How to Respond when he finally Texts you back

It’s been a long time since he responded to your text message. And now, at long last, it has happened! So what do you think your response should be? To avoid an awkward conversation when he texts you back, here is some advice on what to do when he texts you back. 

When someone has ignored you for days or weeks and then suddenly responds, it’s difficult to know what to say in the heat of the moment. If you’re not careful, you might think they’re just messing with your emotions or trying to extract something from you. 

The opposite is also possible: they may be overwhelmed with other commitments and haven’t realized how much time has passed since they last heard from you until now – which could make things even more awkward if you respond too quickly with anger or hurt feelings as a result of the breakdown in communication.

Let’s dive deep into the facts and learn how to respond when he finally finds the time to text you back, and a few tips to remember to help it go well. 

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How you can respond when he finally texts you back

When a man finally texts you back

When a man finally texts you back, your first instinct is to assume that he is no longer interested in talking with you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and you should never assume that a man has no interest in talking to you. 

If he hasn’t texted back after four hours or so, then his interest might have dwindled, but do not jump straight into this assumption. You should always give the man a chance to explain himself. Many men are busy during the day, and they do not have time to return your texts quickly. 

If you assume that he has no interest in talking with you anymore, then this will make him feel disrespected by your lack of communication. You should always be as kind as possible when you text a man back. If he is interested in talking with you, then let him know that you are still looking forward to his texts. 

This will show him that you are still interested in talking to him but not pushy. On the other hand, if he does have no interest in continuing the conversation with you, you should respect this and stop texting him altogether. 

For men who seem very disinterested after their delayed text back: If a man seems uninterested after his delayed response, avoid calling or messaging multiple times per day. This will only make things worse if he was genuinely neutral from the beginning. 

If a man doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, let him go without any resistance on your part because fighting about it will never get either of you anywhere.

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What to do when a guy takes forever to text you back

Don’t follow up with a second text right away. Guys tend to think that when you send a few texts in a row, it means you are getting clingy or desperate, and he will likely stop responding altogether. 

After the first day has passed since your last contact, try sending him a cute message or something funny like, “You were pretty busy yesterday! I won’t bother you again until tomorrow at noon ;)” This shows him that while waiting for his response was difficult for you (and it probably was), you are not going to get crazy if he takes his time.

How not to look desperate when he finally texts you back

You may feel like you’ve been waiting for days, and all of a sudden, your phone lights up with his name. But before you do anything, take a deep breath and collect yourself. If he’s the guy that didn’t text at first but has since opened up to texting more often, then this is just another step in the process of getting to know him better. 

Try not to let your excitement show through too much, or it can come off as desperate, which will quickly turn him away. He knows that you’ve been waiting for his text, which means he knows how anxious it’s making you. 

So make sure to act like nothing is out of the ordinary or different in any way. If you can manage that, then he’ll start seeing you as the laid-back girl who isn’t interested in him just because she’s chasing after him. 

For example, “Oh hey, what’s up? How was your day?” When he finally texts you back, be sure to keep the conversation light and friendly. You don’t want him thinking that you’re too busy or preoccupied with other things because then it may seem like you’re not interested in talking to him at all. 

So try and make it a point to respond as soon as possible when he messages you first, even if there is something else going on that distracts you for a little bit. If we’ve learned anything from this article, it’s that men love responsive women, so play along whenever possible without coming off as desperate or clingy.

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How to respond when he’s been ignoring you

To get to the point, I don’t think there is a “perfect” response. However, there are some things that you can do or say that will put you in an unfavorable light and cause him to lose all attraction for yourself. 

Before responding, it’s essential to keep a level head because this could easily turn into something bigger than what it is if he doesn’t hear back from you right away. 

So take your time before writing anything off as no big deal when deep down inside your stomach feels like someone just punched them repeatedly (been there). Then, after much contemplation and mental debate (I’m talking about hours here), go ahead and respond but remember: be calm! 

If you overreact, don’t expect him to take you seriously or feel the need to impress you going forward, so rather than saying something like, “I can’t believe it took you that long for me! 

That’s not what I expected from you at all!” try something more along these lines instead: “No worries 🙂  How have you been?” It sounds simple enough, but some deeper meanings are being said here, which means that no matter how long it takes, just be patient with him.

What should I say if he doesn’t text me back right away?

If you don’t hear back from him after a few hours, text him again. Just to let him know that you’re still waiting for his response. Don’t say something like “Hey” or “You there?” because he’ll think it’s pointless and annoying if every other hour you’re texting each other the same thing over and over again. 

Instead, ask what he did today since the last time you talked or what movie he recently watched, so at least the conversation will be somewhat interesting! Then, even if it’s not about anything important, just send another message to continue initiating contact with one another until he responds finally!! 🙂 He doesn’t respond right away.

