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Although it is new as compared to its counterparts, this religion-based dating website currently boasts of a little bit more than 4.5 million active subscribers. This is extremely large considering this is a niche dating site that targets a specific demographic. is arguably the most popular dating website among Muslims over the age of 25 years. According to the literature on the site it specifically caters for Muslims of persons willing to convert to Islam religion.

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Better Alternatives to

There are much better alternatives than These alternative sites have better protection against scammers, a larger group of members to match with, and better features. See our recommendations below and try them out:

Muslima Review

What makes Muslima stand out from the crowd of other related sites is the fact that a user is allowed to provide detailed information about them. This significantly boosts the probability of getting in touch with a person who fits the criteria of what you are looking for in a partner.

Additionally, has no restrictions when it comes to location, you can contact whoever you feel you have a connection with no matter where they are. This efficient dating website also offers all users an advanced match searching and message translation for those who choose to upgrade. This makes it much easier for you to get the attention of a plausible match. does not shy away from its successes in fact hundreds of pages on the site are dedicated to detailing matchmaking success stories that prove the site works and can help find love, romance and companionship.

Let us look at the current Member Structure

Currently there are little more than 300,000 active users in the United States

On daily basis there is an average of 1,400 LOG-INS

The gender proportion in this site is 50/50 making it easier for heterosexual people to hook up with people from the opposite sex.

90% of the active users in this site are religious Muslims looking to attract the attention of other Muslims. It is also important to mention that most of the members are under the age of 40 and looking for a serious relationship that can lead to long term commitment.

There are many subscribers from Muslim countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Another populous demographic in this dating site are divorcees who are over the age of 40 years and looking for a second chance at love and long term commitment. After much research we also discovered that a large percentage of the members of this site are free members. This means that to create a meaningful connection which need communication, you need to upgrade to a premium account.

Sign Up Process

Signing up to join is pretty easy. All it entails is to build a profile with your information to help create a profile that your possible matches will see. The personal details needed to create your profile include basics about your appearance such as hair color, height, ethnicity and eye color. You may also choose to share some other personal details such as occupation, personal likes and hobbies.

You can also include the type of relationship that you are seeking. This is important so you attract people with the same interests. The last thing that anyone needs is to attract people looking for casual flings when they are looking for a committed relationship. Once these detailed are filled, you can now come up with a headline that will attract what you are seeking.

The headline is simply a short and attractive description of yourself so you can get attention from viable candidates. What is particularly impressive about is their detailed criteria section. It allows users to choose a specific factor they want in a potential match. This ranges from physical traits to religion and even nationality. Just because it is a site for Muslim does not mean it is discriminative, anyone can join.

Does Really Work?

Yes, absolutely this website works whether you are looking just for a fling or a long-term relationship that can lead to lifelong commitment. Perhaps the reason it works is because most Islam women are extremely conservative and those who go online are serious about making a connection. You can be sure that most of the subscribers on this dating site are sincere about wanting to make a connection with someone special whether it is just for friendship or romance.

What options are available for users?

While most Muslims are conservative in person you will realize that online they are much more open-minded. The best thing about this dating site is its versatility. It has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or casual fling; you can get it here. Additionally it is also sexually progressive; whether you are gay, straight or lesbian; you can get matches on

There is also the option of the type of relationship that you are looking for. This includes pen pals, marriage, casual flings or just friendship. You can freely change what you are looking for depending on preference. According to former users, pen-pals and friendships is a great way to start because these lead to lasting relationships since there is no pressure and matches actually get to know each other first. Additionally, it is also to start because most Muslims are raised in a conservative environment. You don’t want to come on too strong and scare them off.

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Pros of Joining

High Possibility of Meeting

Women on are always willing to meet up with a man as soon as they can. The reason behind this is because they don’t have the time to play games. This is unlike on any other online dating sites where women tend to disappear even before the meet-up date. Most Muslims are raised in conservative environment, when they put themselves out there they are serious and genuine about establishing a true connection.

Western Men

Majority of the women on are looking for western men specifically men from the UK and the United States. So if you are foreign men or western men, then you won’t have a hard time looking for the right one.

Willing To Travel

Most of active subscribers on this dating site will be willing to travel to meet you and make a relationship. They are okay with taking the train or the bus just to meet you. Of course, it will take a while before they agree to be with you, so communicate with them well. Lastly, it would be nice to offer to pay her transportation.

Gorgeous Women

Joining means you can get to meet beautiful women in the Islam religion. These women will always try their best to look as presentable and as good as possible just to please you.

Cons of Joining

Costs Money

Just like in any other online dating sites, joining will cost you money. If you want to save or to ensure that this is the site that you wish to, it would be best to sign up for one single month. This will help you cut the costs down. But it sure is worth it to join this religious based Islam dating site.

Running out Of Women

There might be instances where you may run out of women. This is because this online dating site is quite popular when it comes to people who are looking for Muslim women. But if you are good enough, then you don’t have to worry about running out of women, you will definitely get someone worth knowing.


If you are willing to pay for an online dating site and find someone who is practicing the Muslim religion then this is the best site for you. Many young or older Muslim singles struggle with dating because they are specifically looking for persons practicing the same religion. This avoids eventual heartbreak as most are not open to marrying outside their religion. This is a great platform that can work for you!

See Our #1 Best Rated Muslim Dating Site

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