embrace a few changes and do them well. That way, you’ll master whatever that concept might be without feeling overwhelmed.

One of the best aspects of the Save My Marriage Today course is that you can work at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.

Who Is Amy Waterman?

Who Is Amy Waterman?

You might be wondering why Save My Marriage Today works, and the answer comes courtesy of its creator, Amy Waterman. Waterman is a professional writer who uses her insight and experience to help people reconnect in their marriages. She is particularly interested in dating and attraction, both of which factor heavily into her course.

She has been working with couples for years, and when she discovered that her methods really work well she turned it into a course to help others.

Waterman is the author of several online courses designed to help people in various stages of their relationships. Some of the courses she has authored include: How to Be Irresistible to Men, Make Every Man Want You More, and 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex.

The Save My Marriage Today website is full of praise for Waterman. One of the things that sets Waterman apart is that she started out in this industry after giving advice to her friends. This system is something that she has used to help save the marriages of people she knows, and that means it’s something that she really believes in.

How Save My Marriage Today Works

How Save My Marriage Today Works

Naturally, Waterman’s website doesn’t reveal all of her secrets up front because that would defeat the purpose of the whole program. However, she does offer detailed information as to what it is that the Save My Marriage Today program will do for you.

At its core, the Save My Marriage Today program will help you to understand the underlying issues in a marriage so that you can start working to save your marriage and make it stronger.

Some of the key areas that the program targets include:

  • Learning about your own destructive behaviors that serve as an impediment to a successful marriage
  • Learning to let go of two emotions that will prevent you from moving forward
  • Help your challenge and encourage your spouse to see what’s wrong in the marriage
  • Increase the attraction between you and your spouse
  • Prevent cheating
  • Learn how to view your spouse in a positive light without negativity
  • Detect lies and fronts that keep you from the truth and the root causes of problems in your marriage
  • Learning new ways to deal with conflict and assess what arguments are really about

In learning these things, Save My Marriage Today will help you to reconnect with your spouse and save your marriage.


  • Being able to follow along at your own pace is helpful so that you can read more in a given area or skip areas that might not apply
  • You can complete the course anonymously, which is often easier than going to in-person counseling in the beginning of marital trouble
  • Save My Marriage Today is a great tool before you arrive in counseling to help understand


  • If you’re not sure what the problem in your marriage is, then you might struggle trying to assess it by yourself
  • The program promises to teach the user to identify lies and deceit, but it might not be so simple in real life depending on your situation


Save My Marriage Today would appear to be a great way to figure out what could be going wrong in a marriage that is losing its luster. It’s hard to imagine that it will solve all of your problems in and of itself, but it could certainly provide you with the tools to not only figure out what your partner is struggling with but to also figure out what might be holding your back from finding happiness in your marriage.

The key to finding success with a program like Save My Marriage Today is to be open-minded and ready to take a reflective journey inward just. Many people think that the problem in a failing marriage is the other person, and they’re not ready to accept blame. In order for a program like this to be successful, it’s paramount to be ready to look in the mirror to see what you could be doing differently as well.

It’s very important to note that Save My Marriage Today is a great tool in a toolbox of resources that should also involve some kind of counseling, whether it is meeting with a marriage and family therapist, a couples counselor or even a trusted member of the clergy. Trying to solve all of the issues in your marriage on your own is a lot of pressure in an already tense situation, so make sure that you have plenty of support while trying to figure out a plan to save your marriage.

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