Keep initiating contact by sending texts reminding them of their plans together (if they made any) or sending them a funny picture. Just don’t come off as annoying because that will make him not want to text you back even more! 

He doesn’t respond after several days – If he doesn’t answer your texts for over three days, try calling him instead of texting so at least you can hear his voice and see if anything is wrong with the number (i.e., if he accidentally changed it). 

However, only call once every day, so there isn’t too much pressure on this guy who was probably just busy or lost interest in talking to you all together 🙁 The good news is now that you’ve done everything possible to contact him again by phone AND text, well then maybe it’s time to let go.

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Don’t make the same mistakes as these girls in these examples below!

Try to avoid the following: Be too quick to text him back. Of course, you want them to wonder what you’re doing and thinking about, but don’t be so slow that they think something is wrong with you or their message didn’t get through! 

Don’t immediately ask, “What’s up?” This sounds like a conversation we had at the beginning of this article, and it can seem desperate if done too often. 

If he asks how your day was, say things like “Okay,” instead of rambling on for an hour about every little detail (this will come off as boring). Only talk about what’s relevant concerning HIM – not because YOU want him to know these things! 

If he doesn’t care, then why would he even want to be with you anyways? Don’t just ask them how their day or weekend was. Make it more personal by asking what they’re doing that night, if they have any fun plans for the next couple of weeks/months, etc. 

This way, he knows YOU are thinking about HIM! And it’s not so boring and generic like most other girls do. It also shows him that you don’t always need HIM around because you can have a good time even without his company – this is key in maintaining independence within your relationship (which will keep things exciting!).

Understand why men don’t text women right away

Try to understand where he is coming from. Men like women who are not needy and clingy. If you text him right away, it may be viewed as aggressive or desperate. If this happens over and over again, the person might get turned off by your behavior of constantly texting them first. 

They value their time too much to feel smothered in a relationship when they have been trying to let you know that they need space for now. You will just have to take a step back and stop initiating contact so frequently if you want things with him to the last long-term because men don’t respond well when things seem one-sided. 

The girl often falls for him hard and wants to spend all her time with him, scaring guys away. If things are constantly on her terms, he will not feel like she likes him or that he can’t live without seeing her every day. 

Men know when women are playing games with them, and they don’t respond well to it. Often, they can sense when a woman is being fake and wanting something from them. If you give him the space he needs to miss you while still staying in touch every once in a while but not too much, things will progress naturally over time. 

For now, you must let him come after your affection and attention because no guy wants an overly attached girlfriend either. Men also like having their own lives apart from relationships, so don’t suffocate or smother them with constant texts and phone calls if they decide to get back together again.

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Remember that there are good reasons why guys might not text back

In some cases, you might be going back and forth with a guy for weeks or even months. In those cases, it’s important to remember that there are reasons why guys might not text first regularly. It may have nothing to do with you at all! It could just mean he is committed to his work right now and has been working long hours every day recently. 

He doesn’t have time to send out texts because of the amount of effort into his business. If this is the case, then don’t worry too much about it. As soon as things calm down, your contact should pick up again naturally; if everything goes well between you two, so will texting frequency after some time passes since the last interaction. 

It could also be that he is working on something very important right now, like writing an exam or studying for a challenging test. Finally, it could be that his phone broke, and he needs to get it fixed but still has access to the number, so there is no need to create any drama about it. 

He may have had an accident with your number stored in his cell phone, which makes texting you impossible at this time (and also explains why you can’t reach him by calling). 

It’s entirely possible that if this guy weren’t interested in getting back together with you, then he wouldn’t even bother telling you anything, instead of giving some explanation as to why they are not texting back!

Some Open Questions

What are some responses to “tell me about yourself?”

The most effective approach is probably to simply be yourself! If someone truly values honesty, then be completely honest with them – don’t withhold any information that is necessary because you are afraid of scaring them away from your company! Something along the lines of “What do I want out of life…well, my biggest goal at this point is finding happiness” would also be a fantastic response.

How do I get over him?

We’ve all been there – the first time we’re ghosted by someone we were dating or ended up getting dumped for reasons beyond our control (e.g., he got back with his ex). The most important thing you need to know is this: Just like how your relationship came about so quickly, so too will its ending be fast-tracked as well. 

How can I make my ex jealous?

Send them a photo of you doing something that makes him miss out on time with you. If they’re still in love, it will make them want to chase after you again and pretend like the past never happened! That’s a great way of making your ex jealous and bringing out their protective instinct! Remember: don’t get back together just because it will make them jealous. 


Now that you have the person’s number, it is time to start contacting him. The best way to do this is by texting. When you start a conversation, they take their time responding, so there will be no sense of desperation or neediness. 

If the text was an invitation for something specific like dinner, give them at least 24 hours before asking if they have responded yet.

They most likely did not receive your message right away and may not remember what you talked about. So don’t ask again too soon!

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