MenNation Review in 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

MenNation is a dating site where gay and bisexual men can find casual one night stand relationships in their area. The site is a branch of AdultFriendFinder, which has one of the largest databases of individuals, all of whom can also be found on MenNation.

The site aims to provide the chance to meet individuals, no matter what your lifestyle choices are. With the range of profiles available through MenNation, it’s likely that you can find someone that holds similar preferences, and that you would want to meet.

In this article, I will look at the range of individuals available on MenNation. I will also discuss some of the unique features of the site, as well as the pros and cons. In my verdict, I will give my overall review of the site, and whether I think it’s worth a try.

MenNation Review

Through MenNation, users have access to over 97 million member profiles, so there is a good chance that you will find what you’re looking for.

There are over 61 million users of the site in the USA alone, most of whom say that they are not looking for a serious relationship.

Also, approximately 900,000 new members join the site every month.

The site is aimed at gay and bisexual individuals who are looking for hookups or casual relationships. The gender proportions are around 76% male, with the rest of the community identifying under non-binary categories.

The age range for the site is reasonably even in numbers. The category with the highest number of profiles is for the age range of 55 and over.

Not too far behind are those individuals between 25 and 34. It seems that there is really a full spectrum of ages using the site, and therefore scope for everyone to find their ideal date.

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Searching for Your Match

The site gives users the option to place several different filters when searching for their ideal date.

All of the search filters are available to individuals as part of the free trial, so you can start looking right away. The basic search filters include location, age, and gender.

One thing that MenNation does particularly well is to encourage users to be open with sexuality.

Some of the more in-depth features allow users to search for types of physique, bedroom preferences, preferred positions, and lifestyle choices.

This can enable members to be even more confident that they are finding someone who is compatible, particularly when you are searching for a hookup.

Communication With Your Matches

There is a considerable range of means that you can use to communicate with other users through the site.

Users can send an instant message just by checking a member’s profile. Communication isn’t limited to one-on-one messages, though, and popular features include the online forum and also the function for group chats.

The profiles themselves allow members to communicate with potential matches and show more of their personality.

Users can create personal blogs where they can upload videos, photos, and thoughts, similar to a social media page. This can draw in more potential matches that resonate with an individual’s content.

Another popular form of communication is through video chat, which is available to both paying and free members.

The premium members also have access to unlimited webcam streams, which is unavailable to the free members.

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Increasing the Tension

As I mentioned previously, MenNation is all-encouraging when it comes to being open with sexuality.

The site even helps to encourage users to get excited, with a wide range of information and erotica available through the website. The BDSM and Fetish chat rooms are particularly popular.

The interactive magazine carries a variety of articles with information about gay sex, to give users ideas and information about what they might want to try.

There are also 2,000 adult movies available to view through the site, to keep the excitement going while searching or chatting to potential matches.

Another feature relating to this is Buzzmode. Members can broadcast a live video and invite particular individuals. If the viewers like what they see, they can ‘buzz’ the broadcaster and make a sex toy vibrate on their end. It will also earn the broadcaster extra points whenever another member uses the Buzzmode.

Get Paid for Your Time

One of the features that I thought was particularly intriguing was the live model shows that members can participate in. These shows are paid, allowing users to make a little extra cash in their spare time.

There are a few minimal requirements and guidelines to follow before you start making any money, but it’s a perfect opportunity for members to show off a little, and entice some more viewers.

If you’re not confident enough to perform live shows yourself, you still have the opportunity to participate.

Other members can watch live shows and support the models by giving them tips or buzzes. This will help them to earn some extra money or more points.

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Pros of MenNation Dating Site

Safety and security

The site has an enforced privacy policy and promotes a safe and secure approach to online dating.

It encourages users to be polite in their use of the site, and any issues should be reported immediately to

While a lot of the site contains explicit content, there is a function that allows you to filter your profile so that you don’t have access to those images or videos.

The aim of the site is to be inclusive and tailored to each individual. The filter will block profiles that show this type of content, so you don’t have to encounter people who prefer this kind of thing.

Customer service and user support

MenNation has a 24-hour customer support service available to all users. Their professional service can be contacted with queries or issues that users may experience on the site.

The site also has an extensive FAQ section, to give users further information on how to use the site. In addition to this, members can also find many articles with various dating tips, articles, and information about sexuality and gay sex.

Membership is extremely affordable

I will discuss prices and the benefits of paid vs. free membership a little further on, but the membership prices for the site are incredibly reasonable. This is in comparison to my research for other dating sites, but also taking into consideration the quality and variety of the services available at

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Cons of MenNation Dating Site

There is no app available

This is one area where MenNation cannot be compared with a number of other sites.

Many of the most popular online dating providers will have both an online website and an app so that members can search on-the-go.

Hopefully, the site may expand to produce an app sometime in the future.

Members typically spend a long time searching for a partner

While everything about the site seems good on paper; in reality, it can take members a while to find a date.

I’m not sure exactly why this is the case, but it could be that there is just so much available that it’s easy for people to get a bit lost, and not end up finding an ideal date as quickly as they would like.

Paid Vs. Free Membership Options

Below I have given an overview of the subscription options for a MenNation membership.

Subscription Total Cost per Month
1 month membership $30.00 $30.00
3 month membership $60.00 $20.00
12 month membership $180.00 $15.00

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In comparison with other sites, the membership costs for any of the subscriptions available are extremely reasonable.

The great thing about MenNation is that you can use the free membership option as a trial period to decide how much you would use the site.

You can then decide which membership option you think would be most suited to you. The 12-month membership, while it’s an investment, is extremely generous in its savings of 50% on the monthly cost.

The free membership gives you plenty of range on the site and allows you to view profiles and use the basic messaging functions, plus one free video view per day.

If this is enough for you, then it’s worth sticking to the free version of the site. However, you will be missing out on the extensive communication methods and unlimited video views. Plus, a few other features are only available to paid members.


Overall from this review, I think that MenNation is worth looking into for any gay or bisexual individual who’s trying to find some fun. The site seems very user-oriented and gives users a vast range of areas to explore. The fact that the sign-up is free means that there is no reason not to try the site. If you like it, then I would recommend signing up for the membership, as there are a considerable amount of additional features available at a very reasonable cost.

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