The Obsession Method Book Review

If you keep having difficulties finding a lasting relationship, even when you try your hardest, you may need to look into the Book named The Obsession.

The Obsession Method Book Review

Written by Kate Spring, The Obsession was created for those having difficulties finding relationships. Kate Spring is a dating coach, who noticed an opportunity to spread her wisdom in a way that was both easy and effective. The book includes many useful tactics used by the coach herself. 

A few of those featured include methods that teach you how to approach women, what to say once you introduce yourself, how to attract women, and much more, in order to ensure your chances of successfully dating a woman skyrocket. While there may be many tips online, most of them cannot come close to the firsthand experience and knowledge delivered by Kate Spring. 

The Obsession really is a god-tier guide for those having troubles finding proper relationships. Many advice guides do not explain the methods in a way that’s simple to understand and implement, which is why it has such good backing. Let’s take a look at what The Obsession is all about and what it can help you with.

The Obsession Method Review 

Approaching Women 

The first thing that most men must do in order to develop a relationship with a woman, is to actually approach them. This is hard, however; especially if you have a lack of experience doing so. You could try yourself, but then you run the risk of doing it wrong. 

The Obsession explains in detail the better ways of approaching a woman, this way you can have better luck initiating a conversation that could actually lead to something productive happening. 

The absolute worst thing is to find a woman that you’re attracted to, yet lack the skills to initially approach her to introduce yourself. This is easily solved in The Obsession, explaining top-tier ways to successfully approach women.

Attracting Women

Developing a relationship with a woman ideally doesn’t stop after you’ve approached her. At this point, you need to understand the better ways to present yourself, particularly in a way that is attractive, and not something that could potentially lead to rejection.

Many guys have their own methods that is often satisfactory enough in their eyes, and yet it’s the complete opposite of what should be done. For example, some men may think appearing rough and manly is attractive, when the woman they’re trying to attract might not be into “macho” men much at all.

The Obsession explains in great detail of what you can do yourself, that would lead to being more attractive both inside and out to women. These methods are proven time and time again to work if you implement them properly.

Seducing Women 

The Obsession Method Book Review

Once you’ve gotten a conversation going between the two of you, you may want to take it one step further. The Obsession is full of ways to improve your seductive abilities. Women don’t automatically fall for the manliest guy in the bar, or even the smartest. 

There actually is an ingredient to this, which is explained in a way that is understandable, while also being easy to implement into your next move. You must scrap everything you’ve come to know before reading The Obsession. 

Letting go of what you think you already know will allow you to effectively use the tactics in the book, instead of adding them to your potentially useless methods that have failed before in the past. It’s like adding salt into sweet tea, so trust in The Obsession.

Securing Women 

After you’ve got something going with each other, it’s now time to lock it down. Many guys think they know how to do this, but if you’re anything like the average guy around, you likely need a little advice of what would work best for you. 

The Obsession explains what you can do to secure a relationship in all types of scenarios. You can’t take a single piece of good sounding advice and expect wonders to happen. 

That’s exactly why this part of The Obsession is so used, because it actually gives you tips for a variety of scenarios, knowing that different situations require a unique approach. Using a tactic meant for a lady someone has just met for a relationship that’s already 2 weeks in is considerably different, which is why this part is crucial to understand properly.

Heightened Desirability 

No matter what you do or how many times you do it, nothing is going to help you land the hottest brunette in town if you’re not actually desirable. Advice found online is often so vague in terms of what to do, and as mentioned before, the type of situation you’re currently in matters more than anything else.

You wouldn’t want to be desirable to an accountant, if you’re seeking a sexy nurse, for example. This is why using the correct methods in situations that call for a specific way to attract is crucial. 

The Obsession helps explain what you can do to make yourself more desirable, so next time you don’t flunk it because you said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or failed to show a part of yourself that would otherwise make you desirable.


  •  It helps you understand proper methods to make yourself attractive, both inside and out.
  •  You will learn ways that bring the best out of you, raising your confidence, leading to a higher success rate.
  •  It’s actually pretty cheap, considering the amount of information you’re getting.
  •  It prevents you from saying the wrong things at the wrong time, and what to say when the situation calls for it.
  • You’ll learn how to secure the relationship after you’ve used The Obsession to land a date.


  •  It won’t do the work for you, you must still go out and do the hard part.
  •  It’s a bit outlandish, in terms of the types of expressions used.
  •  No physical book available, only digital.

Final Thoughts 

Whatever your reasoning for seeking out relationship advice is, The Obsession will undoubtedly help you along. As mentioned before, many guides out there do not really explain the key methods well enough to implement properly into your dating game. 

This is why we have such high respect for Kate Spring herself, because she did what no one else would, and actually delivered. The Obsession will help you up your dating game tremendously in short order, while raising your confidence at the same time, further heightening your potential success in relationships of all kinds.

If you want to make yourself more attractive, desirable, and just generally better at approaching women, we haven’t found anything that manages to showcase all the best tactics, while also translating them into sound advice. Whatever the case is for you, we invite you to give The Obsession a shot. It’s digital, so it will be available anywhere you are. Best of luck! 

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