MPWH Review – A Stigma-Free Dating Site

MPWH has been online helping people with HSV find love and companionship for years. The site is dedicated to providing a safe, stigma-free environment for people with HSV to meet. 

MPWH is free to join and anonymous. You can build a profile without revealing your HSV status and begin meeting people. 

The site has a strong anti-spam and privacy policy to protect your information. Many people with HSV have found love and companionship on MPWH. 

MPWH is a good option if you want a secure, stigma-free approach to meeting someone with HSV. 

Let’s look at some features that make MPWH stand out from other dating sites.

MPWH Overview

MPWH is a niche dating website for people living with HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. 

While there are other dating websites and apps out there that cater to various interests and lifestyles, MPWH is one of the only platforms that specifically focuses on connecting people with HSV. 

The website is open to people from all over the world, but most of its users are based in the United States. 

The community is relatively small but active, with many users leaving comments and connecting with others with similar experiences. 

Despite the possibility that it is not the largest or most well-known dating site, MPWH provides a safe and judgment-free space for people living with HSV to connect.

How MPWH works

MPWH is a dating site that works by allowing users to connect through their profiles. Another way that MPWH works is you will be using High Quality highlighted and Prioritized listing. 

You will be swiping right to left tabs. MPWH will help people living with HSV to get a relationship. 

The site has been designed so people with HSV can find love and companionship without worrying about stigma or discrimination. 

MPWH is a safe and secure environment for people with HSV to find love and friendship. The website is easy to use and has all the resources you need to choose the best partner. 

MPWH is the best place for you if you’re looking for a long-term partner or just a buddy. So join now and start interacting with new folks!

Who can join MPWH 

MPWH is a dating site open to people from all walks of life. Whether you are in an open or same-sex relationship, you are welcome to join the site. 

The site is also open to people of all ages 18+, backgrounds, and lifestyles. All that is required is that you have HSV. 

MPWH is an excellent resource for people who want to connect with others with similar experiences. 

The site also offers a safe and supportive community for people with HSV. 

If you are looking for a place to meet new people and connect with others who understand what you are going through, MPWH is an excellent option.

The benefits of joining MPWH 

Joining MPWH has many benefits that make it worth signing up for. First and foremost, you will be able to interact with other people living with herpes. 

This can be helpful because you can give advice and tips to people in similar situations. Additionally, you will benefit from the website being free to join. 

Finally, you also benefit because you will not give anybody herpes; they already have it. 

This provides a sense of safety and peace of mind, knowing that you’re not putting anyone else at risk. 

Overall, the benefits of joining MPWH far outweigh any negatives, making it an essential resource for anyone living with herpes.

How to sign up for MPWH 

Signing up for MPWH is easy and only takes a few minutes. Visit the website first, then click the “Join for Free” option.

Then, type in your email and click on the box next to “I agree to the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy. Once you’ve done that, select “Continue” after clicking the “I’m not a robot” box.

Next, select which gender you are and what you are looking for. Then, hit “Continue.” 

After that, create your password. Next, select a location, your age, and what you live with (cold sores or genital herpes). 

Then you can create your password for your profile, height, and a couple more things, and you are good to go.

What to expect when you join MPWH 

When you join MPWH, you can expect to meet people from all walks of life living with the herpes simplex virus. 

You’ll have the opportunity to go out on dates to some of the finest restaurants in America, and you’ll also be able to connect with people who share your same interests and values. 

While there is no guarantee that you’ll find love, you should expect to have a lot of fun and make new friends. 

Therefore, MPWH is worth checking out if you’re seeking a friendly community of people who are living with the herpes simplex virus.

How to use the site’s features

MPWH has a few features that are great for those looking to date with herpes. One feature is “Spark,” which allows users to swipe left or right on profiles they either do or don’t like. 

A reverse match feature also exists, allowing users to be matched with someone who has specified in their profile that they’re looking for someone like them. 

Another feature is the ability to update one’s profile according to their expectations and goals for dating. This way, users can be more specific about who they want to match.

“Wink” is a fun and quirky way to let someone know you like them on the site without sending a message. 

Sending a wink is easy – click on the “Send Wink” tab, and they will receive a notification that you’re interested in them.

MPWH Prices

If you’re looking for a premium online dating experience, MPWH is an excellent option. 

You can find the perfect option for your needs and budget with four different payment plans. And with multiple payment methods accepted, it’s easy to get started. 

Select your plan and start enjoying all the features of a premium account. 

With MPWH, you’ll have access to advanced search features, unlimited messaging, and much more. Premium membership plan:

  • $29.95/month for one month
  • $19.98/month for 3 months
  • $15.99/month for 6 months
  • $12.00/month for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to cancel your membership on MPWH?

You can cancel a recurring membership online on MPWH if you wish to terminate it.

To disable/delete your profile, please go to “My Account” under the “Settings” item under your main photo icon in the bottom navigation bar, then follow the steps. 

Note: Once you delete your account, your profile will be removed from the website, and others won’t be able to find you any longer. After that, your profile information will be deleted.

Can you reactivate your account on MPWH?

Yes, you can reactivate your account on MPWH. This dating site allows members to cancel their paid membership but keep their online profiles active. 

To remove your profile from the site, you have two options. First, deactivating your profile will hide the profile, and members will not be able to view it. 

This option allows you to log in and reactivate your profile anytime. Alternatively, you can close your account, and your profile will be deleted. 

What is the process for liking someone on MPWH?

Liking someone on MPWH is easy and only takes a few clicks. However, to like someone, you must first find their profile with the search engine box. 

Once you’ve found their profile, click on the like icon or send them a wink or message. If they return the gesture, you can start chatting and getting to know each other better. 

If not, you can move on and find someone else who may better match you.


MPWH is an excellent option for those looking for a premium online dating experience. You can find the perfect choice for your needs with four different payment plans. 

And with multiple payment methods accepted, it’s easy to get started. Select your plan and start enjoying all the features of a premium account. 

With MPWH, you’ll have access to advanced search features, unlimited messaging, and more.

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