MyRussianMatch Review in 2019

Have you been researching about MyRussianMatch review? Did you know that this is one of the most popular Russian dating sites today? Get to know MyRussianMatch and find out if you should sign up by reading the information provided below.

MyRussianMatch ReviewOnline dating is not new to the majority since it has been around for decades. Of course, it has already improved into a more modern one over the years. With their up to date technology, online dating has sure made its way to the top of the most search online. Online dating helps a lot of people who have no time to find a date in real life due to their busy schedules. We live in a busy world and sometimes, we lose the time to find someone we can be with for a lifetime. Fortunately, online dating is here to help you find that special someone.

With all that being said, it is now time for you to read this MyRussianMatch review that I did just for you.

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MyRussianMatch Review

MyRussianMatch Review MyRussianMatch is an online dating website which is designed for simplicity. As you can notice, there are no needless options or flashing colors. This online dating website is created to ensure that all the members can easily find the person that they want to date with ease. There are hundreds of newly registered Russian and Ukrainian women, who are also looking for their perfect match.

What’s best about MyRussianMatch is that you can register for free. You don’t have to worry about paying just to register because of its free for MyRussianMatch. After registering, you can immediately look at the profiles of these women and even contact them if you want to. If you are going to search for the woman that you want, then you can filter it up by body type, height, and age. You can also filter by religion, drinking, and smoking. 

Using of Credits on MyRussianMatch

MyRussianMatch ReviewAs mentioned above, MyRussianMatch is a free online dating website. But there are just some features wherein you need a credit to use them. For instance, you will need credits for opening a letter from that woman that you’ve been chatting with. There are also credits required when it comes to video chats and even when requesting contacts. Here is the price list of their credits that you should know about:

  • 20-54 credits will cost $2 each
  • 55-99 credits will cost $1.09 each
  • 100 credits will cost $1 each

As you can see above, the more credits you purchase, the cheaper it gets. If you think that you will be using these features often, then buying more would be best. The reason behind this is because there are some features with no fixed price. For example, when it comes to receiving a letter, if you are going to have it translated then it will apparently cost more. 

Requesting for Contact Details

MyRussianMatch ReviewThis is where it gets a little challenging because if you want to contact a particular woman and you are from the US, then filling out the IMBRA form is required. Once you are done filling up the form, you can exchange 15 messages with the woman. This is more than enough time to get her contact details. Now, if for an unknown reason, she refuses to give it, then MyRussianMatch will refund you your money. You can also use the expedite service, wherein you can pay a fee of $50, so you can ask her contact details immediately. But before spending, you need to make sure that the woman is willing to give her contact information. 

Now for people who are planning to cheat the site, by encoding their contact info, don’t even think about it. The reason behind this is because the admins of the site will find out about it. This means that this kind of tactic won’t work and you will only be wasting your time in doing that.

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Trust Level in Women’s Profile

MyRussianMatch ReviewOnce you have entered the site and registered, you may notice that there is trust level in women’s profile. These ratings are known as credibility rating, which is provided by MyRussianMatch site’s staff to women. Typically, the rating will depend on the woman’s correspondence, video, phone conversation, live meeting, and even though their passport’s scan. There are also some instances that the staff will depend it on the feedback that they have received from a male member. 

Seeing a 100% trust level just means that you are indeed talking to that person who is in the profile picture. But this doesn’t mean that people who don’t have a trust level, trustworthy. Typically the reason for having no trust level is because there is no reason yet to rate the woman. Of course, a lot trust level is there for a reason. 

Friends List On MyRussianMatch

MyRussianMatch ReviewThe friend’s list that you can see on MyRussianMatch is not a list of women you interacted with. For a member to get people on his friend’s list, the member needs to send a request to another member. It is not in the discretion of that people if he or she will accept the friend request sent. Of course, you can also delete them if needed.

Checking Out Photos On MyRussianMatch

MyRussianMatch ReviewWhen checking out photos, you will need to know the password. For you to be able to get the password, you need to request it to the owners of the photos. It would be best to establish a better connection first before asking for the password or any contact information of the woman. 

Rejected Profiles

MyRussianMatch might reject your profiles for different reasons. It may be because you have violated some of their rules. There will also be some instances where you may seem suspicious. Here are some of the other reasons why your profile may get rejected:

  • Did not provide a contact number
  • You have not chosen the country you are from
  • Did not enter your email or any private information about you
  • Your description is too short
  • You don’t have a profile photo


Based on this MyRussianMatch review, it is safe to say that joining this online dating site will do good than harm. The owners are very much hand on when it comes to maintaining the site and catering to the needs of the members. Your chances of meeting a Russian or a Ukrainian woman is high as well since this online dating site focuses on Russians and Ukrainians. 

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