Neighbor With Benefits: 7 Reasons Why It Can Be A Good Idea

Having the pleasure of living next door to an attractive neighbor is one in a million. It starts with some flirting, maybe a few drinks at a cookout, and little glances across the street or in the hall… but what about when you start to want to take it further? Is sleeping with your neighbor a good idea? In this article, we discuss having a neighbor with benefits.

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Neighbor With Benefits: Explained

Neighbor with benefits If you’ve ever heard of the term friends with benefits, you can guess what a neighbor with benefits is. The concept remains the same, but the source is different. Instead of some mutual friend or interest connecting you two, it’s your address.

Sleeping with your neighbor can be risky, appealing, exciting, and nerve-wracking at once. Most of us have probably considered it a few times, and depending on your neighborhood, there is more than one person you are imagining right now.

So, what are the exact benefits of having a neighbor with them? Let’s look into all of the great things that could come from this sexual escapade, and why you should at least be considering it!

7 Reasons A Neighbor With Benefits Is A Good Idea

We live in a sexual world, and it’s everywhere, constantly. Our sex drives are at an all-time high, and it’s hard not to let your mind stray into the gutter. This is especially true when we are confronted with someone we are attracted to several times in a week.

If your neighbor fits the bill for a possible bedroom buddy, look at these reasons why you need to stop worrying and just go for it.

1. Great location for booty calls

Neighbor with benefits Everyone knows that the “prime time” for a booty call is any hour after midnight (especially for those working the night shift). Of course, driving can be a pain, but we’ve all thrown a jacket on and grabbed our car keys for the greater good of our sex drives. Now, imagine how much better it would be if all you had to do for sex was run down the street or across the hall? It’s college campus all over again!

A quick text, or even a knock on the door, and a few minutes to dart over could be all it takes to get your booty call underway. The location is quick, convenient, and you don’t need to worry about parking or lame directions and faulty GPS. All the bases are pretty much covered for you!

2. You can ask for extra favors outside of the bedroom

Neighbor with benefits Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the person who scratches our sexual itch to also be there for more practical help? Well, if that person is your neighbor, you’re probably in luck. Getting help with a lot of different things is way easier if you’re offering some amazing sex in return, and you might find yourself dialing next door when the sink breaks instead of a plumber. Need an extra cup of milk? No problem.

A lot of people in a friends with benefits situation feel awkward establishing too much of a relationship outside of the bedroom in order to keep feelings a happy distance away, but you don’t have to worry about overstepping boundaries with a neighbor. They’re right there and they know the same issues with the houses or building as you do. A leaky sink may be what ails them, too, so working together to fix it is a great option. After, you can help clean each other up. Win/win!

3. Familiarity and comfortability is already established

Let’s face it – your neighbors have all probably seen you at your low points. From taking out the trash while drunk or getting the mail in your unwashed, oversized pajamas, they’ve seen it all, and you’ve seen theirs, too. There is some sort of bond between neighbors, the unspoken promise that what happens in a neighborhood or apartment complex stays there.

This translates over into sexual activities, too. I remember in one apartment I had, I could hear the couple next door having some pretty crazy sex several times a week, and I bet they heard me a few times, too. It’s these sort of intimate, embarrassing, familiar incidents make us all the more closer with our neighbors, and chances are that has already been established with your person of interest.

4. It’s harder to “break up”

Neighbor with benefits You know that saying – out of sight, out of mind? Well, forget that when your neighbor is also your bed partner sometimes. Arguments, disagreements, and awkward moments are easily smoothed over since, well, you halfway live together. Seeing each other even in passing will help clear any airways, and since you’ll be making those little glances in a few days, you’ll find them coming over after midnight sooner than later.

One of the biggest problems with friends with benefits setups is how easily they can end. The sex is great, of course, but the slightest problem and it’s gone like that. If you live in close proximity together, it’s harder to let go and easier to forgive. No one wants to see their temptation daily and continue saying no, right? We’re only human.

5. Awesome excuse to spend time together discreetly

Have you ever tried to introduce a friend with benefits to someone, like your mom, and have no idea what to call them? You stutter and make it awkward for a little too long before settling on just “a friend”, which is both too much and too little for the relationship.

No worries here if you’re sleeping with the neighbor. Your connection is obvious and not suspicious at all, and you don’t have to wonder where you “stand”, or how to introduce them to others. Plus, having your neighbor over for “coffee” is hardly something to make assumptions about. Late hours, long visits… well, hey, you’re just being neighborly, right? Having a neighbor with benefits is a huge plus here.

6. It’s harder to lie and hide things

Neighbor with benefits If you’re anything like me, one of my biggest hang-ups with any sort of “sexually beneficial” relationship is wondering if they have a significant other I’m unaware of. Cheating just isn’t cool, and sometimes the anxiety over being the “other” person in a relationship can keep you from pursuing your animalistic needs.

I get it, and it’s totally understandable. That’s why banging your neighbor can be great! Hiding a spouse or partner is way harder when you’re right there, and you’ll notice if they start having a specific face over more than normal. Do I condone spying on your neighbors? No, of course not, but in this sort of arrangement, you’ll get a better peace of mind. Sometimes that’s all that matters.

7. You will know them a lot better

We usually know a lot more than we think about our neighbors. We know what they drive, what cigarettes they smoke, their vague work schedule, and their favorite pizza delivery places. But how much can you truly say you know about them as a person? Small talk is great, but it’s hard to really know someone, and a lot of times you lose that sense of community if all you’ve got to go off is a love for Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.

To open up the legs, you usually need to open a line of communication first, and with that comes a more intimate view of their personality. Plus, of course, what else is there to talk about with a neighbor you’re getting benefits with after sex besides gossip about the other neighbors?

So…What’s The Catch?

If you’re feeling pretty convinced (and it’s easy to do so), you might be curious if there is any downsides to inviting your neighbor over for some fun times in the sheets. Rightly so, you’re still just a bit anxious, and maybe some of these benefits are the cause of your concern.

Like anything, a neighbor with benefits relationship can sour for whatever reason, and feelings can be hurt. Maybe it’s awkward, or less than expected, or too much than bargained for, or maybe one of you moves on. Life and the universe is full of maybe, but the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot.

Here’s a good video outlining a rule for friends (but can be applied the same way to neighbors):

How To Start A Neighbor With Benefits Relationship

Dating is hard. Casual sex is sometimes just as hard, if not harder. No one wants to face rejection, especially if it will continue to live next door. Deciding to make a move is difficult, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for doing it.

Smile, introduce yourself, flirt, and pay attention. The more contact you make with your neighbor, the more comfortable you will be with progressing the relationship. Drop hints, invite them over for casual purposes, or offer to help with small tasks to get closer to them. More often than not, you’ll figure out pretty quick if they’re after the same thing as you, and chances look pretty good.

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