Process of Reporting a Romance Scam in 2019

Romance scams are very popular, from catfishing to stealing your information and even money. Hundreds of love seekers online have been victimized by romance scams, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stop searching for love online. Whether you’re someone who just wants to be cautious and prepared, or you’ve been scammed, then knowing the process of reporting a scam would be best.

I will be sharing with you some of the processes of reporting a scam, so you’d know what to do when you get scammed. Continue reading the information below and let me walk you through the process of reporting a scam.

Make Copies of Everything

The first process would be by making a copy of everything that the scammer has sent you. You need to keep everything on a folder, including money orders, wire, credit cards, phone bills, and even emails and text messages should be maintained. Every document can be used as proofs that you’ve been scammed. 

Visit the FBI’s Website

Visiting FBI’s website is the first thing that you need to do once you have copies of everything. FBI offers help to people who have been victimized by these scammers no matter which state you live. You can also go to the local authorities if you want to, but they may not be able to help that much.

Collecting More Information

The next thing that you need to do is to gather as many information that you can. You can collect names, IDs that were used, the site where you first communicated, addresses, bank information or Western Union information, money sent, and the kind of scam as well. It would be great if you can get the IP address of the person who scammed you. 

Call Your Banks

You also need to contact your banks to change everything that there is to change. Update your information if needed because you can be a victim of identity theft as well. This can become a problem because the scammer might get into your accounts and steal more of your money. 

Go To A Payment Center

You should go to the place where you sent the money from. The reason behind this is because there will be some instances where you can still cancel the payment. If you sent via Western Union, then worry not because there are instances where payments can be called. Usually, this can happen if the receiver has not yet claimed the money yet. 

Avoid Strangers Who Contact You

If you have been already been a victim, your name will be added to their contacts. More scammers will start contacting you in different ways, and the best thing that you can do is to ignore and block them. No matter what they do or what they say, or how truthful they may seem, avoid contacting at all cost.

Warning Signs That They Are A Scammer

There are significant warning signs that will help you know if you are talking to a scammer. Check them out below and make yourself aware:

Sending Photos

They will usually be not afraid to send in photos because what they will be sending is not theirs. Be wary of people who will send you photos that looks like it comes from a magazine catalog. Usually, these are stolen photos or pictures of models in other countries and such.

Other Means of Communication

The scammer will start luring you out of the online dating website. For instance, he might suggest that the two of you should talk somewhere else. It can be through your mobile number or through email, anywhere, for as long as not inside the website. Majority of the online dating websites today remove suspicious members, and they don’t want it to lead to that. So transferring to another means of communication is their solution.

Confesses Love Almost Immediately

This is a clear sign that they are a scammer. They will start confessing love almost immediately, even just days after talking. They will make you believe that they fell deeply for you. Once you believe them, this is where all the scamming will start, from stealing your identity to stealing your money. 

Sharing Problems And Asking For Help

Once they get your attention, they will start sharing his problems with you. It can be problems about a family member who needs a major operation almost immediately. The scammer will pretend that money is a problem and is looking for someone who can help. If you don’t start initiating for help, he might ask you for it. It can be a small amount which will eventually increase as the day goes by.


He can also pretend that he needs money to process his visas so he can go to your country and visit you. Or pretend that he is on a mission on a different country because he is a military personnel serving for his country. He will ask for financial help to be able to go home and meet up with you and let you be introduced to his family. By all means, do not send him even a single dollar.

These are the process for reporting a scam that you should be aware of and as well as the warning signs. If you have been victimized, make sure to notify them immediately. Joining online dating sites is definitely okay, but it is essential to be aware of who you talk to. You can browse and do online dating without coming across scammers who will only fool you for your money. 

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