Metalhead Dating Review for 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

Having enthusiasm for the Metal genre of music and taking on its style in fashion can make it awkward to use conventional dating sites such as Tinder and OK Cupid. That’s why dating services that cater directly to metalheads and other alt groups can be a blessing.

Better Alternatives to Metalhead Dating

There are much better alternatives than Metalhead Dating. These alternative sites have better protection against scammers, a larger group of members to match with, and better features. See our recommendations below and try them out:

Metalhead Dating Review

Metalhead Dating Review

When Metal consumes your life, and it’s needed in almost every aspect of a day, it can quickly become dull browsing through all the other people. However, this doesn’t mean the site should be taken lightly. For anyone interested in a serious relationship with a fellow metalhead, Metalhead dating is one of the best places to go.

Since many of the users are looking for something serious, anyone looking for a short fling may find the site not worth their time. Once a user has signed up, it’s a quick process before meeting thousands of fellow metalheads looking for something that’ll last.

Signup Process

Signing up for Metalhead dating as a reasonably straightforward process. Everything can be completed within fifteen minutes or less. Before starting to look at potential partners, the site requires information about a user’s gender, as well as the gender and ages of the single’s they’re trying to find.

After this info, a valid email address and password for the site are required. This is also the point where users will describe themselves in one word, by choosing a username that says it all.

Then all that’s needed to complete registration is necessary information, including one’s own age and location. The process is straightforward and paves the way to metalhead singles from across the globe.

The Chat

Connecting with matches is an enjoyable and exciting adventure that’s waiting once a user joins the site. Users send messages to anyone they want to know and hope for a response.

Once two members are connected, there are a few options that are more interesting than everyday old typing to each other. Voice and video chat options are a great way to verify if users are who they appear to be and to form a deeper connection.

The Profiles

metalhead profiles

Since a majority of users are looking for a serious relationship, the profiles that cover the site are full of energy and effort. This is why registration requires plenty of data and why new users will need to spend a decent amount of time on their profiles.

A large part of profile information can be found in the Metalhead Dating questions. These help the site’s algorithm figure out who users are and help to suggest viable matches. By filling out as much as possible, members have a better chance of getting noticed by their potential partners.

The App

Well, like many websites that are dating services, there’s no handy application to install on a mobile device. This can be both a blessing and a curse as there’s no constant pinging from one’s phone, but a mobile browser should display the website correctly.

Pros and Cons of Metalhead Dating


  • Many users are looking for a serious relationship
  • Voice and video chat available.
  • Easy to find others with similar interests.


  • No mobile app is available for download. The only way for users to access the service is by visiting the webpage.
  • Not suited for finding short term relationships.

Paid Vs. Free Membership Options

As is typical with dating sites, Metalhead Dating has both paid and free memberships. The site is entirely free to join, allowing users to put themselves out there on the market. However, most of the site is visible on a free membership, but the possibilities are quite limited.

Unpaid users have restricted access when it comes to a vital feature of the website, messaging. Members can pay to use all the features of the site, including full usage of the chat features and will experience a higher chance of finding that special someone.

Whether this is worth it depends on each user. However, we believe that this site is worthy of our time since it’s well known among the metal communities of the internet. As users spend money, the userbase has more growth and slowly gains more potential matches, and members may eventually find what they’re looking for.

Making Full Use of the Site

Making Full Use of the Site metalhead dating

Dating sites are a fantastic internet creation. However, I believe that too many people out there don’t know how to engage one properly. Here are a few ideas that’ll make it easier to get a date through these services.

The Bio

The bio is one of the essential parts of any dating site profile. Without proper wording and planning, you can easily misrepresent yourself within these small areas of text. We know you don’t want to give the wrong impression when potential partners look at your profile.

A good bio should get to the point without feeling rushed. By stating the things you like, your hobbies, and making it feel human, you’ll have more chances with members.

Be Safe

Just because you’re on a site to find a date, it doesn’t mean you should be giving out all your personal details to everyone you see in hopes of finding someone you like. By only sharing your contact information with confirmed dates or after some time has passed while talking, you can be more confident that you’re not endangering yourself to any scams or other unwanted events.


While the dating service that Metalheads Dating provides caters to a specific group of users, it does not mean that members of the site will find love while browsing through the many profiles listed on it. By using the dating site tips provided and being safe online, anyone can eventually make a connection. We found the site a great one for the niche it’s aimed at, and it means that any metalhead looking for love should be able to find it here.

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