Premium Snapchat Scams: Read this to avoid the Snapchat Girls trap.

Sex sells.

If there’s anything that will always be in demand, no matter how weirdly or considerably you present it. Nowadays, there are innumerable apps and websites to sell such sexual activities. One of the most popular apps is Snapchat.

With over 300 million users across the globe, this app hosts a wide range of users, starting from young 14-year-old kids who take joy in using funny filters to adult models who use the platform to connect with their audience.

What is premium Snapchat?

With its vast diversity in audience, Snapchat also boasts a large chunk of sex workers and people in the adult entertainment industry. They “entertain” their followers with explicit pictures and videos at a price.

The whole system works on a simple principle. Most users have an average SFW profile where they post censored teases. If the fans approach them, they are led to another profile that can be accessed after paying money. This way, the content creators can cater to the demands of their target audience.

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How do scammers use premium Snapchat to steal money?

The most common way to scam users is to set up a fake profile faking an attractive user. When the prey contacts the scammer, the latter keeps him hooked to a conversation and then “requests” payment for some sort of sexual service. 

As soon as the payment is complete, the scammer blocks the user and moves to its next target.

What are the associated dangers of premium Snapchat?

The pay-and-block scam is probably one of the most common and comparatively safer scams in Premium Snapchat. Some of the more severe dangers are here as follows:

Catfishing scams

The scammers replicate the identity of another person and scam innocent buyers. Here, using the cloak of anonymity, the scammer steals another person’s identity and can cause severe damage to the latter’s social image if they were a small content creator.

Blackmailing scams

The scammer extracts intimate images/videos from the victim using a fake persona. These always contain identifiable features like tattoos or body marks, if not the whole face. Now, the scammers blackmail the victim for money or other immoral perks using these intimate media items.

Phishing scams

The scammers pretend to be attractive bombshells and send out forms asking you to help them out in some short survey regarding topics like gaming or entertainment. Once you fill these forms, your information, such as location and email ID, is immediately sent off to third parties who then use it to steal your identity.

Sugar scams

Many on the internet pretend to be wealthy sugar mommies and sugar daddies. The approach is mainly of two types:

  • Loyalty fees: Here, the sugar mommy/daddy asks you to pay an initial loyalty fee or a membership fee to them as a sign of respect. This is made on the promise of them providing you multiple times that amount as your weekly allowance. But once you make the payment, they disappear into thin air.
  • Shipping charges: The sugar mommy/daddy claims to have bought the gifts you wanted and even shows you intricately photoshopped images of the same. After that, they request you send them the shipping charges, but once again, the moment you pay them that sum, they leave you ghosted.
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How to spot a fake Snapchat account from a genuine one?

With its increasing popularity, Snapchat is getting crowded with people. There is a sharp increase in spammers and bots in this app. Hence it is essential to know how to separate the two. 

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while judging an account’s authenticity:

Check their Snap score:

This is a score in Snapchat that increases when the user shares pictures with others. If the user is a social media influencer or a famous adult performer, they will likely have scores in hundreds of thousands. Anything less than that is a red flag!

Check their Snap Map:

They said they are currently in Hawaii on vacation but are they really there? You can see their current geolocation using the inbuilt map, even on premium Snapchat.

Grab any photo they have posted and do a Reverse Image Search:

Most scammers just download pictures from Reddit and google and catfish a whole new persona. Therefore check the images using reverse search to ensure that you’re talking to a natural person or a computer algorithm.

Check if they have bitmoji

Almost all Snapchat users will use bitmoji, especially if they are seasoned users. Therefore, it should be a red flag if a person doesn’t have their avatar designed in bitmoji.

Could you be a victim of a Premium Snapchat Scam? Click here to find out…

How to avoid scams through premium Snapchat?

Preventing scams through premium Snapchat is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is keep your common sense on and be aware of cyber laws.

Treat all links with suspicion.

The link could be an innocent one and might be sent to you by your friends. However, for all you know, it could be a mirror link hiding some malicious IP stealing webpage behind it sent to you from your friend’s hacked account.

Don’t pay another content creator unless you’re 100% sure of their authenticity.

If you’re so keen on paying a user on premium Snapchat, do some research about them. Check their social links and make sure they don’t have any red flags. Even if you’re paying $2, you’re at risk of giving out your personal information through the payment app; hence be sure before sending any kind of money.

Adjust your privacy settings.

Limit who can send you Snaps, view your Stories, see you in Quick Add, and find your location on Snap Map. You can even turn on Ghost Mode, so no one can see where you are.

Never share OTP or login credentials, even if the caller claims to be a Snapchat official.

Snapchat has announced that it will never contact you personally to know your details.

Report compromised or suspicious accounts

If you feel your account is compromised or that your friend’s account is behaving suspiciously, immediately report to the app authorities. Let the developers screen the account using their protocol. Since there is no penalty for incorrect reporting, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The final word

This article gave you a gist of the scams that can happen through Premium Snapchat and how you should be prepared to handle them. This article covers every minute aspect that might be necessary to equip you with the skills needed to avoid such mishaps. 

Just use these simple points and keep your common sense on alert, and you shall certainly have a great time.

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