Rejected By Every Girl? How To Turn Things Around…

Rejected By Every Girl? How To Turn Things Around…

Do you keep getting rejected for the local spice girl? Here are a few things that will help you stop getting rejected like a broken record.

Being rejected is all too common, and yet we’re expected to just simply move on if this happens to us. I have something to tell you, I don’t give up when it comes to being rejected. What if it’s a test to see if I’m willing enough to keep chasing her? 

That’s not a test I’m willing to fail easily, to say the least. Rejection is like standing in a snowstorm away from shelter, wearing beach clothes. It’s not fun and it stings like frostbite

Let’s be clear here, women love men who have a strong determination to impress them, particularly in ways that aren’t overly desperate or annoying. This is why we’ve decided to create a guide, that if used correctly, will help you stop the endless cycle of rejection. 

How To Turn Things Around 

Make Her Feel Special 

Rejected By Every Girl? How To Turn Things Around…

It may come to you as a surprise, but women love to feel special. You see, women frequently get hit on; in many cases, multiple times per day. Their inbox is usually full of men trying to come up with the slickest pick up line and normally failing miserably.

This is no surprise to us, because we know that women are classy. This means using the average tactics to attract a lady will not work, because it’s something they’re fed every day. 

Try talking to her about her hobbies, and how amazing her accomplishments are. If you take her out on a date, then prepare yourself to show a few great gestures or anything that’d make your date unique, such as a private table at the grub house.

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself 

One thing that’ll surely get you rejected by women is by constantly talking about yourself. This only serves to make you look uninterested, self-centered and lazy when it comes to emotional availability. Next time you’re chatting with a date, ask her about herself instead.

If she’s attending college, don’t just ask her how she likes it. Ask questions like “What’s it like living on campus?” or “What are the classes like?” This gives her the opportunity to really go into detail, giving you the opportunity to show off your listening skills and the fact that you actually care about her life too. 

Remember, never use ‘I’ unless absolutely appropriate. This one letter, if used too often and at the wrong times to lead a statement, can again cause you to appear self-centered and lead to the point of rejection.

Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable 

Rejected By Every Girl? How To Turn Things Around…

A characteristic that is extremely sought after by women, is the ability to become vulnerable around them. This shows that you trust them and that you’re able to understand deep emotions. 

Most women do not want a man who acts careless or indifferent when they’re around them. Not showing up emotionally for her, which is the idea of being in the moment with your guard down, will eventually lead to a rift between you two and possible rejection.

If you see her act extremely passionate around a certain idea, get in on it and show her that you’re excited with her. This is especially important when it comes to a less desirable topic that only unleashes tears. Lower your guard and allow yourself to be both “emotionally available” and “vulnerable” at times.

Stop Chasing The Wrong Types

An unfortunately common problem behavior, especially if you find yourself constantly getting rejected often. There are 7 billion people on earth, with roughly half of that being women. Of course, only a small fraction will actually be in your age range and also single, comparatively speaking. This is something to keep in mind.

Although this still leaves you a considerable amount of them to choose from, it’s not always so simple. While rare occasions do exist, you can’t expect to marry a celebrity if you’re an average joe. That may be an extreme example, but it’s something to think about. 

If your life consists of outdoorsy type activities, yet you constantly hit on women who enjoy things in urban environments, then you’d have a much higher chance of rejection versus hitting on a woman who loves fishing and similar activities, for example. It’s not about the numbers; it’s about the end result, a lasting relationship.

Stop Being So Shy

Rejected By Every Girl? How To Turn Things Around…

This is a real problem for many men, especially if you’ve been getting rejected by almost every lady you try to hit on. The good news is that it’s fairly easily overcome. Confidence grows when you have things in common with people, which is why you should generally date those who have similar interests as you do. 

For example, if you’re extremely passionate about theatre, then finding a lady who loves to attend these events is a smart move. This would allow you both to immediately have something to talk about, killing any dry air and allowing you to connect past the initial introductory period. 

It’s also good to remember, that even though you must act in a certain manner, she also has this responsibility. You’re not the only one who’s nervous, so loosen up a bit and laugh with her! Women love confidence, so this is definitely something to work on.

Final Thoughts 

Being rejected is probably the worst aspect of dating anyone can experience, at least in terms of confidence. Rejection is essentially a huge banner that says ‘You’re not good enough’ every time, yet it’s the complete opposite. We personally believe that it’s a sign to look within yourself to fix the minor flaws, including shyness and lack of vulnerability. These are both things that can definitely be improved quickly. 

Rejection is, for many men out there, a clear sign that either something within them doesn’t fit the criteria of the date or a sign that it’s time to move on and start chasing those with common interests. The commonality is essential to finding the perfect date, so don’t give up! Change your criteria occasionally and see what works the best for you. 

The last thing that I’ll mention, is to not move too fast. If a woman feels as if you’re already considering marriage at the 3 week mark, then this will likely make her uncomfortable and cause her to move on. (And yes, it’s more common than you may think.) Relationships are a huge deal and commitment, so waiting a little time by narrowing the criteria for those that are likely to connect with you more is definitely worth it.

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