Pure App Review in 2023: Features, Pros, Cons of This Dating App

Pure is a mobile hookup app. As such, it’s one of the most efficient in the business when it comes to instant, anonymous dates. The premise of this app is, as the developers put it, to provide users with ‘instant sexy adventures.’

So, it will find you an on-demand date with a person near you. The trick is – if you stay on it for too long without accepting a meetup, your profile self-destructs.

There’s no beating around the bush with Pure. If you’re interested, let’s take an in-depth look at Pure and see what it can bring you.

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Pure App Dating App Review

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The app takes a no-nonsense approach and arranges encounters with the goal of casual one night stand sex. As it’s time-regulated, it hinges on simplicity.

Still, to add to your comfort, you should learn about it before you download it. Once you do, you won’t have the time to browse through it casually.

History and Stats

Pure entered the market in October 2014. Upon that, some people viewed it as Tinder-killer, because it’s even quicker and simpler.

What started as a low-budget project attracted over 100,000 users in the first year. Today, it’s free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The idea for Pure came into existence thanks to psychological and sex-related research by Carol Queen.

Her controversial insight is evident in Pure’s design, its sexual art digest, and SexIsPure.com, an email subscription program. Queen’s attitudes resonate through the entire app.

At the moment, Pure is much-loved in most metropoles, with its most popular cities being London, Moscow, LA, NY, and Mexico City. The dating app received excellent ratings in both stores.

When it comes to its target demographics, Pure has none. It promotes instant hookups with pride and boasts its lack of a matching algorithm.

It provides all you require and removes all you don’t need for quick, uncomplicated sex. In that regard, it’s ideal for anyone looking for 100% no-strings-attached casual encounters.

Getting Started

The first step towards beginning your experience with Pure is deciding that you have the time and feel like meeting with someone for sex. Otherwise, you’d be wasting your money. Once you’re ready, download the app.

The signup process is seamless and straightforward. You’ll submit your profile in a matter of minutes – you can even take a selfie for your profile directly from the interface.

The first time you open Pure on your phone, it will ask you whether you want to see push notifications and require you to allow geolocation.

Before registering, you agree to their terms of service, which include agreeing to the following:

  • Other members will get to see your relative distance
  • That you will not post sexual or explicit photos, text on pictures, or language

Pure will then take you on a brief tour and explain the dates on demand. Then you go through the signup process where you identify your sexual orientation, add the photo, and begin a free trial.

Agreeing to a week-long free trial also includes linking a credit card to Pure and choosing a subscription plan.

From then onward, you get to access the home screen, react to the images by other members, and start chatting.

As we mentioned, the main feature of Pure app is the time limit of the profiles. Once you enter the home page, you have sixty minutes to find a date. The app allows you to check your remaining time whenever you wish.

Don’t worry about receiving spam messages, as only the members you liked and those with extra features purchased will get to message you.

If this short process seems complicated to you, don’t worry. You only need to go through it once. The next time you create a profile, Pure’s interface will offer you the images and info from before for re-submission and even quicker login.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security review of pure app

In comparison to Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world, Pure is quite safe – even safer than its swiping cousin.

This feature comes from the basic functionality of Pure and its main selling point, the expiring profiles. Not only that, you don’t enter almost any personal info, but the little you do will also vanish within an hour.

Pure states that they don’t store any data on the app’s server, as well as that they take ‘reasonable steps to protect personal information.’

However, as they note and any Internet user should know, no information online is ever 100% safe. Keep that in mind while you’re using the app.

Design and Usability

The philosophy defining Pure is – less is more. This idea doesn’t stop at their concept, but extends to the design of the app and website, too. Both offer a minimalistic, lightweight aesthetic most appealing to young adults.

Enter either, and you’ll find black writing on white background, hints of pink here and there, and engaging cartoons. The interface guides you through the process, too, without any unnecessary buttons and options.

When it comes to profiles, they follow the same pattern. The only thing they feature is a photo of the user. You’ll find no excerpt, user info, and additional images.

So, your chances of success depend on your choice of the photo more than anything else. If your current pick isn’t bringing success, change it at any time.

As the profiles self-destruct after a while, you’ll find no clutter of old inactive members. Don’t worry, though, your Pure account will stay. It’s only that each time you decide to use the app, you need to create a new profile.

Membership Base

Pure aims to connect people in real-time and provide them chances for a delivery style casual sex. As such, it doesn’t have a specific target demographic, except the people interested in such encounters.

To promote an equal number of men and women on their platform, Pure allows women to use the app for free. It’s still not easy to find a willing lady in smaller cities, but by doing so, they made the range much more equal and thus more conducive to hookups.

When you join the app, it allows you to submit your profile to local members up to 50 kilometers or 31 miles away. During that time, other members will react with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to your profile picture, and you do the same for people around you. Once a mutual like occurs, you get to start communicating.

The chat lets you send location, text, or photos. Each chat session lasts only as long as your profile. To further facilitate matches, the app offers you to contact Uber directly and schedule your trip to the meeting spot.

So, people who are regular on Pure use it when they’re ready and available for hookups. As the app cuts to the chase as soon as you get a match, it won’t have you sticking around for too long.

In a Nutshell

Let’s reiterate and point out the most obvious advantages and disadvantages of Pure, as well as its costs to help you decide whether it’s right for you.


  • Pure shows potential matches all the time
  • Encouraging for on-the-spot sexual encounters
  • Above-average level of data security
  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • A low number of fake profiles
  • Unlimited free chat


  • You need to enter your credit card info even for the free trial
  • Time-limitation causes a small number of active users
  • Only one selfie per profile
  • No matching algorithm
  • Success depends on location

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

Although you get to download Pure for free, it’s not a free app – at least for men. Women get to enjoy free membership, but men have to pay to have their photos presented to the opposite sex.

You get to choose between four different subscriptions lasting from a week to a year from your mobile. If you decide to go for the desktop version, the subscriptions are between three days and six months.

There are extra paid features, too. The most useful one is Instant Chat. In general, a conversation on Pure will start when you like a person, and they do the same. If you pay for the Instant Chat, you don’t have to wait for mutual likes to arrive.

Another handy perk goes under the name ‘King of the Hill.’ Pay for it, and the app will show your bio to women before those of other guys. With Pure, it’s all about getting noticed swiftly.


Pure comes with a simple promise, and it fulfills it without much trouble. However, your success in this dating app will depend on where you live. If you’re not from a major city, it could end up a waste of time and money.

Still, Pure is the only app of its kind which offers complete simplicity, which makes it the best candidate for the leading hookup tool worldwide. You may have to face some trial and error if you get it, but you won’t find such an accepting, casual sex app anywhere else.

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